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  1. Interested in forming a static team to scout (and possibly map) xanadu and form a village when a suitable location with plenty of resources is located out in the wilderness. Initial Scouting Priorities are: Botany (Food/Healing covers/Crops) Foraging (Food/Healing covers/Crops) Woodworking (For fire, fencing, etc) Mining/Smithing/etc (Locks, nails, etc) Healing (Many Healing covers for the inevitable aggro) Fighting (Defending ourselves if necessary/practical) Applicants should be relatively experienced in the game, although new comers are welcome to join the village once it is founded, the initial pioneer team should consist of experienced individuals. Schedule: June 3rd Time: ??? A time will be considered once a team has been created, but it should be around the initial release (we will be using alts to scout and once X is open you can bring your characters) Agreements: If you join this journey you agree that you will not deed any final locations without prior discussion with the rest of the group, I intend to be the mayor of the final location unless otherwise discussed. However, you can break off at any point and deed a location on the way if it meets your desires. No griefing. Use teamwork to survive. Leave your personal life/issues out of the game. Stay organized and use military tactics. Teamspeak3 and Ventrilo server available (the client software is required for optimal situational awareness and teamwork.) Comments, Suggestions, Questions?
  2. As Peter Tosh Said, "Friends, Take you 'round the bend and They Fry(Fri) you in the End." I don't want friends anyway and if you knew how horrible the real world was you'd want to escape too, gmo's, mass pollinator die offs from poison, government corruption and corporate take over, etc. Lot's of problems in the world and not enough people paying attention to them makes you want to just escape the mess. Your Friends, That's What They Will Do. >
  3. Not everyone plays wurm to make coin/money. I play it as a personal escape, to do what I wish I could be doing IRL. I, in no way, find "winning" in wurm to be buying a high lvl char and selling stuff for cheap. That is my whole point that I reiterated multiple times: In a sandbox game, there is no winning. Think about it, what do children do in sandboxes? They either make their own little castle or they go and mess someone else's up, there is no winning only personally set goals and achievements of said goals. There is no winning the game, only personally defined winning which is relative to the person defining it. Would you be surprised to learn that not everyone plays wurm with the intention to eventually make coin to pay for a subscription? Some people simply play it to exist in another world outside of their own, even if they have to pay a monthly sub just so they can be lazy and do what they want, everyone justifies their own actions differently and others will judge said persons actions differently, as well.
  4. Well I mean you can buy characters but his point is invalidated because nobody wins in a sandbox. Look at the PVP servers, even those kingdoms can't "win", just stay ontop for awhile.
  5. There is no "winning" in a sandbox. Only your own personal defined goals that you reach and thus you consider yourself to win. This game is a lot more about community and socializing/helping each other than it is the opposite but you can play both.
  6. That is why I am not taking this thread seriously.
  7. Welcome to the problems of hoarding animals for profitssssssssssss(X3 reference). @ post below -- yeah don't get me started, I was apart of a certain village that did a certain something and we suddenly acquired a lot of animals, so I know all about grooming and AH.
  8. This is probably the logical way to do it, but some people form attachments to their little pixel animals. I only started slaughtering the farm when the mayor went on vacation and his two cronies attacked me and stole my stuff. They know who they are.
  9. Notice how the OP said without internet, not without a computer? Yeah...
  10. Now all wurm needs is Tommyknockers to haunt you in the mines while you work.
  11. Both are not business minded enough, make a dragon petting zoo and charge 1s a visit, if not more.
  12. Wasn't mining timer 60secs? @ post below -- My reply wasn't intended to be helpful, it was intended to make you realize that hey, maybe 20 or 30 seconds isn't so bad as the timer people use to have to put up with.
  13. Do you really think, with a reasonable respawn rate and a random respawn point, that there would be that much of an influx of the materials? I don't. However, rolf's definition of "reasonable" and "random" could be completely different then mine.
  14. You've obviously never lived in a gated community (nor have I). The stiffs tell you what to do concerning everything about your yard, when to water it, what it can look like, etc, etc and issue infractions if you break any of the community rules -- they even have lame dudes on golf carts go around and harass people if their garage door is up or if their yard/parking breaks the rules or anything. "Home Owners Association" is what it is called, what a load of crap.