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  1. I should be able to come along. As usual I'll improve anything I find that can be improved.
  2. I think the status effects icons are shown for things that affect the character directly not for things that affect the characters horse, ship or vehicle. Are you asking for separate icons appearing and disappearing for each of the different traits that affect a horses speed as they activate ? Plus icons for each item of horse gear that affects the speed with numbers showing how much it contributes ?
  3. thanks for finding it and making the fight public it was amazing to see the mythical creature after so many years. Rest in Peace Charcoal
  4. nice fast fight thanks for the invitation Yaros
  5. The only terrain map we have access to at the moment is the in game map and it probably isn't 100% accurate. Until the official Northern Isles map dumps are released with 1 tile per pixel accuracy any measurements taken in game may not match up with the map.
  6. The Special Places map layer is used on other server maps for Epic mission structures it would be very helpful if you can do the same for Harmony. Thanks for doing this.
  7. The examine message will say "You see a part of the lands of Wurm" meaning it is not part of a player owned village.
  8. I am unclear on your opt-out policy. You say "DO NOT POST DEEDS THAT AREN'T YOURS OR HAVE APPROVAL TO POST BY MAYOR. IF you find your deed has been added without consent, please post here." but later on you ask people to report all settlements that aren't on the map without needing consent of the mayor who can then ask to be removed by PM to Yaga providing a reason.
  9. You're probably on someone's land (their village or deed) and they don't allow other people to chop their trees down. Examine the ground tile to see if it is owned. It will say "you are in the village of..." or "you are in the perimeter of..." for owned land and "You see a part of the lands of Wurm." for unowned land where you can chop trees down.
  10. I have been told that some of your crashes don't make any sense I suggest you verify your local file integrity of the Wurm client on Steam in case there is some corruption.
  11. Can you remember what actions were you doing at the time of the crashes ? Walking around ? Crafting ? Fighting ?
  12. could be some corruption in one of the data files for that character. check files like playerdata.txt windows_XxY.txt autorun.txt gamesettings.txt and keybindings.txt for any obvious corruption.
  13. some control over Event messages has been suggested over the years with positive support. Still a good idea.
  14. My guess is if you succeed the rune "attach" roll you get the message "You can't use the rune on that." and you don't lose the rune. If you fail the "attach" roll it says "You try to use the rune on the mallet but fail." and you do lose the rune. In either case it's probably a bug that it allows you to try and attach runes to things that they should not be attachable to.