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  1. Aaaand how would I manage to do this on a Mac? Anyone has an idea?
  2. I might be reading this 4 years late, but when I was a CA, Jackbeau was my neighbour... And yes, my deed was composed of more than myself... People DO talk around deeds. Hence why I gave that funny answer.
  3. I would like to suggest, as title says, that enchanted trees could be harvestable and have 2x the amount of fruit harvested from them... Enchant spell would make this awesome, especially with the new transmute tiles
  4. Shovel, steel QL_19 CoC_94 2,5s please send to Allenkey Thank you!
  5. I would actually hope this game sells for 100$ in the Steam store… With all the premium time I have paid for development, make sure you sell this for a good price, because it might be your last game income.
  6. I give it two weeks for the online servers to be abandoned… Shame that Rolf is doing this. Who will be paying premium fees now? Not a very smart move if you ask me...
  7. I have a Rare short bow, willow. 90.25ql N72, C88. Longbow, willow. 90.51ql N77, C74. Send me a PM
  8. What's the monthly upkeep cost on a deed this size?
  9. Thanks a lot for the nice hammer!
  10. pickaxe, steel, 2 ql, 83 coc, 1 s COD to Allenkey. Thanks for the business
  11. Thanks to Miretta/Farelle for the awesome deal! Will surely contact and post about the new dirt dropped in the next few weeks!!