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  1. Firstly I suggest sending a forum message to Jackjones and see if he replies. If not then we can think about setting up a new one.
  2. Things I drew

    great event again Stanlee. You could say the dragon was thoroughly cheesed off
  3. needs picture of Elwood giving thumbs up on every successful improve or just watching condescendingly in the background
  4. I saw you and your friend's stream and all the problems you were having. I hope you can get this sorted out and continue playing Wurm together.
  5. I've been told changing to a lower screen resolution in full screen mode before logging into the game may help.
  6. Thanks Neenee that clarifies the account/character and the Steam payments much better.
  7. There is no mention of paying for accounts in Steam on the wurmpedia page https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Account_Types In addition to avoid confusion between Steam account and Wurm account it could use a note to say that paying for one Wurm account on one Steam account does not include premium time for any other Wurm accounts created on that Steam account. (Some other games operate in this way and this has confused, and annoyed some people.)
  8. Some very interesting ideas here. I especially like the combat adjustments and the difficulty increase using unbound items adds more options for efficient skill gain. The first Jackal server had everybody starting with no equipment and all skills at one I'm curious what are the reasons for changing to full skill transfer. Do you think other characters starting with high skills would reduce the attraction for newer or less skilled characters ? Also for subsequent Jackal servers do you think that some people's ability to bring unbound, high quality, enchanted, runed equipment with them at the start is potentially unbalancing ? One question about the cobalt and jackalwood tools that become unbound. The idea is you could bring them back home after Jackal and work on them but even though the wooden items can be improved with non-Jackal wood as normal you can't improve the cobalt tools much since there is no source of cobalt back home ?
  9. Hello Yaga I noticed that Independence isn't showing server statistics in WurmStatus since it was moved to Cloudnet hosting.
  10. I don't want to argue in this thread about the scope and benefits of the Wurm premium model that's not relevant to the original suggestion of making the fact that Wurm HAS a premium subscription model more obvious on the Steam page instead of needing to scroll down into the small print at the bottom of the page. Some people are leaving negative reviews on Steam based on their claim that saying Wurm is "Free to Play" but has a subscription model is a "deception" because it's not visible enough on the store page. Don't we want to reduce any basis for these complaints by making it more obvious ?
  11. That's true Brash that would stop people saying you have to pay for premium AND buy coins if you automatically got both for the basic one month sub. The idea is that having "Optional Subscription" clearly visible on the Steam game page means people have less reason to complain it's misleading to be labelled "Free to Play" which is what people are saying about Wurm.
  12. I don't know the benefits the Star Wars game gives you for subscribing but if it is acceptable to be labelled as "Free to Play" yet still have a subscription then doesn't the same apply to Wurm ?
  13. The Steam Wurm Online page says Wurm is Free to Play but I've seen complaints saying this is misleading and doesn't mention about needing a subscription to progress past 20 skill cap. I had a look at other Free to Play games on Steam that also use subscriptions. One is Star Wars - The Old Republic which is listed as Free to Play but underneath the Play Game button you can clearly see it says "Optional Subscription" and gives the option to purchase premium time and game coins right there. Showing this on the Wurm page would make it clearer that Wurm has a subscription model and hopefully reduce complaints.
  14. Knarr gone!

    If you visit every server in the Freedom Isles cluster you could check your Manage Ships window to see if it's there. If it doesn't exist anywhere it's probably decayed away.
  15. what server are you on ? can you show a screenshot of where you're clicking and can type ?