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  1. I/Ruriko was standing at the corner of a tunnel entrance as Sathera a priest was closing the tile entrance. I was not inside the entrance at all and she was casting and did not get the message that the tile was occupied. Suddenly I died 4 seconds after the entrance was closed/strongwalled. The messages are this [14:30:09] Sathera casts Strongwall. [14:30:12] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [14:30:12] You are dead. I was going to take a screenshot of my corpse just outside but it looks like the corpse is gone. it was right at the outside NW corner. but outside the tunnel.
  2. Chicken leading

    When you unload chickens out of a coop, you select 1 rope and it takes them all out at once. Then you can lead 4 of them by the same rope instead of using one rope for each.
  3. New Rift

    The new rift is at J12 on the in game map or 18x by 31 y on the albia map. you can go up the Turtle Bay tunnel and then at the top the rift is on the left. Red star is the rift.
  4. Hey Garfius this is Ruriko again.  Do you have anymore champion dogs?  Also I killed a troll on your deed and it had a recipe I didn't have but I couldn't loot it because it was on your deed.  Could I have permission to loot things? or would it involve everything? if you aren't comfortable with this then that is ok.


    Thanks,  Ruriko

    1. Crystl


      Garfius, you have a good enchanted saddle, regular barding and horse shoes rotting in one of your pens by the champ bear. Sathera and I cant pick them up.  could you give us permission or pick them up so they don't rot?   


      Thanks,  Ruriko

  5. Rift for 5 December

    Here is the road in red to the rift. Kodos, Raycg and I Ruriko made a 1 wide road up to the abandoned deed. not sure how to embed the picture, feel free.
  6. Has anyone made a mod or anything to add colors back to the animals that are greenish, raging, lurking etc? I would like to see one.
  7. How to paint tiles

    I'm still not sure what the exact dirrections are. I have tried all sorts of things but haven't had any luck.
  8. How do you change or paint more than one tile at a time? I am not sure how to do it.
  9. just checked again and we have 3 things blooming and lavender has buds, so I guess it took a lot longer for ours, we have had the server since first day. so it took care of itself
  10. When I look at a tile as a GM I get this You see a patch of grass. The grass is medium and seem to like it here. This is within the village of Turtle Bay. Your rot: 346.5, Wind rot=153.76581, pow=0.085081935 x=-0.037809722, y=-0.07731805 Tile is spring=false tilex: 1008, tiley=825 Type:2 data=64 Grass at medium 2, flowers:none
  11. Running water?

    I have tried it going down hill from a high level and when reset the tile does not turn to water unless right at water level, It makes a small valley where the hole was like you had surface mined the tile down but does not fill with water
  12. I started a topic a while ago about not having any olives on my server. I still haven't had any or any other ones bloom and have fruit etc. Also when I check the ground I get this message Tile is spring=false does this have anything to do with it or should I try something else? -
  13. Running water?

    Anyone figure out how to make running water yet? (wish list)
  14. Is there any way to set out our own mob dens? Like birchwood unicorn dens or goblin dens etc?
  15. On my server it is Luck day in week 1 of the starfall of the leaf in the year of 980 and there are supposed to be olives ripe, I have checked every tree and no olives or even the message that olives will soon be ripe, Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there something I can do about it.