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  1. great event thanks for the invite
  2. Thank you for the link reply on my post asking for a link to skill gains. I was able to reach my goal in an hour with less materials used and less waste. It may have been a link from over a decade ago but it was just what I needed. 

    I didn't even know it was what I needed but it surpassed my request. Thank you for the time spent in your reply and generating interest in the topic.

  3. Here's an old thread with skill gain tips. Some of it may be out of date especially the cooking but still some useful information.
  4. It looks like your graphics pack file is corrupted somehow. In the game launcher click the cog icon next to the pack update bar and click the Verify button. Hopefully it will find some error and redownload it.
  5. the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError suggests you don't have enough memory in your PC.
  6. MRTG data for Independence server stopped updating February. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_graphs
  7. According to wurmpedia you can do this already Is this wrong ?
  8. I like this from Valrei International 84 but if the left and right mouse buttons were bindable actions we could change them to whatever keys/buttons we wanted.
  9. If you're still close to the starter town Haven's Landing there's a bartender who will feed you for your first 24 hours playtime. Also there are fields where you can harvest cotton and foods for your needs.
  10. thanks for the fight and all the summoning you did
  11. great work finding it and getting it to come out and fight. Thanks for all the work MacOofer.
  12. I believe this was started by Jdbooker it went under several of his deeds on the way and had surface access at Dragons Keep. I sailed through it once in a gale in my knarr when it was one tile wide with collapses along the way. Not a fun experience and then tiles started collapsing on deed and could not be reopened so it became unusable.
  13. Named recipes

    Could be this problem which is on the bug list and Keenan is trying to fix it
  14. Although you start with backpack, pottery bowl and rope they're not no-drop items and won't respawn with you. The saw should do unless you replaced it with a player made one.
  15. Exciting fight thanks for the invite.