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  1. +1 to Removing Local -1 to built in voice chat +100 to doing away with the /who abuse
  2. Instead of changing the background color why not just change the font color to black???
  3. Indeed, anyway is not half a mountain inside of a little BSB enough space consolidation??? Now we want to but three mountains inside of Cupboard?
  4. lol no worries and thank you.....
  5. What do you need to do in order to sail a caravel under that bridge that your talking about??? Hint you need to dig down to water!!! After digging you can sail a ship under it..... why because it now has tall dirt pillars with short supports but supports none the less! But because it has supports it has Collision with a ships hit box and Mauls when you bash it etc etc....why because its longer then 5 tiles long.... This obviously boils down to coding... and the short bridge that can pass ships likely has far more code because of it.... and likely is missing some kind of feature or coding that they want to leave on the bigger bridges.... My guess is something to do with bashing.... But I am sure this all boils down too two different codes for small short 5 tile long bridges and a different code for the rest... And most all the issues definately deal with collision! Like for instance debarking a cart and ending up under the bridge! Mobs passing thru... Items dropped on bridge not registering on the bridge etc....
  6. -1 again we don't need more magical condensing.... If you want a 1*1*1 tile condensor then you should only be able to add as much to it as it would realistically appear to be able to hold in that space.... EI it would be hard to cram any more then 3-4 BSB's on a tile so it certainly should not be able to hold 12 BSB's at most it should be 4....
  7. Its really not that hard to figure out.... Collision was an issue how to get ship hit box's to pass thru an item with collision..... oh take away collision for short bridges..... ah we can now get ships thru.... leave collision on the bridges with supports ensure there tall enough to avoid collision with a ships hit box... code collision for humans and rideable creatures for short bridges.... put it live..... oh no mobs are passing thru bridges.... code a fix for the collisionless bridges so that they also collide with mobs....
  8. In picture 1 The base of the slope is solid and you cannot walk under it at the point needed to place a Tall wall .... where you can walk is where you can indeed place a tall wall.... Picture 2 is just another angle of picture 1 Picture 3... you don't need 80 clearance you need 80 dirt over sea level.... and you are clearly well above sea level.... however the slope needed to make that ramp determined you would not be able to stick a tall wall under it in such a way that It would phase thru the ramp and block movement did it? Picture 4.... That is not more then 5 tiles in length so again doesn't require the clearance and oddly has different collision properties as I assume they decided to get rid of collision on bridges this short... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Can you walk thru a support? Can you sail thru a support? Can you drive thru a support? Bridges with supports have collision because the supports require collision...... Do you remember all the issues they had with Mobs passing thru these short bridges??? Because they don't have collision!
  9. In regards to hide's..... Over here in Epic we typically /random for all the hide..... instead of everyone hanging onto little pieces of scrap!
  10. Getting on my priest account is a chore! One I do not look forward too..... its a painful experience to burn through 2-3 Hours of time and 500-2000 Corn to get a handfull of decent casts and a half dozen items! Shattering really isn't needed in the equation.... its painful enough without it!
  11. Okay first off I want to say your Color Choice of Red on this Creamy background really hurts the eye's to read not the font or the size of the font.... I found that I needed to highlight your text to make it readable! Secondly your Position that everyone skips to End game gear sounds very not like the game I play! I assume your on Freedom??? Because I purposely sell, 70QL instead of 90QL With 70 Power casts instead of 90 Power casts on my merchant! And I do so for 50-80 copper and they move..... My 90QL 90 Power stuff sits there!!! So I am not experiencing your market, but then again I live on Epic not Freedom.... And your pricing over there makes me cringe! Now as for the Main Point of your post? Advertising, honestly I think you have a point.... After Star Wars Galaxies Imploded and Ultima Online created Trammel, I found myself floundering around threw games for years I have been waiting searching and hoping for a Good Sandbox MMO like Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies were..... I played Darkfall and Mortal Online, Eve you name it but I never really knew what wurm was. Honestly I kept seeing the name in threads and lists but Wurm = Lemmings or something in my mind.... I figured it was some game where birds run off cliff's.... Seriously I think Wurm was out for 6-7 Years before I finally realized that it was a Sandbox MMO..... So I agree that Wurm does have a marketing problem. However it doesn't exactly have the money for marketing either! So its a catch22.... But ultimately Wurm is not a Sandbox Game for everyone, its Action Timers and the amount of grind involved is going to turn away far more players then those that stay and for that matter its a niche Sandbox.... Even if its currently the best Sandbox out, "I keep my fingers crossed that someone will release the Sandbox MMO that makes me forget all about wurm" Ultima Online and SWG I sunk my life into those games without a second thought.... But Post time period after those games has been me spending my time wondering what game I am going to play today, or looking and reading about new MMO's I have been constantly searching for years, waiting and I am begining to think I am likely going to die before the next great sandbox game that totally encaptures me ever arrives! Until then I have wurm, its the game I keep coming back to because it has most of the features I want..... Its almost the game I am dreaming about.... Its the game I have settled with for years as a placeholder if you will..... So in a way its sad that the best Sandbox = Wurm and that Wurm is an aquired taste..... But I cross my fingers that someday the best Sandbox out will taste like Bacon!!! Like it use to be in 1997.....
  12. I don't know!!! +1 For Freedom But on Epic you should ONLY see the correct God on the correct Home Server! And Elevation the correct God in the correct Kingdom Influence!