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  1. Meditation gains

    Swap 1 meditation action per 30 minutes to 1 skillgain tick per 30 minutes. 21 day wait per path level makes sense, but it somewhat seems impossible for one to go from 60-70 skill in that matter of time.
  2. Terrain decay

    Someone has been working on such a thing for Wurm Unlimited... Let me find the post. It has a short video.
  3. Big fan of number 4. Although personally I would like to see the red being a bit more vivid than what is shown. It looks like it is drowning into the black/white combo.. Allenkey
  4. Pertaining wishing wells... No actual numbers were ever added to the Wikipedia as what the percentage chances are to have a 'wish' make it through. I am aware that it is 'amount' dependant... But I'd also like to know if it is almost purely a money sink or when the last wish was received by @Rolf. Ya know... Before I spend 50s making wishes for no reason... Allenkey
  5. This would render LMC's useless for most of us that have them. I can imagine people spending 2x the deed upkeep and splitting it between a few players just to hoard thousands of tools without decay on minimum sized deed. -1
  6. Let's Play A Game: Where Have You Seen Rolf?

    How things have changed since then... wow. Graphics aren't even comparable to now
  7. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

    I can only say that we're some crazy people here... That was me when I was trying to make concrete at 28% success rate... xD
  8. Soul Stone

    Pay to play is basically what you're proposing. No different than account sales, but I can see this exploited from getting old accounts active + merging skills on said stones and transferring them to another account = people won't care to be banned. -1 from me.
  9. The Quest!

    What's this all about...? Random Enkounters 2019?
  10. Doors Animation bugging out

    Can confirm this one. Quite annoying
  11. new fresh server

    Have a lottery every 18 months, whichever server comes up gets deleted and a new one is born. Simple as that.
  12. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    My favorite are oldies but goodies... 1-Age of Empires 2 2-Age of Empires 1 3-Banished 4-Age of Empires 3 5-Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
  13. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I believe more than one party is going WAY off topic. Farewell Sindusk, didn't know you personally but congrats! Allenkey
  14. WTS red scale set -SOLD-

    Good afternoon/evening! I am offering my red scale set for sale. Between 80-92ql and has the chest/legs rare, 90+ AoSP on all pieces. Currently dyed black. Can throw in a rare great helm to complete. Looking for 220 euros. Will not take silver as payment. Can send a picture with more details, will reply to PM's only. Allenkey SOLD
  15. Wurm on

    My work used to pay over 12,000$ USD a MONTH on Google ads as a laser and custom optics manufacturer... A niche market for a 40-employee company. If someone's willing to chip a pretty penny like we do do be the number 1 search on Google for a specific amount of keywords, it sure costs a lot. Mind you, from that 12k in ads, we got almost 400k in sales revenue exclusively from google ads (per month) + recurring customers. I encourage whoever it is to run some ads for a game they have a passion for! The community is fantastic compared to other games out there, but I'm not 100% that the playerbase would be OK with a sudden surge of another 2-4000 players scattered across the lands (think wood buildings all over the place + people dropping a deed about 10 tiles from yours). Think of the best that could happen from a advertising campaign, but never forget about the worse that can happen. My 2 cents Allenkey out