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  1. I don't know if it applies to Linux but several people have reported problems on the Steam Wurm Unlimited forums with recent NVidia drivers. This may help
  2. Several people report problems on the Steam Wurm Unlimited forums with recent NVidia drivers. A fix that has worked for WU may help you
  3. When I got 50 Animal Husbandry I stopped grooming animals and did all I could to avoid more skillgain. It's bizarre that having higher skill penalises you in this way.
  4. Thanks for the public fight
  5. [19:58:06] Recipe "english tea scone" added to your cookbook. I think the recipe is wrong it says "any jam" but I only got the recipe when I used one particular jam, and it did make an "english tea scone" not a "jam and cream scone" With the meatball recipes the nameable one looks like a more specific recipe using slightly different ingredients.
  6. This solution posted in the discussion board on Steam worked for several people
  7. Good fight thanks for the invitation.
  8. Thanks for the public fight. Everything went very smoothly until the loot rolls
  9. sorry jeffh I'm sailing in from the south side
  10. If you don't specifically need 32 bit java just uninstall it.
  11. Good find & thanks for the public fight.
  12. Wurm Online should work on Mac. You may need to install java first.
  13. Information gathered from a support ticket. The character model displayed to other player clients is in a (wrong) different location to where the players client shows it is located making the player seem to be invisible. Animals and enemy guards react to the characters correct location. May be caused by a client reconnection related to the "embark" bug.
  14. [23:34:47] An edible red berrry-type fruit of the nightshade family. This has a very low nutrition value. Too many rrr's in berry.
  15. Here's some screenshots I took from the Impalong at Festival Cove 2012 https://imgur.com/a/XXRta