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  1. Ok, so I'm doing a talking segment soon (time TBC), what subjects would you guys like me to talk about? ~Minimusmaximus
  2. Yeah, but what I mean is is there any possibility at all that you'll sell at the right price or is this simply for ego?
  3. I am looking to contact the owner of the deed "Hope's End", just under Samling. I did get an alt over there but apparently crocodiles can break the sound barrier in Wurm.
  4. Did you not owe me money on Epic? I was looking through my messages and remembered that I gave you some silver that I never saw again.
  5. GV, now that brings back some memories. Man, I hope I can find all my old stuff, like my deed, my knarr, my mine, everything.
  6. It's all online, decided to google Nervesplitter today then came across the logs and remembered how much fun Wurm was back then, thought I might as well get a job to pay for my own premium instead of getting my dad to pay for every other month and using the silver I gained from work and premium to buy the alternating months. Say, does Elwood, Zuperman, Protunia and Hilfe still play?
  7. You're reading the same slab incident logs as me I'm guessing?
  8. Looking to get back into Wurm, but I don't want to start again, I saw that Nervesplitter is not in possesion of the person to whom I gave him. I will pay as much as he's worth and I'm willing to barter. I feel that I left a bad impression for myself last time which is also why I'm looking for this character in specific, I feel the need to fix whatever I've done even though I know all of you don't care. From what I've seen he was sold to Garrath, but I do not know if he has been traded since then.
  9. The thing which I hate about Wurm is the need to keep coming back, seriously Rolf, you add a notification email for when a majority of your deed's farm fields are dead and Facebook will buy you out. I don't feel like Wurm yet I'm letting people down and they're not going to be happy when I come back (Last time they kicked me out of the village) but Wurm is just boring at the moment and I want to wait that off. It's like Minecraft, every now and then there's an update and it brings lots of people back, they get bored after a while and stop playing, servers will close until the next update and it all repeats. The only difference being is that with Wurm if you wait it out you're either paying lots of money to preserve your stuff or starting over again when you come back, with Minecraft you can just stop and come back later. I +1 this idea as long as there's some sort of way to stop it from being pirated, no cracked versions etc, although a nice sandbox world would be nice.
  10. I'll probably use it when you make a female freedom skin as well as female/male HOTS, I want to have 2 teams and I like to have gender differences more custom instead of all males.
  11. Might use this for my PvP server if you don't mind, are you planning to do HOTS etc?