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  1. Wsa silver sales and safety

    The problem with banning the sales of silver is the fact that the game still wants your real money. You still need real money to buy premium and pay for your upkeeps and buy goods, unless you sell stuff which is effectively allowing sales of items for real money and the same thing as silver selling. If wurms economy was something similar to that of say, runescape, where your ingame coins are obtainable through many ingame methods and tradable with other players who also obtained them via ingame methods, and you can buy premium with those ingame coins, it would be a totally different story. Especially since runescape already bans selling items/money out of game. It would be great for people that legit are just trying to get their prems/upkeeps paid for, but I feel there's too many players with the mindset that they should be allowed to work for money in wurm and that's supported by the team so it would never work, and would probably lose even more players. But hey, we can at least reduce the necessity for so much silver. Why's it 8e/10s a month for prem for every single account? Why aren't we paying for a master account that allows x many characters, and if needed extra charges for x amount of characters? 8e a month for one account is cheap, but when you add in just one priest alt it's suddenly 16e a month and it's not like every priest alt is played as a main to the same extent of prem time usage. It seems pretty outdated, especially when you can spend 2s a month on fresh alts for whatever use they may have obviously limited by being prem for only 30 days. Even if we just had a basic system that allowed one free second account for the same prem, and 2e/2s a month more for each extra account, it would be such a difference. I know the argument would be "but then ccab loses money!!!" well if the game relies on less people paying for more accounts, then that's a giant problem way beyond us
  2. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    to be fair art devs taking time to add deer colors back would keep them away from wagon kingdom art so it is in fact helping pvp
  3. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    when I was a noob on wild a lifetime ago I collected all kinds of conditioned deer. then they wouldn't stop packing the grass so I killed them all. then deer lairs were later removed +1 to deer rage. bring back spawning with conditions too.
  4. Valrei International. 086

    Will existing uniques have their lairs and tethers tweaked to match or only new spawns?
  5. [21:34:38] You start to sacrifice the aged huge spider. [21:34:39] You call out to Vynora by all her names. [21:34:41] You beg Vynora to accept your offerings. [21:34:43] You ask Vynora for forgiveness if the aged huge spider does not please her. [21:34:45] You ask Vynora to bless you with her favors. [21:34:47] You kneel in silent hope. [21:34:49] You stop sacrificing. [21:34:49] You stop attacking. [21:34:49] You stop sacrificing. [21:34:49] An aged huge spider is dead. R.I.P. [21:34:49] You hear a strange sound as Vynora gladly accepts your offerings. this was just maybe 5 days ago or so on independence, no mission for it just completing the sac an animal journal goal
  6. Priests Alignment

    There hasn't been a restart though. In my experience it's just totally random as to if the preacher gets alignment or not
  7. Houdini Wagon

    This used to be super common a bunch of years back for vehicles to just randomly disappear to the point it was comical. I once literally watched someone ride a wagon, get off, and then the wagon disappeared before my eyes If you have a friend/alt that can see it (they'd likely need to login after the fact or have not been in render range) they can move the vehicle an inch and you'll see it again
  8. Valrei International. 086

    This was tried on epic with scenario endings, shockingly it turns out people did not like the game destroying their deeds. If mobs bashing deeds is supported to improve the market and not actually a joke, that's pretty sad
  9. Valrei International. 086

    Which is it then? Or is current bash chance already "reduced"? I have not so fond GM memories of constantly repairing epic starter deeds because uniques keep being drawn there for safety because some of them never stop chasing and can keep up with rare geared hell horses to the point I was practically begging devs for some update to make them stop bashing starter deeds. Have also seen other deeds wrecked by uniques wandering over to the deeds for whatever reason. If you think it has to do with just zones/lairs, then you're sorely mistaken because half the times zones don't even matter. Desertion had a red dragon that was known for being spotted at literally all ends of the map even chasing me on a hell horse for 1/4th the map before i got it to stop chasing by breaking its aggro by confusing it in a mine, and I've dragged giants/dragons hundreds of tiles to lock them in mines away from peoples deeds. Other people have dragged dragons hundreds (probably thousands tbh) of tiles to bring them to an organized slay spot. It's a coin toss as to if they are a unique that will stop following you and return to their spawn zone or not. The only reason it's not a widespread issue on freedom now is because they are penned and killed so fast. Once you get full/smaller freedom servers with all options of living uniques because they aren't found like they are now, I imagine freedomers will start complaining
  10. Valrei International. 086

    I don't think people realize not every server especially pvp can get gigantic groups of people to kill super buffed dragons to "encourage" more public slays. All it does is encourage alts with huge axes, and as someone that had to kill uniques on epic with 2 people total and a buncha alts, lemme tell you that is a real as sliced bread scenario. I also don't think people realize that rift style rewards encourages private slays. Why would you spend your time/effort/whatever finding, penning, organizing etc when some randoms can get all the rewards? You can't have rewards that favor no one when the effort required to kill it is given by only a select person/people. You'd have to have uniques spawn like rifts with beams at set times so everyone can come without putting in any effort, but then uniques aren't special in any way after that
  11. Valrei International. 086

    Nothing to combat the soon to be unknown to exist uniques that bash into deeds? Keeping spawn points away from deeds hasn't worked so far Would be nice if they could be coded to just not bash walls on deed and have them periodically scan and if theres deed tiles nearby and it doesn't have a path away, teleport to a new random tile on the map
  12. How to kill your own game tutorial

