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  1. good directions thank you Luttuosa. and thank you for the fight Sinnjinn
  2. Excellent thank you Cam I was sure I should know where it was.
  3. For "bred in captivity" the text for various animals This donkey looks pretty stubborn. - It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems vibrant. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. Horses like this one have many uses. - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It seems to pick stuff up. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. This mule looks like it could pack a lot. - It will fight fiercely. It is especially loyal. It has been bred in captivity. This calf looks happy and free. - It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has been bred in captivity. This fiery creature is rumoured to be the mounts of the demons of Sol (Hell Horse) - It will fight fiercely. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has been bred in captivity. A mythical beast of legends, it stares back at you with blood filled eyes and froth around the mouth (Sheep). - It looks plump and ready to butcher. It has been bred in captivity. For "shabby and frail" the text reads A foal skips around here merrily. - It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It looks shabby and frail. It has been bred in captivity.
  4. You can't disable OpenGL Wurm requires it to display the game. Your Radeon RX 5600 should be able to support OpenGL yet you have a message saying the driver doesn't. There's not enough information to know what the problem is but some possibilities are :- if you bought your PC off-the-shelf it may have customized or old graphics drivers that don't support OpenGL - in this case you can update the graphics drivers for your RX 5600 from the amd website. you may have a CPU that has an integrated iGPU that doesn't support OpenGL which may be being used instead of your RX 5600 - you may need to change the HDMI port your monitor is plugged into, or update the iGPU driver to one that supports OpenGL if it is capable of doing so and you want to continue using it, or disable the iGPU in your BIOS settings. I found a post on Reddit with a similar problem that might be useful. Your graphic control software may be deciding to use the iGPU for Wurm because it thinks java programs don't need high performance graphics hardware, this can be a problem especially for laptops that are prioritising power saving. You can override this in the graphics control panel to tell it to use the RX 5600 for all java programs or specifically for Wurm. If you need more help please post here your most recent Wurm console log from wurm\console.Daisy.log which should have more useful information.
  5. I think it's just the log file reader not understanding affinity increase messages and can be ignored.
  6. I'm going to agree with Madnath on the lack of reward from fishing but as I recall there were craftable fishing trophies added with the fishing update but they were bugged somehow and got hotfixed out - never to return. Being able to display your best catches would go a long way to making fishing rewarding.
  7. I previously had been told that trees and sand tiles would prevent peat spreading however a player at the Melody rift told me that peat has been spreading across sandy desert tiles for months north of his deed on Melody.
  8. @Tahlulaand @SmackedDown I just sailed under the Interstate Idiot bridge and it looks unusable the northern section especially is nearly decayed away and the section south of Shipwreck Castle has heavy damage and some tiles are missing.
  9. We know the idea is to have random encounters while exploring and also encourage some lesser used skills so here's what could happen :- tracking to locate rare creatures such as the invisible crested duck and the Codeclub palm civet. foraging to find the pungent civet excretions containing the prized coffea arabica beans. The source of these beans being undiscovered by Wurmians this is the only way they can be obtained. alchemy for extracting and washing the beans. cooking the beans and milling to grind into a powder beverages to heat the powder with water and optional extra ingredients such as sugar, herbs and spices. serve in coffee cup with optional cream from milking to add patterns on the top. only then we can Drink coffee every day as Noizhead commands
  10. Added the Interstate Idiot back again
  11. I had been told this bridge named "Interstate Idiot" had decayed away and was unusable. Has it been rebuilt and is now useable again ? Added
  12. when you execute the installer and it says "Setup will install Wurm Online into the following folder" what is in the folder entry box ? Also try executing the installer as an Administrator.
  13. you have a strange mixture of \ and / in the filename are you using the correct installer for your Operating System ?
  14. looks like this might be possible in the most recent SteamVR update you can position desktop windows inside your VR view. There's a video showing a twitch stream chat being docked onto a controller in VR. https://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/announcements/detail/2969548216412141657
  15. I changed them to these coordinates and they moved out into the middle of the water are they correct ?