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  1. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    thanks for the public fight it went very smoothly.
  2. Fraggle Rock Canal -- Grand Opening!

    Congratulations on finishing the canal I know from working on it years ago how much work was needed. Dksprocket whose idea it was originally would be delighted to see it and even more pleased to see you used the original name To commemorate the occasion the happy workers are relaxing after finishing the project.
  3. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Skarra you need to first smile at the horse, then within 5 seconds examine it.
  4. plaese is there anyone to help me

    server and client must use the same software version or it will not work
  5. plaese is there anyone to help me

    What does the error message say ?
  6. It might help new players get one skill up more quickly but I don't see how it stops the " Get players out of the "one-account-have-it-all" mentality that keeps trading from happening." if older accounts already have all the skills.
  7. One eyed stinky giant farewell party

    very smooth good fight thanks
  8. Hungry hungry dragon

    good fight thanks for the invite
  9. Game crashes after trying to connect to any server

    Glad you got it working although it should work for NVidia.
  10. Game crashes after trying to connect to any server

    Samool's suggestion to disable GLSL should work if you only have Intel HD graphics hardware. However this post on the Steam forums https://steamcommunity.com/app/366220/discussions/4/1734339624802954512/ suggests you actually have NVidia graphics hardware that is not being used by Wurm. If this is the case re-enable the GLSL shaders and you need to persuade NVidia Control Panel that Wurm needs to use your NVidia hardware instead of Intel graphics. This post by Brash_Endeavors shows how to do this with pictures
  11. Archaeology Problems

    Both using trowels and have archeology journals with paper sheets over 30ql ?
  12. Eviction Notice Served to my New Villager (Slaying)

    What a cute picture. Knock knock - "Good morning. Can I interest you in some life insurance ? You're going to need it."
  13. Occasional Refresh Lag/Crash

    you should post your console log found at Wurm\players\console.[yourcharactername].log this may give some useful information.
  14. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    Truly amazing Perhaps in a few weeks you can do a walk through and explain the puzzles, and rescue any poor souls who are still trapped.
  15. Eastern Canal Rework

    It's very difficult to remove reinforcements off deed even with a priest. Not something you want to do if you need to expand the tunnel later. If you're planning to have a highway through the tunnel, which is not a bad idea, you'll need two flat tiles then 1 slope down, 1 deep flat tile then one slope up or alternatively 2 deep flat tiles like this |_____ | \_____| The lighthouse in the middle of the tunnel is probably an access hut around a source fountain I'm pretty sure there is one in the tunnel.