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  1. Was a great seller, VERY HAPPY with what I GOT!
  2. Already messaged the buyer, planning on buying. Will complete payment with the seller and rate satisfaction around 3PM eastern tommarrow if I happen to carry through. Thanks again, plimmson. Very friendly and helpful so far!
  3. http://imgur.com/IPgatDM I'm not sure if intel machines just have problems with wurm, but I've got a bunch of bugs, that green stuff, the water on packed tiles, and just weird... Everything, the textures are broken... I've disabled gl core, that fixes the models, but thats it.
  4. Oh... You think I care? I'm known very well I'll have you know... And could care less about your tantrum. If you want to be a pedophile for whatever reason, do so. I have no need to have people watching me. Theres enough trolls to go around already... I'm tired of kids yelling out "I'ma hack you," or "I'ma come to your house and kill you." I'm messaging the moderators and telling them about this topic. The GMs will ban all my accounts in relation, and it will be over with. I'm sick of wurm now. Goodbye noobs.
  5. Whatever... I'm done with this game. I'm tired of this ######... Hopefully a dang admin can lock my account and destroy my forum account so I DONT come back. I'm done with this harassment. Y'know what. ###### you all, and ###### your game. Proves no community can be 'good' this is simply a form of 'maturity' in gaming in some way. Thank you all for calling me out, hope it makes you feel good that I'm quiting. Edit: This is exactly why I'm leaving. Because I made a mistake - I'm damned to be satin of Wurm. I did nothing people. I got carried away and didn't realize. I said my sorrys and left when I was told to. THATS all. Now get over it, and stop complaining. I'm already gone.
  6. Jesus people... Stop complaining. This is what I hate about wurm, you all do this. I just want to get rid of all of it so I can log of and get on with me life. Stop harrassing me and my thread just because you think its wrong to sell items made by other people back to the community. I know you all hate me, and I could give less of a ######. TBH I was wrong about the wurm community, its as if we're all playing clue under the promise of death unless we break out in mutiny. Chill out. You can be sure I'm leaving... I seriously don't care. Just stop off topicing on my thread.
  7. Thank you tgod - [12:00:41] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. I hope you can use it better then I can, ^.=.^ Thanks again!
  8. I've delt with enough trolls to know that Blazer is one. I'm selling my stuff so that when I leave I don't have to worry about all of it... If I do want to come back one day when I have time, I'll have the coin to actually do stuff. Now stop making me look bad... I have done nothing wrong, yet you think I should be convicted of a bannable punishment. And trust me, when I know that my tools and stuff will be safe on log out, I'll be able to quit. My addiction is a more of "I don't want to loose my stuff... I've already come so far." Besides, I believe that if someone asks for something and then lets it go to waste, that is pure selfish... Not re-selling something. I don't really care about the money... Like I said, if I have time in the future, I might come back. And ~ Just because that was my first time at the impalong didn't mean you guys had to freak out(As if you guys were some kind of God to say I'm greedy? Isn't man greedy? Thats life for you.)... I was told that I'd get tools imped for free. That is a rare sight in games, most are infested with those 'untrustable' people. Thanks for taking time out of your day to call me out and call me a selfish bastard... Thats extremely nice on your part Blazer.
  9. Yeah... To be honest, I buy subscription every month but due to school and a horrible case of insomnia caused by stress, I have a hard time staying on for too long. I'll be keeping my character and his gear in case I decide to get back on one day, but until then I'm afraid I just don't simply have the time to dedicate to it. To tgod - I'll send the items in the morning... I'm inches away from falling asleep currently. Would you like me to include the other parts of the leather set? or just the jacket?
  10. I have a few Items I'd like to sell before I leave wurm... I've enjoyed the game so much, I just don't simply have time anymore. Thanks for being a great community! Please don't tell me that I'm wrong for selling this or that. I'm simply getting rid of the items so they don't go to waste... The money is if I ever decide to come back, and for all the work I put into the game. If you buy, Pick it up or pay COD! (Message for location details) Yellow Potions - Offer a price and pick up on Deli Tools over 70Ql or close (Includes unmarked enchantments on many) - 50c 48QL enchanted steel hatchet - Starting at 1s 70QL rope tool 32Coc, unknown if WoA or not - 60C 28QL Rug 23botd - 80c Gems/Crystals go at 1c per QL Anvil S/L - 70c Leather studded 70ql rare Jacket (Not sure if AoSP is still on it or not... Either way, that does not effect the price.) - 2.5s Chain set 70QL - 1.5s No picture of - Oakenwood Sailboat, Anchor + Lock - 2s Sleep powder x2 - I will sell for 1.5s EACH piece! In other news I'm looking to get my Deed off my hands in hope that a nice owner will take care of it! Its a nice starting place... Though, I'm looking for a price check. I might sell it if you can interest me. Heres a picture of it - And the info section from this date currently (1/17/2014) -
  11. Dear Santa Rolf and Team, This year I have bought plenty of silver from the store to help me and my new neighbors that live with me! I promise I didn't steal anything on freedom! I've changed :'). Oh yes! Smoogley deserves a present too! Hes a good neighbor. Don't get stuck in my chimney Rolf! XD
  12. As the title says I want to buy 1k bricks for somewhere under 2silver, QL doesn't matter. Send me a pm or reply, and we can work something out. I cannot pickup.
  13. Looking to sell these on Deli or COD - Looking for offers on what I can get for it. Thanks!
  14. True, that could be stated by calling wurm a sort-of-RPG kinda game in the aspect that we ARE playing out a story of our own. Generally in a roleplaying community though, we prefer to immerse ourselfs deeper within the game then a simple storyline or freedom of choice can offer you in the first place. Making it more strict is a expectation of the community, keeping people from breaking that immersion we find simply from delving deeper into long stories. Rules, or guidelines, are not set in stone... But are more to follow as instructions in a sense. People, as I do, enjoy writing long strands of text to explain ones feelings or ideas on a subject... Such brings up the option of RPing instead of simply 'RPGing'.