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  1. Rare Butchering knife 90ql Coc 90

    BO cod titated
  2. 27 Potions

    1,5s on #17, #18, #19, #20, #21
  3. Wtb 10k dirt in crates

    if u also accept sand: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/104344-wts-40k-dirtsand-in-se-xanadu/ got around 20k left atm
  4. WTB Dirt (Xana) 12.9k

    u got a pm
  5. Falconguard canal M22, vandalism problem.

    we do this ... and he check the problem
  6. Falconguard canal M22, vandalism problem.

    It's not M22 it's P22 ... its this place was the canal this is the canal now...
  7. WTB 10k dirt (CLOSE PLS)

    do u still need dirt? pm "titated" ingame
  8. 1s/k or 0.75s/k if u get it by your self (reachable by Knarr) location: Falconguard write here or pm ingame -> titated
  9. Kings landing land bridge

    Orange is open now!
  10. Kings landing land bridge

    It's P23 The Red Line... Orange ll open in few Days too. I ll post here when im done @ surfacing :X