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  1. Y'all just want me to be constantly sailing dont ya!! Count me in if i can get there
  2. Ill try to be there with Bibi and my alt, blood is always needed from these things
  3. I'll try to be there on Bibi, its a funny time for me so really depends on RL
  4. There are ways to lower rock under water to accommodate larger ships, I'm not 100% sure how its done, i know it involves opening a mine entrance and using a mag to collapse as we did it for the release canal, but i wasn't paying attention to the mechanics of it, i left that part to the people who knew what they were doing, and just collapsed the mine entrances Im sure someone can actually say how its done here who knows how
  5. Best wishes to you, just remember to level those body characteristics IRL, i hear they help
  6. Fun times, gonna fall asleep on the boat home now, thanks WKM
  7. Damn that maul looks sexy! Keep working hard on the bridges, im happy for them to be later and not as buggy than in and full of players getting stuck or thrown off, plus i need to level my rope making!!
  8. Oh noes! Invaders!!... Watch out for the wildlife, i've heard it can be a bit... unpredictable
  9. No further info needed, let me know any offers via pm or post here