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  1. Will Puzzle Castle survive the bashing party ? Tune in next time to find out !
  2. This can happen if you have another Wurm client running. Close all clients and try again, if it still happens use Task Manager (for Windows) to terminate all Wurm clients or reboot computer then try again.
  3. I found this post which seems similar specifically this is what worked
  4. When I started playing Wurm the most incredible sight I found was a field of multi-coloured unicorns and I decided right there that one day I would have my own pastel unicorn herd. Sadly that's no longer possible and Wurm is a less vibrant place.
  5. Might be because of the 385.41 drivers as Brash mentioned here, or it could be completely unrelated.
  6. Planting catseyes on bridges prevents subsequent preparation with mortar for paving. I suggest notes be added to these pages warning that paving must be done before catseyes. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Paving In the Bridge paving paragraph and to these pages as necessary https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Highway https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Catseye https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Bridge thanks
  7. Very good thank you.
  8. Yes please. Reroll only the incomplete ones and they should be of the same difficulty level. Once a year would be enough.
  9. Nice digging party thanks for the invite
  10. Also have missing tile corner between abutment and bracing, however it's only at the north end of a north-south bridge. The southern abutment/bracing does have a tile corner. @Finndar I can't target corner "A" to try your work-around it's hidden inside the bridge walls.
  11. The crash is in the Intel Graphics Accelerator drivers. You say your friend tried switching graphics cards but I think the problem is the graphics controlling software isn't switching to use the dedicated graphics hardware because it decides that since Wurm is a java program it doesn't need fancy graphics and uses the Intel hardware instead. You should be able to force Wurm to use dedicated graphics hardware in your graphics controller setup. Look for a setting such as "Always use high performance nvidia" or similar for AMD hardware. Brash_Endeavors explains more here
  12. @Alectrys Any updates on this ? Has it been added to the official bug list ?
  13. Magic chest is locked and inside a HotA statue "with re-heated beans" inside an underground house "Mad Nad's microwaved potatoes" underneath The Old Contemptibles deed.
  14. Mouse wheel to select is another option I had not thought of. I tried to think of a way to choose the action without needing a menu of any kind appearing to break immersion but I couldn't think of another way to provide feedback to the player on what they had selected.
  15. On the subject of the UI I thought of something similar to Kegan. Have a tool active and left clicking something will perform the primary action for that tool and object. To change the action hold left click and pause briefly will open some menu whether it's the old right click menu/ radial menu/ mouse gesture menu, and allow a different action to be chosen. Now just left clicking will perform that action until you change it. for example activate a sickle and left click a tree would default to Harvesting. To change to Prune left click and hold briefly will open a menu, left clicking "Prune" will perform the Prune action and set Prune as primary action. Now just left clicking a tree will repeat the Pruning. I'd also like to say how much I hope that keybinding actions remains part of the interface that would be a big loss should it go.