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  1. Exciting news about animal cages What happens if a caged aggressive monster such as a dominated troll becomes untame ?
  2. I emptied my well and it has not refilled after 30 minutes, on Pristine.
  3. Oh a squire! I clicked thinking you're looking for a squirrel
  4. Might be similar to this. I was using no world render on a minimized client although Nomadikhan did not mention using that.
  5. looks like you have a Nextbook Flexx NXW116QC264 which has Intel Atom processor, Intel HD Integrated Graphics and 2Gb memory. Wurm can run on Intel Integrated graphics hardware with the right OpenGL capable drivers so that's a good thing if you can install them. However I know nothing about the capabilities of Intel Atom processors and 2Gb may not be enough memory to run both Wurm and Windows. If you can fix the graphics drivers you can try turning all the Wurm settings down to minimum, resolution, shadows, animations etc you might get it to work. Good Luck.
  6. Pixel format not accelerated means either your graphics hardware or graphics drivers are not OpenGL capable which Wurm requires. You may need to update the graphics drivers or if your hardware is very old it may not be able to run Wurm. Can't see in the log file what hardware you have so can't say more than that.
  7. Mazy torture ! Thanks Retro. Anyone thinking of doing it make sure to take a light with you it gets dark in places.
  8. Thanks for the public fight
  9. If your deed had 6 years upkeep it will still be there, otherwise it's gone.
  10. I have noticed this happening on a low settings character shortly after minimizing I can see the memory usage in Windows Task Manager start to increase. It keeps increasing about 10Mb a minute. If I unminimize after a short pause the memory usage drops right down. It's like there's some garbage collection that isn't being done while minimized, or a memory leak that only happens while minimized.
  11. Yes please to something that slowly returns formerly terraformed deeds to a more natural look.
  12. Good catch thanks for the invitation.
  13. So red ! Looks more like sunset on Jackal
  14. I know the achievements but only you can see them. In a multiplayer game part of the fun is showing off who's got the best gear, highest skills, killed most mobs etc. Funny titles help that.