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  1. you can unload it next to the lava and push it onto it, at no detriment to your armor wagon or health haha yikes i didnt realize they weren't pushable
  2. because there have been so few kingdoms at all because it's just simply not feasible to make them no, we won't, because it's not physically possible to fit more than even just a small handful of legitimate kingdoms on pvp servers
  3. my concern is when everyone has to load 200 different textures made from cringy stock images how will it affect game performance/usage and the extremely poor method of adding textures to wurm. no one loves having to relog all of their accounts to get timmys new hot pink wagon with corndogs in the game
  4. i have 7 accounts named after drinks i like which is more than the 5 that are some variant of gary i used gary because i needed a name that wasnt my name and im bad at names and it was a normal name that was on the top of my head that doesn't suck like eugene or something i cant use my real name because most variants are already used and it's more difficult when spelling it backwards like the coolkids do still spells it the same way i named my first priest fatjesus because someone called me fatjesus in college because i had long hair and a beard and it was a priest and im bad at names so it worked for me im so good at names that when i made an alt to cast fungus for hate tiles i named it fungus and then devs just had to go and change the name of the fungus spell, probably to unknowingly spite me, very rude
  5. ? I've sacced items and logged off and came back the next day with more sb than you get from a bed. There's new missions on inde like every day or so
  6. That's not buying it with real money. That's using silver to buy it - obtained many other "free" ways. Put in the work to earn silver to buy, or put in the work to find uniques. Everyone has as equal of a shot as possible
  7. you are correct it shouldn't be allowed. rmt is banned now
  8. Even so, Johns weekend in America is not Joes weekend in Europe and neither are Jims weekend in Australia. Time zones suck for fairness, especially when anything determined by a person usually favors Euros over anyone else
  9. I feel like the point just... doesn't reach certain people. Let me try another way... I'd be perfectly fine with the 100 rift goal if you could do 100 rifts at your own time. Someone that can play only a few hours a day can progress all of those other things, the titles the imps the actions you say, because they can actually do it. What they physically cannot do is a rift when the game physically prevents them because it places their ability to participate when they are physically unable to do it. This is the problem. I've been going to rifts that are an option for me to go to since before this journal even came out and I'm still like 40 rifts to go or something while everything else is done. Like just add instanced rifts that are invite only or something so you can do it with your friends or make it public, remove all rewards from rift points and resources or put a limit on them if there's a fear of abuse. Just something so we can get this goal done without having to forego sleep or real life responsibilities or god forbid doing something else other than wurm.
  10. If when you say it boils down to not liking rifts, you really meant not liking locking your journal completion to multiple actual real life years of time if you don't dedicate your life in unhealthy ways to one single game and ignore that life and responsibilities outside wurm exists in the first place all because the task requires something that is at fixed times out of your control entirely, then yeah, I guess you've hit the nail on the head there old sport
  11. It's everyones time zone though, since rifts are on an increasing time cycle not a fixed one. I can go weeks/months at a time before they are in a fitting time zone for me and I'm not european. Someone will probably say it's just because I'm not going to all servers, yeah, I'm not, I only do two servers when available. A goal shouldn't require us all to have deeds/horses/slow boats with cages to travel to every server fighting time to get all the rifts. It's not feasible for anyone that doesn't stay home all day dedicating their entire life to this game, it's also not fair for normal people to get to participate once or twice a month. Just to emphasize this for devs, one rift a month from scratch will take more than 8 years to complete this goal. Someone like me that usually averages 3 a month would still take 3 years from scratch. How is this even remotely acceptable? Why is someone that can only play casually worth less equality than someone else that lives breathes and poops wurm? Do the devs not realize the issue is that the goal relies on a fixed time event overlapping someones available play time? Do they not realize that you can have incredibly harder goals than 100 rifts that are accessible to everyone's game time so people can tackle it when they actually play and it might actually get done? I'd rather do the 70 prayer goal. Lord knows I could complete that on freedom on every single account of mine before I finish 100 rifts on one...
