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  1. Slaying - Red Dragon

    Exciting fight thanks for the invite.
  2. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    This topic is for the Wurm Assistant utility program and not for Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited support, however if you're getting Java heap space errors that suggests you may have installed the 32 bit version of Java which has limited address space. If possible uninstall the 32 bit Java and install the 64 bit version of Java available here Windows Offline (64 bit) https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  3. Looking for Grapes n Maple

    I have 1148kg of maple sap if it's of any help.
  4. Don't change the level while the server is running. If you did shut it down then I don't know what the problem is.
  5. How to check server version? (Solved)

    The "Server connected to Steam" message shows that the server is running but why it's not appearing in your LAN server tab I do not know. I suspect the problem is with port config or forwarding but I'm not expert enough to know. There's a server config guide here which may help https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_administration_(Wurm_Unlimited) On your original question client saying incompatible communication protocol I don't know of a way to query the server version when running in Linux headless mode but you can see the version number in file steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\common.jar\META-INF\
  6. How to check server version? (Solved)

    I can only speak for how the Windows version works. When you start the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server there should be a window with tabs to Select Database, setup server travel and manage players. The server version is shown in the Window title. There is a separate window showing server log messages. After selecting database clicking the "Start Server" button should produce lots of messages in the log window, the last one should be "Server connected to Steam". If your server is starting up but not appearing in the LAN server tab it suggests either a problem with the network configuration or that some ports are being blocked from accessing Steam.
  7. Lunar Order Slaughterhouse- Green Dragon

    interesting fight in the end thanks for the invite.
  8. Troll king slaying

    After performing a reverse seventy five somersault dive with sixty twists the Troll King entered the lake with hardly a splash. Full marks Mr Troll King. Full marks Oblivion for finding the sneaky creature.
  9. Merry Christmas release

    I first noticed some deep lava filled pits with the sounds of pickaxes chinking away from far beneath my feet. Surprised to see anyone in Local I investigated and found a tunnel all the way through the mountain to Sloping Sands. So I joined in for a while to help mine sandstone. The next time I was there I went to mine more sandstone but the whole project was already finished ! Very fast work everyone and it's a really useful great tunnel.
  10. Less cluttered Event Tab

    It's been suggested before more than once with positive reaction from other players but so far hasn't happened.
  11. DeedPlanner poll

    For me it's height changing that is hardest to use. If it was possible to change corner heights in 3d mode that would be a big improvement.
  12. [Duplicate] Recipe name changed?

    It's probably this problem already reported to developers.
  13. Crash on Startup - FBO Not Bound

    In your log file I see you have a Geforce GTX 960M graphics card but the line is for integrated Intel CPU graphics hardware. If you have a laptop with switchable Intel and Nvidia graphics hardware it could be that Wurm is not using the more powerful Nvidia graphics hardware. Viti shows how to change that here. If that doesn't help you can try reinstalling your graphics drivers (I see you have version 391.25, the most recent version on geforce.com is 417.01) Finally I see you're using java 32 bit, if you have a 64 bit version of Windows 10 using java 64 bit is recommended.
  14. Valrei International. 073

    Looking in one of his lesser used GM wand menus Enki discovers the ability to change planetary orbits. Haven's Landing must be the point where the Golden Valley planet Haven will smash into our planet Wurm creating tidal waves, earthquakes and global extinction. Retrograde has just deeded the area to get all the sweet Golden Valley loot. Also love the chickens!
  15. Just had this happen on Xanadu. I went outside and was looking up at the starry sky with no sun visible. Suddenly the sun and daylight appeared. Even though the world had rendered there is a delay of approximately a minute before the sun was rendered.