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  1. Bumped for update, please read. PM if you are interested in taking over the impalong.
  2. Guess I will throw my 2 cents into this uniques convo Firstly, a slaying permission would be perfect, allows for trusted player to get the loot and allows everyone else to get a blood, here is a slight tweak as I think the point is missed when it comes to the scale/hide drops more so the scale than the hide though. Is I would say, allow for a seperate pool that non slayers would be in, a .01 scale/hide. One of the big reasons why people bring so many alts (not just for the blood) is how much scale is needed to make a full set of Scale armour, even though yes, the drake/scale is not "needed" in PvE it is still something that everyone wants and feels that they need in many cases. Other than that, I'm liking the permissions idea
  3. Deed: The Witches' Cauldron [844,1232] Highway: ([844,1232], [833,1232], [833,1212], [900,1212])
  4. Update: Do to some... unforeseen issues that have cropped up I will be differing this impalong indefanately. I am currently looking someone or multiple people to take over handling of the impalong. My deed is fully open to whoever would like to come in and put some extra work into it to get it ready in time. Welcoming all witches and warlocks to "the Witches' Cauldron" first Impalong! December 27th 2021 - January 2nd 2022 Hello hello! This impalong will be held on Melody NFI! I will be putting an imper list here if you would like to be added just edit your message or just post here if you would like to be added Just put your name and skill/skills you will be doing for imping! We are in the early stages of building and production and looking for Short term workers and even long term/permanent residents for the deed to help work on current and future projects! If you wish to join or donate send me a message here or Elisiuma in game Location: We are located west up the hill of Overture! Event Schedule: New years night: Random gift drawing and fireworks display More events coming soon as I get an idea of what I'm working with materials wise, I for sure have two more events in mind just want to wait for the moment! Information on each event: Current impalong facility: Rules: Hotel rooms: Once it gets closer to time for the impalong rooms will be opened for everyone, I just want to ensure all event staff and impers get the chance to have a room. Materials needed/Provided: Event staff and residents: Contact us through pm if you need something picked up, refueled or other issues/requests.
  5. Based Patchnotes! Thanks for the update ^.^ Cant wait to find all the spooky things and make all the new drinks!
  6. Sounds like a fun prospect to me Elisiuma
  7. Looking at the current state of weapons it has come to my attention that the pitchfork and torch are not usable as weapons (You can but it is just as good as slapping). Why would these be needed as weapons in the game? It would give just that extra bit of variety to weapons that we see being used. I can live out my rioting peasant dreams by running into the forest pitchfork and torch in hand taking care of business. What purpose would they serve weapon wise? Just suggestions for damage types devs know much better than me as to what would work :) The pitchfork attack type would be piercing like the spear, but, the amount of damage would be lower and with a fighting penalty like the sickle has. The torch attack type would be burn/crush (possibly just a roll on weather it burns or crushes?) This would also suffer a fighting penalty. Why would time be used on this suggestion? TBH, I don't expect it to happen, but, it really would just be nice since they are already in the game to just see them usable as emergency weapons.
  8. Awesome! I am about 2 hours from home and i will send it then!
  9. Ajala is winner at 17s thank you everyone for your time!
  10. IIRC this was from when rifts were first introduced now, it has been several years since I got my hands on this so I could be completely wrong
  11. That is correct, it needs an iron lump to imp