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  1. Even the maps that were created like ~5 years ago are largely accurate, in some cases pixel perfect. With so few players on GV nowadays and 0 "Active" players depending on how you define active, very little changes.
  2. Does anyone have a GV account they're not using? I might be interested in buying it. Not sure what kind of prices these things go for, but let me know if you might be willing to part with one.
  3. Thank you very much, Telurius. That worked.
  4. Uninstalled Wurm. Uninstalled Java. Installed the version 6 that I was previously using. Installed Wurm. Still not working.
  5. Already have. Although why would a setting that has worked for me in the past suddenly NOT work for me?
  6. Here is my console.Fatalstryke.log: />http://pastebin.com/eeLKwjwM The hs_err_pif2732.log: />http://pastebin.com/bS2T8wxY I just updated my Java version, I just logged in on an old version of Java a few days ago. I might try downgrading my version of Java again, since I've already reinstalled Wurm. Acer Aspire 5515, Windows XP
  7. I'm on GV and I have a few BSBs and one Rare one, and recently (a few days ago at least) the rare one has been invisible. It still functions and can be highlighted. It used to look, to me, like a normal BSB, which would definitely be due to settings. I wouldn't even know what setting to enable to have it glow, but it shouldn't need any setting to have it show up at all. The model loading isn't the problem, everything else (well, other than the new invisible tree bug) is rendering properly. For reference, this is an Acer Aspire 5515 which has an AMD graphics card. I'm on Java 6, and my settings are all the way down.
  8. Well it's partly because when I tried the newer servers I just got horrible first impressions all around. I might try it again, but I don't have high hopes.
  9. What's the animal situation? Don't some hostiles damage fences? And I thought there was this general "deed it or lose it" attitude?
  10. Eh, GV isn't like it used to be but IMO it's the best they've got. I can't imagine having a similar playstyle on any other server, especially if there are tougher creatures and more people that can mess you and your stuff up. Sarcaticous, who then?
  11. Nostalgia, so I don't have to worry about anyone stealing or destroying any of my stuff, and don't some creatures damage fence now or something? And I don't have to worry about overcrowding for sure. Plus I know the map to an extent, not as much anymore.
  12. The original owner of Ammondenihil quit a long time ago and gave me his account, so if you remember him then it's not me. However anyone is free to PM me on any of those accounts, I'll probably use Mortem as my exploring/friending account so people can keep in touch with me if they want.
  13. I take it colossus is by far the toughest thing you can create in GV? Do any colossi still exist? Is there anything else that even comes close?
  14. Ah well. They've been trying to make us move servers for a long time, it's just that they chose really oddly specific ways of trying to do so.