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  1. Birchwood Garbage Pile [805, 1503]
  2. As title says, looking to buy decently enchanted huge axe. Cast what i'm looking for is LT, CoC, Nimb 70+ Offer here or PM ingame Breksis.
  3. Hatchet 8 Iron Coc[79] 60c Hatchet 46 Iron Coc[71] 60c Cod these booth to Breksis
  4. Hello again! From second lot: Wild cat pelt with 81bodt COD to Breksis Tnx.
  5. Then i'll take that pickaxe with 91 coc from 1st lot, and cancel my order on hatchet.
  6. From second lot: 4,26ql 81coc pickaxe 9,26ql 70 coc hatchet Please COD to Breksis
  7. Hello! Looking to buy atleast 60ql and 70 coc tools(without woa) Full set of carpentry tools Full set of smithing tools Farming tools Low ql pickaxe Hatchet Grooming brush Also looking for 80+ql 80+coc and 80+woa tools: Shovel Pickaxe Hatchet Full set of smithing tools
  8. [Close]

    #6 - bid 4s #7- bid 4s