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  1. OK, i decided to upgrade my video card (not just because of wurm), and i've from nvidia to amd, and now the problem is no longer there. So i guess the issue is with nvidia's linux drivers not being very good with wurm.
  2. It's a desktop machine, a desktop GTX 1060 6GB connected via displayport to a single Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ 144Hz g-sync compatible monitor as stated in the initial post. I can also set the refresh rate to 144HZ just fine in the operating system settings or with xrandr in the command line, so i don't think it's any of the issues you linked to.
  3. I definitely have the proprietary drivers installed, Pop! offers a distro with those enabled by default, and i have the Nvidia X Server settings window, and it says drivers are 470.63.01.
  4. Trying out WU on linux Pop! OS, all up date, both OS and nvidia drivers, using a GTX 1060 6GB. The game itself loads fine, so it's not broken in that way. I have an Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ 144Hz g-sync compatible monitor, on Windows 10 this is not an issue for WU, i can select 144Hz in wurm graphics settings, turn v-sync off and let variable refresh rate handle the rest, all nice and smooth. But in linux the only options i'm presented with in the WU options are 53, 52, 51 and 50Hz for some reason, this causes a lot of stuttering, v-sync on or off. I can't see any way in the config files to force or add a 144Hz option, does it exist? Any one else come across this problem by any chance? Known bug? Any explanation, even if it doesn't resolve the issue would be nice to know.
  5. Was thinking it would be good to be able to see the cost of a spell and its difficulty on the right click menu in a similar vein to how bdew's action mod shows actions numbers next to things: So something like Wind of Ages (F:50, D:50), also able to be turned off, but on by default when the game loads. Thanks to anyone who can do it.
  6. Any help on how you got this to work with WU? I ran Reshade and pointed it at the WurmLauncher.exe and chose OpenGL, didn't work. Tried the put the files in the /runtime/bin folder where java is, still doesn't work. Doesn't seem to be any information on this topic after 2015.
  7. Had this review been from anywhere else it would have been much much worse and less fair. The PC Gamer UK staff (who i assumed reviewed this) were active players on the old GV and Freedom servers, they even put Wurm in their top 100 games of all time list, so they have history with the game long before this review. I found this game because of them talking about it back in 2010 in the magazine as did a few others i know in the game.
  8. +1 was rather disappointed to see this when i made my upper floor walls. Also the legs on some items stick through as well, try putting an FSB on an upper floor and watch the legs stick through. Might also have to make the chimneys on forges and ovens shorter so they don't stick through to the upper floors. Multi storeys are certainly nice but they've come with a huge amount of issues left over from the old system, stuff like not being able to have a bed in a same tile as a BSB means you can't have a bed on an upper floor over a tile with a BSB below it.
  9. This will never be fixed, i remember asking the devs about this years ago and multiple times in IRC and they just didn't care. All the old guard cry about jobs for noobs or whatever and defend it, the attitude in this thread is nothing new. I made about 500+ boards to remove marsh in my area, and i got so sick of the game i didn't play again for a year. I would say if you raise a marsh tile 5 (maybe 10) dirt/sand above water level in each corner then that should remove it, and it certainly shouldn't exist on steep slopes or spread upwards. This way it still requires effort, underwater marsh will remain but would require a lot of effort to remove, it's somewhat realistic. Either way the floorboard marsh removal bug, and yes it is a bug and should be fixed, needs to be sorted once and for all. I have 93 dig skill but have to remove marsh with carpentry?
  10. Thought i'd update the east side of colossus lake a bit as it's rather out of date. Moved bradford manor, historic vash naroom and the new lakeside deed so they are kind of like where they are in the game, added in roads, and the guard towers at bradford and vash. Added fire island and timberwolf hills. Removed thrundar cove, darkness falls and fort forsaken. Added a road out to where tower point used to be (so you can remove that as well, i forgot on the image), so people know it exists.
  11. My digging timers have gone down, i have 92 dig skill using the same shovel on the day before i was getting 4, 4, 5, 6, timers for my queue, after the update i get 4.3, 4.4, 4.4, 4.4 timers for my queue. I think maybe now timers more accurately reflect the skill level and tool ql/enchants on them and so some people with high skill have sped up and people with lower skill now have slowed down.
  12. Can you add the Colossus Snake Canal to the map please, info and image is here on this thread,
  13. Just worrying about nothing really, i brought a load of stuff when i came to Freedom, most of it was junk the second i spawned at samling. I played GV for 3 months or so, with about 35 days in game time, you know how many gems i had, 4, 3x1ql, 1x20ql. I doubt here are more than 10 or so long term GV'ers who'd have been on there long enough to acquire a hoard of gems through trading or whatever means, and i bet most of those have less than 20 gems. Take your worst case scenario, 100 gems at 20ql, if you could sell them for 1c per ql that's 20 silver, big deal, that's a month of premium + deed and maybe 7 silver for a refer. When the premium runs out they'll have to buy more time with real money. You can't escape that fact, no premium time = no login. Then say 10 GV "lifers" do this and go premium, the more the merrier in my opinion, and i bet those GV lifers will be damn good players. I imagine most of the longer term GV players will probably pay for premium once they see what Freedom is like. Also what's the problem with paying for premium time with in game money, quite a few premium players do it already and i don't have a problem with them, nor do most people. In fact i see quite a few people in kchat say that earning enough silver to pay for premium is a goal of theirs (and quite a good one for the community as a whole), those are the people you should be complaining about, those are ones not paying Rolf, several GV players making a quick buck with some earned gems isn't a big deal.
  14. Your Desktop

    Windows 7 x64, 1680x1050 22" screen. The bit in the top right is Samurize and the desktop background is one of my own shots.