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  1. Ahoy ... category whacky n wild (Rolf is always listening).
  2. Eir

    Hum ...so thats why are storms all over europe atm ?
  3. [19:46:01] A crystal vial containing a shining liquid. It has 1 charges left. Blood of Angels (male) Title: Conjurer Spell: Continuum Description: 20% Damage reduction, for a period of time Resistance: Acid Weakness: Cold Blood of Angels (female) Title: Mesmiriser Spell: Mirrored self Description: Creates 2 illusions only enemy can see Resistance: Acid Weakness: Cold Taking offers no less than 1g or trades for Giant Walnut, Blue tome, Green Tome or Smoke of Sol. Many thanks
  4. Had a fair amount of interest via PM, including a buyout offer. I won't post the offer becasue I don't think it is fair to stage a PM buyout war between players. So all I will say is, if your looking to put a price in, now would be the time as Im thinking of accepting the current offer I have. Thanks for the interest so far
  5. Start bid is 200euros. I have a price in mind but no reserve.