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  2. The issue is several days have gone bye of using the steam client again I am speaking from people in my group on this instance, on characters with names their not completely sold on. Now they are discovering the standalone client now they are discovering they can't run the standalone client and the steam client, some people want to use the steam client but want to use it with the original name? ^^^^ Primary issue (They were prompted to make an account via the only text giving them guidance and now that account is tied to standalone) They have some loyalty to steam, I am not judging I am sharing their issue.... Would you want to give up your character at this point and start over? In my opinion their is a legitimate gripe here as steam release gave zero guidance the only guidance was to make a standalone account and now the names they want can't be used with steam! It's just a mess really and why should the player be the one to clean it up by making a new character when the developers were the ones who created the situation for the mess to happen!
  3. The fact is your launcher on Day 1 Said click here in the text to create an account So people did that and they created the names they planned to use! Eventually they figured out you don't create an account at all and you just type a name in.... So they should not be able to use the name they wanted>? Because they went thru the account creation to do so! Because you all clearly didn't say jack diddly squat to players logging in for the first time on how to do it, in what game do you just type a name in the field and hit enter??? Every game makes you register an account and you clearly did not make that clear! Now people have these names their heart is not set on and the names they want have to be played thru the other launcher! You never planned for people getting premium prior to logging their account in???
  4. So with the steam release many people have had many things not go smooth or the way they want! I know several people with names they don't want because they were testing if they needed to type a random name in or the account name in they made! ***So why aren't we helping these people get their names fixed? I also know several people who got their premium before log the account in for the first Time (Me included) Who didn't get their sleep powder because it registered to Golden Valley??? ***Are we going to help these people get there sleep powder they were shorted? And then how do you run multiple clients with Steam??? The Steam Client as a whole seems to be worse than the standalone launcher with no upside???
  5. So the main problem is the Tower System! Of Course you see tents because it's taking days to set up the towers to where people want to put their deeds in the meantime we are all camped out around the starter zone! So yes I do think its a ###### thing to deed over people camped out near the start. However if its some decent distance from the start and that tent is in the way of where you have been planning to deed then that's certainly a different story!
  6. Why no answer to this topic our tower on BL the same only 20 tiles?
  7. Login server is online just to drive you crazy! But your server is not online....
  8. Its 8:40 PM west coast and you can see that even the forum has become less active, I think this last quick emergency 45 minute fix that is now going on an hour and a half is well the final nail in the coffin. They could have gained a substantial amount of people today but now I fear they will have gained chicken scratch....
  9. For some reason the only servers online are Golden Valley Celebration haven Harmony The rest are offline
  10. Welp what every they did now I can't back in..... Grrr
  11. All maps have a max of 500 16*16 already run crappy with a few people now fill em up with 500 each and you still have a few more thousand people wanting to play!!! I don't know about you but 2500 on Steam = more then 1000 Player capacity across 2 steam servers?!? I know my math aint great....
  12. hmmm have they created another pvp and pve map to compensate??? would be the logical thing to do...
  13. Epic Fail

    timptheum how exactly does thinking about this logically make us less frustrated and let us vent our frustration??? Come on man be angry just a little, it will make you feel better!
  14. What i did however i have not gotten in yet.... I click on the down arrow with three dots... It pulled up the old registration and thought this can't be right Went back to the launcher saw there were Written instructions in the window "Saying Register Here" and then log in with name and password.... so I clicked said link created my new account got the 2 month premium option plus silver. restarted the launcher because it still didn't have a password field... After restarting still didn't have a password field so put in the account name and it did the same thing the stand alone launcher does Trying to Connect infinity or sometimes it says network error try again....
  15. Epic Fail

    Welcome to wurm Zander, keep that attitude as this game is certainly not for the faint of heart!
  16. The same people that thought everyone on pvp should be on the same pvp server and not have a BLH MRH and JKH.... Now that pvp server is going to be an epic lag fest because it won't be able to handle the people...
  17. Epic Fail

    correct and a lot of those people will likely change their review also,,,, and those that don't well a person that reads will be able to see what it was in regard to... Most people that use steam at this point know to actually read the review's and figure out why the reviews are at mixed etc...
  18. Epic Fail

    lol no they can't would kind of make reviews pointless if the person being reviewed could silence the criticism!!!
  19. And it knows this how? Its not like the steam launcher walks you thru an internal to steam account creation you have to litteraly click a hyper link and make a new account the way you would any other account. So how does it know the difference between Sulfur Sulfurblade Sulfurblde Suifurblade
  20. This premium myth seems like just that, I can't get in with premium on old launcher...
  21. new Lands left without us! Got tired of waiting...
  22. With Steam there is no password field you try to connect you get a network error after it trys to connect. With standalone launcher their is actually a password field and it trys to connect forever over and over! Why no password field on the steam launcher???
  23. How do you register an account? How do you do anything with this steam launcher not getting anywhere fast!
  24. So yeah I agree with most of what you just said however there are some games that are so grindy even normal people shy away and decide its not worth it, Wurm is that game that caused many normal people to be like wow it's going to take me 10 years to gm smithing??? Yeah I am done with this and off they go.... And it also means late arrivals people who join the game after a server has been up for a time period feel that crushing weight of being a noob even more so in wurm. I would agree with your points in 99% of all the other games out their many especially lately are not challenging at all.... But this one takes the extreme to new or (old) extreme's!