    At the very least there needs to be a better system than "just aim at the water above the fish", it really isn't that easy to get the right spot the first time and it's not like thats even user failure needing to learn the system better, it's just a very poor interface. Make the fish interactable, give them examines too so it's a more fleshed out system even if it's just reusing the fish item examines, and when we start the spear fishing let us click the fish itself and then success is based on skill/whatever like everything else in the game
  13. Wsa silver sales and safety

    ip bans do nothing for this, even completely tech illiterate people can handle a short google to see one of many ways to get around it or just simply even getting a new ip however slapping "ip ban" on everything ends up banning popular/easy/free vpns that legit players may need, such as real examples of someone spending ages looking to find a vpn to get around being hetznered because most of them were banned to stop boston
  14. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I wanted to complete the fishing goal to get some of that journal sb for the 70 prayer grind, I spent 30+ mins struggling with the wiki to find the info i need and put a new rod together which is beyond anything fun for a new player much less me and probably 15-20m fishing trying to get the fish. This was just for a 10kg catfish which under the old system would have taken probably 5 minutes max from scratch. I really cant imagine newer players wanting to do anything more than basic net fishing for garbage fish and actually enjoying it
  15. How to kill your own game tutorial

    who was perma banned for it
  16. How to kill your own game tutorial
  17. How to kill your own game tutorial

    What they don't know apparently is the fuller story that gets trivialized to an edgy joke. Rotab's wurmfeed had monthly stats that he gave us each month, and I think it was jackburton or someone similar trying to be funny getting my name to be the most said word since people apparently already said it a lot. This lead to a mess of people spamming which regardless of what's being said is against chat rules so people started getting warned, they didn't listen so they got muted. They still didn't listen so they still got muted, I think most people with a brain can see where this still goes over the course of probably weeks/months I don't really remember. But because it was a players name, and people were spamming alts named similar to me or pretending to be me, the whole thing was lumped as "harassment" when in reality the reason people got banned is because they chose to keep breaking chat rules (or game rules for the alts). Much in the same vein as someone reposting a hidden post and then acting suprised when they get a warning/ban for it. The result would be the same if people spammed "cheeseball" just as much, older epic players could look at blackdogs crusade against people saying dong in bl chat for a good example of this. tl;dr: people got banned for challenging moderation endlessly but it's funnier to say you get banned for saying gary
  18. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    Just want to point out that if there's say a 10 v 10 and one side wipes, that kingdom has to spend another 50s.... in JUST res stones. Easy fix to make them cheaper but that isn't acknowledged by devs any time it's suggested, but hey, in a populated pvp server dream with constant fights, what's a hundred euros or so a week in just forced paid mechanics for one/multiple kingdoms since wurm is cheap haha.. ha..
  19. Intentionally Removing People From History

    not another thread about proph
  20. A New Elevation

    Will the 1hr cooldowns mean the spells can't be dispelled anymore or does it mean you spend karma to put a spell on so jimmy with wurm assistant and a special beep for continuum have you dispelled in seconds so you can try again in 1hr? True strike can also just be made into something else, just make it give some offensive cr boost with a defensive cr penalty, basically a berserker buff with a penalty that lasts the usual spell length and can be dispelled but probably not a 1hr cooldown. I dunno I get the feeling that the listed changes are a very quick cobbled together bandaid put together by a volunteer that was allowed to take charge otherwise we would see nothing at all. I don't mean to cause issues but it's clear that a lot hasn't really been thought out, for example nodrop stuff like sleep powder or removing sotg but not elemental immunity or flat out removing recall home when it can just have a lengthy cooldown added from when enemy were in local so its still a useful utility, but I'm also aware that taking time to iron everything out is time that just delays stuff further if there aren't more people on the team that actually care/will dedicate some time to it. I agree that elevation needs a new map even if it's just temporary, but I don't like all the proposed changes so without a separate vote for map and changes each I don't know how to vote so I probably won't vote at all especially since a shorterm bandaid doesn't make me want to play again, and just sit back and wait to see if something long term sparks interest. It still makes me feel too much like epic is the test cluster with the cobbled together changes and temporary updates, which while it might bring back some players for now or retain some for a little bit longer, it relies too heavily on there being further dedication to epic before everyone leaves
  21. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    The only real difference is that pvp is pve with attacking players and breaking walls on deed enabled, but with a much greater sense of community than pve. You're more likely to find enemy playing other games together on the same "wurm" team than you are to find entitled players on a crusade against a game mode type on a game they apparently don't play anymore
  22. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    I think the issue lies more on the user end, not the dev end. It's fine for pmks because for all of pmk history there's still only really a handful, but if you suddenly add tens and hundreds of pve designs that's now heaps of more textures that each user has to load
  23. Bonfires

    Would be neat if a bonfire acted also like some form of healing cover to everyone in the 3x3 range, similar to how enchanted grass works
  24. The fact we are arguing over creating a pvp kingdom for the sake of making money just further exposes a core issue with Wurm in that its own mechanics actively encourages treating the game like a job over valuing the gameplay potential it offers. The next issue that stems from this is that pvpers need to treat it as a part time job in order to pay for every last necessity the game forces on them, while people sit back and look at just a 2 month prem cost and 11x11 deed cost and scream how cheap this game is +1 for finding ways to remove financial exploits, but also for finding ways to remove needing them without negative impacts. You know, like me suggesting for years that res stones should be 1s because people with good gear are using them no matter what so it just makes it more available..