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  1. some control over Event messages has been suggested over the years with positive support. Still a good idea.
  2. My guess is if you succeed the rune "attach" roll you get the message "You can't use the rune on that." and you don't lose the rune. If you fail the "attach" roll it says "You try to use the rune on the mallet but fail." and you do lose the rune. In either case it's probably a bug that it allows you to try and attach runes to things that they should not be attachable to.
  3. The "Last Rift Length" looks to be wrong for the Northern Isles servers I doubt they have taken over 2 days to close.
  4. another great fight thanks
  5. Stanlee is extremely generous giving his time and all the prizes away. Thank you.
  6. Interesting fight thanks for the invitation.
  7. Splort!

    that drake got splorted for sure
  8. Forest Giant Slay

    nice fight thank you for making it public
  9. Creature spawns on Harmony should now be fixed. Very nice just in time for Halloween thank you devs.
  10. Harmony has half the number of aggressive creatures that Melody has, a server quarter the size. Around 8000 less than Cadence, a server the same size. At least for the duration of the Halloween event there's a case for GM's to wave their wands and spawn mobs so Harmonians have a chance to find some.
  11. Firstly I suggest sending a forum message to Jackjones and see if he replies. If not then we can think about setting up a new one.