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  1. There was originally a fishing trophy you could make using your biggest catches and somehow display them. Would have been amazing to have a shark hanging on the wall. Unfortunately something went wrong and the only mention in the patch notes is from the hotfix the day after the fishing system was added. 18 December 2018
  2. I bow to Sidereal's much greater expertise.
  3. reading the page suggests the amounts needed are PvE on deed with a citizen : base amount PvP anywhere : x 1.5 base amount PvE off deed : x 1.5 base amount PvE on deed not a citizen : x 2 base amount I don't have much experience using transmutation liquids but it seems strange to me that it costs more for a non citizen on a deed than it does off deed. Are we sure that it's not x 1.5 base amount on deed where you're not a citizen same as it is off deed ?
  4. I've done the same comparison for Melody. Created two images containing only peat tiles and changed the colours for each one. The original map is coloured red and has the text "Peat Original". The new map dump is coloured green and has the text "Peat February 2022". The two images were then overlaid. Results are the same as @Batolemaeus saw on Cadence, a few red tiles where peat has been removed and a small number of isolated green tiles likely where people have created a peat tile on their deed. I don't see any widespread green areas where peat may have spread naturally.
  5. I'd love to see fog in game like the old days. Sometimes I see a fog spider and that's the only way I know it's supposed to be foggy.
  6. worked great thanks very much Stanlee. I urge everybody who needs to cast a Global Rite spell to get your name added to the list it increases your chance to complete the goal and helps other people do the same.
  7. Looks pretty bugged I think you'll need to raise a support ticket and have a GM come look at it.
  8. are other characters able to see it ?
  9. @Lynd can you post the Event messages when you smile-examine those horses Umastark, Happywild and Omendream. It looks like Granger is not recognizing the pregnancy message and is giving a "processing timed out" message.
  10. For the archeology report completion I play a short clip of the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme, it's always exciting when it plays. For starting a meditation "You fall into a trance." I have a clip of some Buddhist chanting. I also added these triggers to give animals sounds when they eat. For "chicken eats" I play a chicken clucking. For "pig eats" I play a pig snuffling up some food. For the regular expression "(ram|sheep|lamb) grazes" play a sheep baaaing. For bison the regular expression "(?<age>young|adolescent|mature|aged|venerable){1}\s(?<status>fat|starving)?\s?(?<species>bison)\s(?<name>'.*'\s)?grazes" play a bison eating noise. For cows the regular expression "(?<age>young|adolescent|mature|aged|venerable){1}\s(?<status>fat|starving)?\s?(?<species>cow|bull|calf)\s(?<name>'.*'\s)?grazes" plays a cow mooing. For equines grazing the regular expression "(?<age>young|adolescent|mature|aged|venerable){1}\s(?<status>fat|starving)?\s?(?<species>horse|foal|unicorn|hell\shorse)\s(?<name>'.*'\s)?grazes" plays a horse neighing although this doesn't work for hell horses when they eat corpses.