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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I think I posted in here but to be really honest, what this game really suffers from is punishing you for not playing. If you own a deed and don't login, the upkeep could've ran out and deed disbanded. If you own animals, their enchanted grass/food could've ran out and they died. Your items probably decayed or got stolen by the sleepless frothing nerd building fences around your deed checking nonstop so they can make a quick buck or ten. I've rarely been logging in lately since other things are more fun, but the rarely logging in is to make sure the pixel pets on freedom have the food they need to not die. The draw to logging in is seriously to make sure animals don't die and deeds don't fall and items don't decay. This is why people that take long breaks or quit stay gone
  2. Priest overhaul testing Dunno why people think shields working vs magic has to be an all or nothing. Shields work vs melee and it's not all or nothing and it hasn't made melee totally useless. I think most people know how shields work vs melee so that probably doesn't need to be explained. tl;dr make magic work like melee, like you know, in probably every other game with magic and melee combat in it
  3. statue of an anatomically correct heart +1
  4. Objects in mines got teleported above ground

    saw this and took a look, a planted tall banner did the same thing
  5. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    yeah that's why I wrote a core thesis for a priest overhaul which relied on removing player gods and making template gods more desirable, buffing useless things and balancing strong things until it sat for like a year or more before sindusk came and turned it into reality but with his own twists and player gods, since no one else was doing it. I was against overpowered priests then, priest overhaul didn't turn out as my own opinion preferred and I'm still against it now. It just went from a single priest being op to many spells being too strong across most priests. It's just funny because back when hots was able to use lib to her fullest extent of her abilities and obliterate people with spells, they all defended it saying there were options to counter it. Player mentalities don't really change, they defend anything they are able to use to their severe advantage. But back then no one had to make sure they had the right armor to defend against the spell choice of the day, and use the right jewlery to counter the right spells, and use a spell to counter a spell, while x many other things too. Things are getting too complicated
  6. wts Glimmerbank tome treasure sellout

    bump still a couple walnuts left
  7. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    The difference is everyone can use a shield, not everyone can use tangleweave. The other difference is a shield can work against multiple attacks, but x spell casters require the same x tangleweave casters to counter them. Forcing people to become priests as a requirement to compete at all isn't healthy. My post earlier about shields working against spells isn't to make it as super strong as it is vs arrows, but to make it work the same way it does against melee attacks. It can either block it fully, partially parry and take lowered damage, or fail to block and take full damage. It gives ALL players the ability to "fight back" against magic, the same way that ALL players have the chance to fight back vs melee and archery. Yeah, a guy vs 10 is gonna die, a noob vs a few is gonna die, but if you actually give them a fighting chance that they can work towards then it gives all players an equal chance to survive only that they still need the skill and knowledge/experience on how to use it like everything else.
  8. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    There's been lag on inde ever since the halloween drop updates timeframe though (i don't know why the yearly graph keeps moving the start later into the year, it used to show its start in oct)
  9. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    I tried to warn Sindusk about reverting meta back to priests being overpowered and the insane necessity they were to win we had years ago (think being bl in like 2013~) when I was testing his balances to spells before I quit the team , but he said this is what he wanted and then quit anyway too. But you know, if magic is meant to be as strong as melee, then those things called armor and shields need to have the same effect vs magic that it has vs melee. Almost like that thing called archery, where shields and armor matter as well. Make your soul strength and armor affect damage taken by aoe spells (firepillar etc), and shield/armor/soul strength affect damage taken by direct target spells (fireheart etc), and you probably don't even need resistances at that point? Have your spells like fireheart be comparable to small weapons, spells like worm brains comparable to medium weapons, spells like smite comparable to huge weapons, and cast timers/cooldowns become the balance vs the fact you can cast it from a safe distance vs melee attacks
  10. unable to cast rites on chaos

    Iirc it was changed to not alter based on pop/etc and just be a base amount (which is why so many could be cast suddenly on xan). Not sure if it was posted in the priest overhaul, or elsewhere
  11. unable to cast rites on chaos
  12. Post your best memes