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  1. The return of different wood textures for boats is welcome news and the part dyeing is even better.
  2. In your computer settings - Control Panel - Java - halfway down General tab under "Temporary Internet Files" click View button. In the Java cache viewer applications list right click "Wurm Online (Stable)" and choose Install Shortcuts.
  3. If you have 64 bit computer and operating system try to install and use 64 bit java to run Wurm.
  4. You won't be able to interact with objects in the tutorial area it's forbidden in order to protect things from being broken, but after you use the portal to travel to a game server you will be able to find free land where you can do whatever you want. There are villages setup to help new people on different servers. You may want to check the recruitment sections on the forums such as this one for Xanadu https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/177-recruitment-x/ Welcome to Wurm !
  5. Spirit Gates are not improvable [19:01:24] These spirit gates marks the transition between the normal world and the sacred. They are usually placed near the entrance to shrines. Ql: 11.4195, Dam: 0.0.
  6. This post suggests Wurm doesn't work with Java 9.
  7. grass, grains seeds all work. Higher quality will likely have better success but it should be possible at 39 skill according to wurmpedia.
  8. After defeating two hundred fearsome Unique monsters across the lands of Freedom Ladygodiva takes her rest on the Bicentennial Throne created for her on this special occasion.
  9. More reports of this happening here
  10. I suggest posting a console log here it may reveal a problem specific to female character models.
  11. You're using 32 bit version of java and it's running out of addressable memory. If possible use 64 bit java instead, you can uninstall the 32 bit java unless needed for a specific reason.
  12. Will Puzzle Castle survive the bashing party ? Tune in next time to find out !
  13. This can happen if you have another Wurm client running. Close all clients and try again, if it still happens use Task Manager (for Windows) to terminate all Wurm clients or reboot computer then try again.
  14. I found this post which seems similar specifically this is what worked
  15. When I started playing Wurm the most incredible sight I found was a field of multi-coloured unicorns and I decided right there that one day I would have my own pastel unicorn herd. Sadly that's no longer possible and Wurm is a less vibrant place.