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  1. How does one set the 3rd person view on the test server?
  2. I've inquired about rebuilding/modelling a starter deed (Sloping Sands) for months now... And always fall on deaf ears. PM's are read, nothing is ever set-up. Even said to a select few that it would be a good way to keep me active- no response. Sorry to say- I know the Dev team is small and busy, but if someone offers free help (and was even going to supply materials myself), please don't brush it off...
  3. Been dredging clay on a caravel for 2+ years.. never had an issue xD
  4. Also add- a FULL-TIME Game Master that can host events non-stop at various locations, either on new lands or on the 'old servers'... Obviously one that accomodate ALL timezones.
  5. What if you got to move the deed in its entirety to a new location? I'm aware of your point, but when a company is not doing great, they usually consolidate their assets. In this case, the assets are the players...
  6. What I suggested though, is to rid the 'Premium', and only triple deed pricing. If you don't own a deed or contribute to upkeep (say mininum 15-20% of the upkeep price) that's when a soft cap comes into play.
  7. I've suggested in the past to consolidate some of the current WO servers... 1- I think there needs to have 2-3 servers disappear. Make a lottery, 2 servers go in the next 6 months. Move your deed within the allotted time and be refunded your deed costs and upkeep from the past few months to help cover costs of deed materials. 1.1- Be happy you get to keep your skills, tools, animals, etc. All you lose is the buildings and terraforming from a deed (I KNOW IT WILL BE HARD FOR SOME PLAYERS...) 2- Steam accounts should most likely be 'born' on a new piece of land, but allow transfer to current servers (one-way ticket) by boating across. One-way travel is up for 3 months, open two-way travel after. 3- Maybe all accounts should be free-to-play..? Hike prices of deeds 3-5x the current amount. Buy the silver form the store, or work for it. Users that DON'T have a deed or contribute to a deed upkeep could have a soft skillcap set in place (such as after 40 skill). Opinions..?
  8. I`m getting this error upon opening the client: The procedure entry point is ValidDpiAwarenessContext could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll Worked fine last night and came in to the client not working today... Allenkey
  9. Make an option where Wurm can "buy-back" gold from players, at a lower price that its sold on the Wurm shop, so some players aren't stuck with all that gold. Or even better, more money sink items that incite players on spending their hard earned coin on. (See: VERY SHINY STUFF THAT CAN'T BE MADE)
  10. I do believe that this would work, and encourage players to pay for more than one account if wanted. (This also stimulates economy for more weapons/armour, etc... With more 'players' even if they're all alts.) I'm also with the terms that new unpremed players should have limited map access, that expands to everything once the premium is paid. (Let's call it a mini-Golden Valley at the starter deed, gated community type deal), same idea as Runescape I guess. Consolidate servers to make population denser per square mile, that's something that is starting to ruin it for me... There's very little 'close-communities' left, if any. Might sound long, but cut 2-3 servers with a 6 month warning. That's a start to making it more attractive for a returning player (in my eyes, anyways)...