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  1. Money Distribution Improvements

    Humm, i did read your post wrong... But although i don't think many people will use high ql items to do that, the scenario you posted earlier is quite possible, and is one of the reasons why i find it a bit stupid that this is live 1 day after it was announced to be on test. Exploits and abusive behaviour have been in question since the beggining, and lets hope that soon enough its accounted for, also if you notice, this being exploited by higher level players was one of my main concerns and i've posted some ideas on how to avoid this (chiefly to add a skill and/or "age" check before allowing the use of the command, as in if a character has been active for over x hours/days or has one skill above lvl y, then the player can't use the Sell command, its a boolean check, shouldn't be too hard to code in as a further restriction. My previous value suggestions were at 70 skill and 30 days i think, 30 days of in-game time is more tha enough to get a good grasp of the game and some nice skills, and at 70 skill most skills are marketable (also added the possibility to exclude FS from this) do note that these values are for Freedom, i guess that in-game time would be smaller for Epic, due to faster skill gains).
  2. Well that's your opinion. Many people will disagree on your points, others will agree. Truth is location, size, terrain and resources on a deed totally depend on what you want to do with the deed, and many times constraints such as size will greatly depend on the location. So all in all, i don't think your guide is that accurate.
  3. Chariots Redux

    Its a nice idea, but i think it had run out of use by the 1400's (which is around Wurm's time frame). Could be a interesting feature for PvP if the combat was improved. Anyhow, might be a good one to save for such a time as combat is revamped.
  4. Selling Unlimited Clay

    You got it wrong 1s is for 500 mortar which is done with clay AND sand. Clay itself is like Aetherwalker said, 1s for 1000. And although you might get lucky and sell some clay you'll have a better chance at selling mortar (its a tedious job).
  5. Money Distribution!

    How so?
  6. Maps2

    You do understand that 1) not everyone joins villages when they begin, unless that's another step back that the devs want to take and force people down a certain path. So for those without a village to join, then the map will be blank, and thus useless. 2) Those markers will for the most part, and except bigger alliances be comprised of landmarks nearer the village itself, and most likely very scarce around other areas. Which means for someone traveling outside the village's "confort zones" it will be useless. And lets face it if its within the village's confort zone you don't really need the map. So instead of adding a much better system where mayors could just add their deeds, and have the server delete disbanded deeds, we have a system that is nothing more than a in-game community map, but instead of a centralized one you have several ones according to which village and alliance you play at. Which for those complaining about server loads, do you believe that handling a couple hundred map variations is less of a load than a single one? And yes i'm pissed about this. Its kind of insulting that code club devote less effort into the map for the game that puts food on their table, than those players that poured hours into scouting servers drawing maps, updating them simply to improve the game with no other personal benefit than improving the game and the community.
  7. Impalong - Deed Location Entries

    I find that this voting is going on kind of backwards. I mean we voted on servers without even knowing who on those servers would want to host it. I mean you should have collected a list of "candidates" before starting to elect anyone. I mean so far all i can assume is that there were more votes from deli players than the rest. How do i know if someone from inde wouldn't be in a better location than the candidate from deli? Etc. etc?
  8. Trader

    That phrasing is kind of misleading. It seems that you have to buy 1 item for every 10 you sold, and not by value. Should be something more like: The ratio between trader income (price of items sold by the trader) and expenditures (price of items bought by the trader) needs to be at least 1:10 (0.1 or higher on Get Info).
  9. Horses Should Be Able To Drag Boats

    Well you should know enough that common sense has very little hold on Wogic. It would be common sense to build boats near water IF you didn't need several play sessions to finish a boat and the knowledge that if a player adds the last parts on the boat you're building he takes possession of your boat.
  10. The Godawful Creation Process

    Well mate, you're quite right about everything. Problem is this is Wurm. There's too many people hanging teeth and nails to current systems because it benefits them most, and whats worse, Rolf and the Devs give more emphasis to what these people say than the majority of the people. Its because many of those people confuse slow pace, grind and boring with "hardcore" that wurm still has 10s timers for most simple actions. I could go on in examples of stuff like this, but i think its been illustrated enough for anyone who isn't interested in turning a blind eye to see. About the roadmap forum feature... I'm not privy into Wurm's development process, but it seems to me there isn't some sort of scheduled game plan, i've been playing for a while now, and my perception is of a game where the lead Dev come sup with an idea, codes it, and it goes live immediately, screw testing and Quality assurance. (Just look at the new sell system, Rolf announced it on test yesterday, live today). As for the rest of the devs they announce things as they start working on them, and with a few exceptions they announce them, develop them, and whether the community likes or dislikes, things roll out as they were planned. True, as of late, specially with the new devs showing up we see some tries at giving more info. I'm just not sure how much stock are they putting on community feedback.
  11. Money Distribution Improvements

    I always run 2 chars, sometimes 3~4 chars at once, sometimes even more when i really have to. But i have to agree, people who can dish out lots of high ql items, won't be using them to gain 10i. And joe idk where you're selling but farm crops sell pretty well if you're selling to the right people.
  12. What corgi fever hits Wurm? Dwarfed animals would probably be put to death. And seriously i don't think i ever saw a dwarfed animal (wild or domestic) that isn't a species/breed onto itself. And seriously, i don't see who on the 1400~1500's would breed tiny animals, except outside nobility and royalty, which we kinda lack on wurm, as we're more like the first settlers of unknown lands or something xp. So -1 for me. As for having champ, angry and whatnot on domestic animals, Dogs had that, but i haven't seen a hardened or champ dog in months. But aside from dogs who actually have lairs, i don't see any other wild animal that should have that. Besides, given that any other rideable animal has lost their giant models for champions, you can forget about riding gigantic horses. Although a giant hen would be somewhat funny! So undecided for the Characteristics bid.
  13. Died Inside My Fence, What To Do?

    Bad time of the month? No one called anyone parasites. I personally said i wish i still had my char there, but i have no issues with people who still have. AFAIK people still back there are actually providing a service by getting some tips in for the actual newbies on the tutorial. I found it odd though that a guy asking about being stuck on a fence and having a very young forum account still being on GV. Even as a bought account, someone this unexperienced wanting buy an account and play in GV kinda strikes me as odd. Mere curiosity. Of course there's people who probably weren't in GV when freedom was open, so for them it might be a different case.
  14. The Godawful Creation Process

    I don't think you got what i meant. I know that's how deed ratio is supposed to work, i never said that it was bugged. What i said is that it was a mistake. It was a rushed thing that Rolf came up with in a couple of days (Rolf launched a animal discussion a couple of days prior to the deed ratio), and which was mainly due to someone complaining he was getting decreased performance near a deed with many animals. (yeah a single guy complains to Rolf in IRC and we got that). And in the end it doesn't correspond to the reality, so a guy makes a whole deed for animal breeding, and he does just that, but some guy deeds a chunk of the server out of nothing but being the sole owner of a chunk of the server, and keeps his animals in a smaller pen than the other guy still has no penalties. I'd say that is poor planning and implementation.