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  1. Lag Gone!

    So does this mean you'll fix my lag now?
  2. I'll do it and deliver for 4s. You'd just have to wait for me to finish making it all which could take as long as Monday, but potentially sooner.
  3. I'll do it. This is on deliverance, right?
  4. Would you want the dirt delivered, and if so, where to?
  5. WTB coc rake

    wanting a rake with 50+ coc ql is irrelevant but I guess lower would be better for the sake of grindan dat farman PM me in game or here or wherever you want with offers.
  6. I put in an ATI Radeon HD 5770. It replaced my GeForce 9800GT. Now my graphics are messed up. I tried some of the basics like changing the renderer and most of the stuff on the client configuration page of the wiki but nothing worked. Heres some screenshots: href='' rel="external nofollow"> As you can see, my terrain is fine but everything else is messed up. Please help, thanks in advance.