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  1. got a crash walking through a gate to escape combat with a hell horse
  2. Run "Wurm Online [Choose Client]" then select "Test - Preview" client. New UI is there.
  3. thanks for all the people who found the dragon and organised a public fight.
  4. If I remember right when new fishing was introduced there were some kind of trophies or wall mounts to display your catches but there was something wrong with them and they were quickly patched out. That was probably the intended point or end-goal for fishing.
  5. Libila's massive enigma of thought Libila demands you to create 12 large large storage units.
  6. It's such an emotional place it shows how much people thought of Tich. I'm sure everyone who visits has a tear in their eye. Thank you for sharing it with us and congratulations on your art dev role I'm sure we'll soon be seeing some more of your beautiful graphics in Wurm.
  7. thanks for this useful cognitive therapy at this stressful time
  8. I'm interested in the troll king crown, if 7 silver is enough please CoD to Explora.
  9. Thank you for the public fight always nice to see so many people attending.
  10. great baking contest thanks for delaying it.
  11. are you suggesting this would replace the Local chat tab ? how would this work for characters that you cannot see ?
  12. Another inconsistency is they all have "wood" at the end of the name, except thorn. It would be easier to read if none had "wood" at the end. for example "shaft, oak" and "shaft, raspberry"
  13. In Firefox Privacy & Security options I added a whitelist exception for https://warlander.github.io/ to the "Block Pop-up windows" list and the Load from File window is now working. I have some old deed planner files from before 2014 that do not open, they appear to be in an old non-XML format. Can I open them in Deed Planner 2 and resave to convert to a file format Deed Planner 3 can load ?
  14. Thanks for all your work on this very useful utility Warlander. Today using Firefox version 71.0 (64 bit) I tried the online version of Deed Planner 3.0.7 Alpha at https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Clicking buttons "Menu" - "Load Map" then click the "paste the web link" entry opens a window to enter a URL. After entering a pastebin.com map file clicking the "Load from Web" button does successfully load a map from net storage but clicking the "Load from File" button nothing happens. I expected a box to open so I can enter the filename of the map to load from local storage. Am I doing something wrong ? Also when clicking "Menu" - "Save Map" - "Save to File" buttons a save box appears but the title is "Opening Deed plan.map" You have chosen to open... It should say "Saving Deed Plan.map" You have chosen to save... The file is saved correctly to local storage.