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  1. added thank you for the information
  2. Another player reports a specific spell effect as the bug effect: the "invalid enchantment" is called "Leaden mind"
  3. Updated thank you for the information.
  4. you do have a compass in your inventory ?
  5. Update

  6. Updated "Mausoleum of High" location and added "The Enlighteneds Tower". is Enlighteneds the correct spelling ?
  7. after another player mentioned this in CA Help they reported running in Full Screen mode fixed it
  8. added Foundation Pillar tag thanks for the report
  9. patch notes 16 August 2022
  10. Well spotted thanks for noticing. Fixed.
  11. do we know if they're being deleted or got lost ?
  12. I have a suggestion if you or anybody else would like to assist diagnosing this problem. Take another treasure map and obtain it's item id Now try to replicate Borstaskor's actions by placing the map inside a Large Magic Chest inside a cart then load into ship and sail to another server and back. If the map disappears we have the item id to search the database and see it's status/location Hope this helps.
  13. Danneveng removed thanks for the report