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  1. Sorry for necroing, but as I understand, weapon skill does nothing past 50, and before that, only ever decreases the damage up to 20%, is this correcT? Should I stop bothering to increase my weapon skills past 50?
  2. any chance the same happens with Conquest 3 anytime soon? especially the part of the factories and fatigue anti bot measures
  3. this sounds like some sort of shotgun server, for quick "matches". Is the intent correct?
  4. When I run the game through Eclipse, this does not happen But if I build the mod into a jar for the modloader, this appears From google, I get that it's something about class loader this or that, but never they explain how to get past this. Mods like LiveMap and SkillTracker implements WWindow just like I am doing, but that bug does not happen when I load those mods. What causes this? Edit: Adding "sharedClassLoader=true" to mod properties fix the issue
  5. When the virtual machine gets more than 1 mega of ram it crashes, where should i imput -Xmx2gb option for the virtual machine? i can't figure it out as i am not running a .jar but a .jnlp =/