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  1. @Lynd can you post the Event messages when you smile-examine those horses Umastark, Happywild and Omendream. It looks like Granger is not recognizing the pregnancy message and is giving a "processing timed out" message.
  2. For the archeology report completion I play a short clip of the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme, it's always exciting when it plays. For starting a meditation "You fall into a trance." I have a clip of some Buddhist chanting. I also added these triggers to give animals sounds when they eat. For "chicken eats" I play a chicken clucking. For "pig eats" I play a pig snuffling up some food. For the regular expression "(ram|sheep|lamb) grazes" play a sheep baaaing. For bison the regular expression "(?<age>young|adolescent|mature|aged|venerable){1}\s(?<status>fat|starving)?\s?(?<species>bison)\s(?<name>'.*'\s)?grazes" play a bison eating noise. For cows the regular expression "(?<age>young|adolescent|mature|aged|venerable){1}\s(?<status>fat|starving)?\s?(?<species>cow|bull|calf)\s(?<name>'.*'\s)?grazes" plays a cow mooing. For equines grazing the regular expression "(?<age>young|adolescent|mature|aged|venerable){1}\s(?<status>fat|starving)?\s?(?<species>horse|foal|unicorn|hell\shorse)\s(?<name>'.*'\s)?grazes" plays a horse neighing although this doesn't work for hell horses when they eat corpses.
  3. How many tiles has it spread since the server started ? For reference the original map dump of Cadence is here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yZUtw8X3f2VurO7Q8aVtvy0lZOK60sSQ
  4. added. Also corrected position of Epic mission structure Inbetweens Charge and added Lamentations Sanctuary and Reliquary of Seafarer.
  5. This post looks similar maybe you can try the suggestion from Saroman to disable Ambient Occlusion in the Post-Process tab in launcher settings.
  6. @Lisabet It's related to the new animal being pregnant message not having the name of the horse that is pregnant and thus not knowing the name of the male that should be set to not in mood. If I understand correctly. Aldur said
  7. @Nythallia I think you need to add the Northern Isles server cluster information. In Wurm Assistant go to Options - Modify Servers List and in the window add the information for the Northern Isles servers as shown on the right here
  8. I think you are correct I can't see a way to update the correct creature in all situations. To solve the male not in mood problem is it possible to set "not in mood" at the start of the breeding action instead of the end since the male will be not in mood whether breeding succeeds or fails. Unfortunately this would not work if you cancel the breeding action midway where the male would wrongly be set to "not in mood". I can't think of a better way to do this.
  9. The old event log messages for animal breeding (from 2020) New event log messages Unfortunately I don't have any "shys away" messages to show you.
  10. Pictures aren't necessary. Go to a patch of peat that has spread and count the number of peat tiles, then count the number of tiles on the most recent map dump of your server. For the Northern Isles the map dumps are from when the servers were launched and for the Southern Isles from January 2021. Post your numbers here with a map link to show where you're looking.
  11. @Aldurthe name fix is working thank you. I thought when breeding animals the male was automatically was set to "not in mood" so it would not suggest breeding it again but this appears to have stopped working.
  12. Console log is needed to try and see what the problem might be.