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  1. Rift is done, there was a wonderful turnout, I think I saw 59 people in local at one stage! I grabbed a screenshot of the list for fun:
  2. According to Niarja (https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/rifts), roughly 2021/01/30 04:15 PM GMT
  3. Centre East of H13 straight off the main road south of Vrock Landing.
  4. It's not ideal but you are able to click "Select Premium Awards" at your deed token, tick the box next to the monthly skin and select "next". The next window that appears is an "are you sure" page with a picture of the skin. It doesn't charge you until you hit accept. Hopefully unshrouds some mystery!
  5. Another floating head from a while back;
  6. Since I refuse to sign up to Google+ I shall say my thanks here; A huge thank you for letting Dlion & his buddy (me) looking around, it was a pleasure and you two are genuinely good blokes. I'm still in awe of how much work you've put into your deed and it has spurred us to complete some much needed jobs around our own village. Tenne.
  7. This is worth posting for. Looks brilliant, I can't wait to see these used.