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  1. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Make an option where Wurm can "buy-back" gold from players, at a lower price that its sold on the Wurm shop, so some players aren't stuck with all that gold. Or even better, more money sink items that incite players on spending their hard earned coin on. (See: VERY SHINY STUFF THAT CAN'T BE MADE)
  2. Player Impact on another Player

    What @Willowsaid
  3. I do believe that this would work, and encourage players to pay for more than one account if wanted. (This also stimulates economy for more weapons/armour, etc... With more 'players' even if they're all alts.) I'm also with the terms that new unpremed players should have limited map access, that expands to everything once the premium is paid. (Let's call it a mini-Golden Valley at the starter deed, gated community type deal), same idea as Runescape I guess. Consolidate servers to make population denser per square mile, that's something that is starting to ruin it for me... There's very little 'close-communities' left, if any. Might sound long, but cut 2-3 servers with a 6 month warning. That's a start to making it more attractive for a returning player (in my eyes, anyways)...
  4. WTS blue scale set 220 euros

  5. WTS blue scale set 220 euros

  6. Valrei International. 085

    First! Not so first after all. Looking forward to the anniversary hunt! P.S. @Retrograde, make sure to double check you have all your tent poles... Sucks to put a tent up and notice there's a broken one (Or one is completely missing)...
  7. WTS blue scale set 220 euros

  8. WTS blue scale set 220 euros

    Blue scale set for sale 85-90ql on all pieces, 80+ web casts on all. Included will be a open helm (glimmersteel). Dadd signature on all pieces. firm on 250 euros. (Or CAD$ equivalent). 220 euros. PM for more info. selling so I can purchase a software to start my business, if anyone was wondering
  9. Please delete

    Please delete
  10. Can Rolf Explain...

    If future updates would include new mechanics without DETAILS, let the players figure out the mysteries... It once was a thing...
  11. I'm sorry, as much as it sounds like a QoL improvement, it sure bends reality. I would understand if DRIVING a cart over a young tree or bush could cause damage over time to finally make it disappear, but chopping the down from a cart is laziness at its finest. -1 from me
  12. Please close

    @Martynas5Need this?
  13. Meditation gains

    Swap 1 meditation action per 30 minutes to 1 skillgain tick per 30 minutes. 21 day wait per path level makes sense, but it somewhat seems impossible for one to go from 60-70 skill in that matter of time.
  14. Terrain decay

    Someone has been working on such a thing for Wurm Unlimited... Let me find the post. It has a short video.