  12. Let me direct you to a post I made when steamwo was first announced that would help a different f2p system work which even got Rolf's interest
  13. I can't remember the last time I was sailing and wanted a compass that worked while sailing but stopped myself right there because I felt it would ruin the skill and totally make high ql compasses useless because of how they would still work exactly the same everywhere not on a boat
  14. I agree based on doing a rift yesterday repairing as usual that nothing's changed for regular items, just that the way it was explained in the patch notes makes it sound like a nerf. Hey, it's not like we realized that they meant some timer that doesn't actually reflect the real timer, because you know, a two second repair timer still means it's actually a one second repair timer because that's just how timers work in wurm! But the fix for moonmetal/vyn just brings a different issue to light that I tried mentioning in one of the other threads. Why is the fix to cap timers? Why can't you let timers go faster than the cap but all timers faster than two seconds act as if they are two seconds? This way things that buff repair timers get to you know, actually have a buff still for people that already hit the cap without them. Or maybe higher repair skill would be even more rewarding when you can repair your 0.05 damaged goods lightning fast. Or if we really want to get dangerous, detach the timer from it completely. Ql loss is based on damage taken and skill. Timer is based on skill, without an artificial cap. woo!
  15. just go dig 1000 dirt every time you want to contribute to a valrei item mission, who needs to enjoy the game?
  16. That's extremely far from a baseline to count for all traders in the game. For many years, my trader on desertion would give me on average 50c-2s, there was even a time it didn't gain any money for months. Our trader on Independence is even worse, the payout was so bad that the 20% upkeep reduction is so much better. When we had 4 traders on elevation to help pay for the capital deed with all these land bonuses and what not, we would have gotten more than 10s.. with them all combined. The times when most traders would give 10+s a month regularly are times when most current players hadn't even found wurm yet.
  17. I just find it funny that the answer to a bug is to instead of fixing the actual bug, it's to make chore tasks in the game take longer to force the bug to not work. Make items take damage as whatever they should be if they aren't, it doesn't matter to me, but continually doing things to make playing artificially longer? Why do we keep being the victim of this mindset? It's not even a timer issue, I get 1 second or less repair timers on so many things, frying pans, shields, scale armor, iron and wooden tools, you name it and they all have been losing ql as they always have. Now this change disguised as a buff to repairing skill by "making it useful" is ultimately a nerf to high repairing skill because it's making it worse.
  18. Removing the 5 faith prayer daily cap wouldn't make 100 faith more feasible in anything but a long run, but for new players that might decide to play for a while like a couple hours or so a day would get to usable levels of faith way noticeably faster, which obviously would improve gameplay tremendously. No one enjoys the part of making a priest where you have to pray for months and months before being useful. It would however mean the journal reward of an extra faith gain a day would need reworking, I'm sure the devs can handle that. I'd say even make prayers every 10 or 15 minutes to be more accessible to those with shorter time to game a day. Who gives a crap if people that play for long days or for a long time get a lot of faith from that - those are the people that already have 100 faith. Honestly, as someone that's used links for channeling for a total of like 2 days of remaining prem on a couple characters, the massive draw to links isn't the difficulty, it's not needing to deal with cancerous methods of getting favor or heavily nerfed methods of getting favor. Stop making favor harder if you want the word "fun" attached to the word "priest"
  19. Odd that it would say 10 mins or less, because mail time is 101 minus cast power. 101-90 = 11 minutes
  20. removing the ability to disable animations because a minimal impact isn't significant to some people is a big bad
  21. probably should remove that thread now
  22. Don't think I saw this clarified in the thread but what does it mean for existing referrals? I checked my accounts because of this news and I found I had a referral that I haven't claimed yet, do I need to claim it now when I don't need that account prem, or is it safe to wait until I want it to be prem and claim it then?
  23. I don't need a trader moved cross servers but it just seems odd that it's not "doable" to move one to another server. Delete the existing one, give the player a form, watch them plant trader ?? good job
  24. Partial loot actually was tried, long before most current players were a twinkle in the eye of Rolfs wallet. It was some odd system of only one item would drop and the dead guy would keep the rest, and it wasn't very well received and took a lot of the excitement of winning out of the game. I'm not saying full loot works or doesn't, just that the way the game is, full loot system governed by a chance to keep or not if you have a res stone drastically helps make winning and losing mean something. That being said, as I've suggested countless times over many years, res stones could be far more accessible than costing 5s per death. Some healthy balance between full loot and no loot is needed, and some odd system of only dropping a scale glove or your pickaxe just doesn't work. On a side note, the failed attempt at partial loot had some upsides. Such as dead horses dropping a horse shoe and taking the rest of its gear with it into the void.
  25. unknown n/a missions aren't fixable by gms, we've always been told it needs database fixing but still waiting