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  1. My town is recruiting on Serenity in the Epic Cluster. We are a medium walk from Strong Box or we could arrange a time to pick you up! - Samo
  2. PM sent If anyone else is looking for the same thing as Napnap, PM me. I have all the details for you. - Samo
  3. Memory

    Yes. It's exactly the same as when you do it with Minecraft, since both must run on Java. Follow that video and you will have more memory allocated to Java (which means more RAM to Wurm!!) - Samo
  4. Hahaha thanks I'm a carpenter by instinct, but I like using Long Swords and a shield as ny PvP weapon. I'm 3 levels off the first Carpentry Mastery - Samo
  5. I'm about to start up a guild/town if you're still interested Zubb. I've had experience designing them and running them. Feel free to PM me for more information, or any that is looking for a guild/town that has previous experience in running one. - Samo
  6. Hey all! Some of you may know me, and some may not. For those of you that do know me, I'm returning! After my 'holiday' I have returned to Wurm with a Hatchet in one hand and a Crafting Knife in the other. If any of you new-ish players are looking for an active player to play with, I'm your guy! I currently lead a Star Citizen Guild and will be expanding to Wurm Online. I'm no newcomer to Wurm and hope to turn my rusty skills back into what they were. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in Serenity! - Samo
  7. Silver Reach only has 4 members, all but me have been offline for a while. So it's basically just me now. I have a deeded place in the SE most corner of the map. Only 1 village nearby and the area is very isolated. PM me ingame or check out the post here: Thanks for reading, I hope you decide to join me! - Samo
  8. Working on Silver Reach and recruiting new members at the same time :P

  9. Topic Now Closed. My RL friends have now joined me. When we feel we are ready to allow others to join, I will create a new post - Samo
  10. Half of the dock is done. That took a few days. Starting on the Walls now. PM If in Epic and JK if you want to join me. Be warned it is highly hostile where I am.

  11. Huh. Can't believe it Bash. I'm not going to side myself, but since I was exiled from you guys I've thought more about everything. By the way for you who don't know, I'm the guy that got exiled from Bashurs camp for supposedly stealing to build a boat. Incorrect, I stole supplies for the trip. The boat was completely Legit. I still want it back! Oh did I mention I designed their city's and worked for 2 weeks, 12 hours a day just to get exiled? Well I'm living happily now. Anyone wants a place full of wild creatures and adventure, PM me - Samo