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  1. Tutorial grade resources at starter towns

    For me it illustrated several problems the unwillingness of people to read a multitude of text filled tutorial windows frustration caused by being unable to take or interact with things in the tutorial area complexity of the UI trying to perform a simple (to us) task like creating a mallet, important failure error messages in the event log weren't noticed for some time the poor performance and lag when looking around I suspect caused by using 32 bit java. The startup 32 bit java warning window needs a more prominent performance warning. Towards the end of the stream I noticed he thanked buddat from his stream chat for his assistance, hopefully that was our beloved chief dev @Buddawatching closely.
  2. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    That's right Cecci Niarja came out later so it doesn't record the early deeds. Some of the earliest deeds that were there before I started on 12 December 2012 are Pristine Market, Boat Port just east of Blossom, Shadowbay, The Wurm Academy and Lakeview.
  3. Proposed canal - one entrance open already

    From the east side it went directly west about 300 tiles, then had to turn because of a deed north west about 100 tiles then west around 100 tiles.
  4. Proposed canal - one entrance open already

    Looks like you found it. It was 3 tiles wide, 5 tiles at the eastern end. Eastern half had the ceiling mined to maximum height and veins mined out, both ends had the external tiles prepared for opening exits at the proper depth. Last time I was there about a month ago the eastern entrance had collapsed but I know where it was. I guess it was about 60% completed not 10%.
  5. Dirt - So what's the dirt on dirt?

    Years ago a little way south of Oopanax Harbor there was another tunnel being worked on, it was three tiles wide all the way through to the lake on the other side. About half had ceiling mined out to maximum height. Probably has a lot of collapsed tiles but might be easier to complete that one instead of starting another.
  6. Hatch-ling slaying

    nice fast fight thank you Oblivion.
  7. Archaeology report management

    With the number of expired deeds on some servers we'll need multiple journals per server. As well as the need to avoid mixing reports from different servers in each journal I'm not sure how you can avoid having deed reports in multiple journals. If you're carrying a journal with you reports are automatically added to it, presumably if you already have that deed report in a journal back home in your archeology library you'll get a duplicate report. Unless you carry all the journals for that server with you but that makes organising them difficult. It's a nice idea but needs something more to make it usable. I suggest scissors and glue for report cut & pasting
  8. You have to wield the bow in your right hand then spar the other character. You don't hit the character using the bow but instead kick them using your feet, this is why you need to take your pants off to allow kick attacks. Weaponless Fighting skill 20 may be required but this is not confirmed.
  9. Not enough water (recipe not working)

    Don't know if it's the same recipe but the same ingredients work in a cauldron.
  10. Red Dragon

    good fight thanks for making it public
  11. Goblin leader slaying

    good fight eventually Thanks for the invite.
  12. Derby of 1075

    Nice idea. Please add a countdown timer for timezone confused people !
  13. Titles Titles Titles!

    No titles for trebuchet & ballista skill ?
  14. Creature Cage Testing!

    @Wulfmaer I think the no manage animals is because Baphomet is a PvP server that does not use the Manage Animals system.
  15. Please add the Christmas 2017 map dumps from to https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Astronomy_and_geography On the same page the Pristine community map thread is now this Thank you.