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  1. Another inconsistency is they all have "wood" at the end of the name, except thorn. It would be easier to read if none had "wood" at the end. for example "shaft, oak" and "shaft, raspberry"
  2. In Firefox Privacy & Security options I added a whitelist exception for https://warlander.github.io/ to the "Block Pop-up windows" list and the Load from File window is now working. I have some old deed planner files from before 2014 that do not open, they appear to be in an old non-XML format. Can I open them in Deed Planner 2 and resave to convert to a file format Deed Planner 3 can load ?
  3. Thanks for all your work on this very useful utility Warlander. Today using Firefox version 71.0 (64 bit) I tried the online version of Deed Planner 3.0.7 Alpha at https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Clicking buttons "Menu" - "Load Map" then click the "paste the web link" entry opens a window to enter a URL. After entering a pastebin.com map file clicking the "Load from Web" button does successfully load a map from net storage but clicking the "Load from File" button nothing happens. I expected a box to open so I can enter the filename of the map to load from local storage. Am I doing something wrong ? Also when clicking "Menu" - "Save Map" - "Save to File" buttons a save box appears but the title is "Opening Deed plan.map" You have chosen to open... It should say "Saving Deed Plan.map" You have chosen to save... The file is saved correctly to local storage.
  4. After digging through dusty old patch notes and my also dusty memories my recollection was this change happened with the update on 8 March 2018, or soon afterwards. Players were having problems being attacked by aggressive animals while they were attempting to sacrifice them so the sacrifice action was increased in priority thus was able to interrupt other actions such as casting or fighting. That was the intention but why if you do a sacrifice the cast action continues in the background I have no idea if intended or not.
  5. Maybe we could vote Wurm for "most underrated MMO" too https://massivelyop.com/2019/12/09/massively-ops-2019-awards-most-underrated/
  6. Thanks again for all your digging on Pristine last week I found this picture from January 2013 the first time I visited the crater. You can see there were no trees except those players had planted with the west side all tundra and the east steppe. This is from the south west looking north east.
  7. So I just logged in hoping to join the fight but it's all over. Seems there is another wave we can join in which is good news but I don't see any more turrets. Will we be unable to complete our Jackal Journal goals for fighting Fire and Ice turrets now ?
  8. I see you are using AMD driver version 19.11.2. In this post tile problems have been reported using version 19.11.3. Try reverting to an older version of the graphic drivers.
  9. binding "toggle freelookmode" to MOUSE2 then clicking MOUSE2 changes into freelookmode correctly but clicking MOUSE2 again does not turn freelookmode off as expected.
  10. The "Swap mouse buttons" option in the Game tab does not appear to have any effect.
  11. Referring back to Mordraug's post the difference I see is that although Codeclub gets more money because players have to buy silver from them instead of other players, there will also be a lot more silver in the game. As Eobersig says here it's likely that the coins will accumulate in the bank of established crafters and merchants, even more so than in Wurm currently since they can't sell the silver to other players. What are they to do with all this gold ? Without more ways to take silver out of the economy by spending on trader items (like golden mirrors, cosmetic skins) or selling coins on the Steam market I feel this could lead to inflation.
  12. It started 30th August and scheduled to last 6 months so we're about 1/3rd the way through. No next round has been announced yet.