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  1. I haven't gotten jack slapped i have played a good game when i was playing and a clean and honest game and got along for the most part with the staff 90% the time. I gave alot to the ingame economy and purchased much from many int he game. Many who ahve now quit and left the game seeing how its turned into a waste dump. A few of the staff out there i questioned on being staff but for most part i got along with them all.. I don't play Wurm Online anymore and won't because of the toxic nature of those left playing. Only a few or a handful remain in my eyes good players the rest belong to special interest groups, complainers and trouble makers ect ect. If Wurm online doing so good then why is it that it's forum is dieing, it's player base is going and it's players 90% the time are disgruntled? As one poster put it, Well we are trying to get rid of the negative comment on the forum as to not scare off the new players. That's laughable seeing how nothing really changed nor will it ever change as long as you have some the same individuals around vieing for all the control of what is sold at what price and what is said and how its said on the forum in conjunction with favoritism. It is a fact!
  2. i see nothing wrong with what you said and it doesn't dismiss what i have said.
  3. SlickShot Ur off my topic. im not going to flood my own thread with your drama you know what you did leave it at that. I am not wasting my time with you on this thread i may go through with a name and shame to shut you up and thats exactly what it will be but it will be when im good and ready and not on your demand im busy with my thread and this topic you want to continue to break the rules and troll the forum and this thread then by all means do so but ill not respond to anymore of your child like behavior and none sense.
  4. Ill agree it would be a hassle. Just like it would be a hassle to have Moderators go through and check everyone postings to make sure they don't upset people. Why is one unrealistic and not the other when in reality the other is more damaging. As i have pointed out several time. Your a Chat Mod there for your weight on what you say in a topic setting on the forum bares more credit then what i have to say as a long time player. Why? because your staff and i am nothing near staff. To anew player that doesn't know jack they will always side with the operational staff of the game until they gotten use to the game and have opened up more. This is just the forum point of view im saying as example the ingame issue is much more creditable. If im new why would i buy from some random player vs a staff member? The risks are heavy.
  5. There nothing unrealistic about it. Some people have multiple alts and they load them up and run them back to back. Nothing unrealistic about it. Perhaps you don't like it but it's not unrealistic.
  6. Yes you are correct you backed out the sell with me so technically your correct you never owned more then the two so says you. But i do not lie and people know this about me. If im angry with you for one reason or another everyone knows that Yamuliss would have great reason to be upset and not just spout it off as such. I just don't go around picking fights Slickshot unless i have a good reason to. You have targeted me on the forum for a long time, following my posts and being rude and repulsive and making your snide remarks when you can at every chance you have gotten so don't threaten me and act like your a staff member and im going to pay some great price with your threats. I tried to do the right thing bring you to a PM to clear the air. Everyone knows of the situation regarding the toon that was backed out of. Everyone that was staff of that given time and eveyrone knows how upset i was as you question my honesty. Yes you never purchased the toon you backed out of the deal. Now you want to pretend to be a saint because i remembered. It's laughable. I gave you the chance to take it to a PM to spare people on the forum the drama but ill bring it out in a name and shame if you keep your lieing up of the situation and ill post the posting from 2014 and yes i have them! So how far do you want to take it slick shot? How far? People know i don't bluff they know if Yamuliss says he going to do something he will do it. Don't act like you don't have alts everyone and there mother playing this game as an alt or two. You got caught you don't like it, Well to bad! And any moderators thinking about doing something. It's my thread he responded on my thread and i could go back to some of his and call it trolling but ive not wasted your time with asking for any such thing because i can handle my own affairs. I don't need a Moderator to hold my hand on my own thread.
  7. My accusation stand you attempted to buy an account i owned nearly two years ago i have your pay pal transaction and receipt of \ the deal showing you backed out of it and i was refunded the money. So say what you like it even went so far as to go right up to the staff with wurm. It was a long time ago. I don't know if you purchased Slickshot forum account along with the toons and your a new person or what but it is this forum account i dealt with.

  8. This is not a political setting and the game itself is not a government. it's a private business providing entertainment rights with one owner that oversees the functionality of both the game and the forum with the assistance of volunteers and very few paid employees. Yes he can do what ever he likes and wants to do but in a Internet social setting as such seen in the forum and ingame an individual has the right to freedom of expression and concerns and opinions as a whole. Show me the direct rule where Rolf and his team states that you do not have this right? Show me that exact rule where it says you must shut up play the game and never complain about anything and be happy with what ever the staff and owner says! Show me where it says that hmm? If you can show me that ill pull both my threads and never comment again on the forum, ill even do one better tell the game where to go and never come back to it. But see there is no such rule or announcement made. Closest thing to it is the FUD issue and this crazy notion to bring about more moderation.
  9. Well the recent hype posted on this thread that it would complicate GMs and CMs lives on wurm is a mute topic sense your lives are already complicated with senseless censorship of people whining and complaining that others are not talking nice to each other and that you all some how have to come up with more moderation to decide what is and what is not corrective criticism. If you staff folk can take time away from your play time on wurm to decide what people can say and not say in a forum setting then you can take the time to switch back and fourth from your game accounts and staff accounts in my opinion. It sort of just comes with that role. If your a GM and a CM you should be neutral in every aspect of the game. I am for another push and suggestion to end GMs and CMs from playing PVP servers period because of the possible favoritism that follows, i just haven't started that topic yet.
  10. Its been talked about as an increase to censor whats called corrective criticism and to allow moderators to modify or remove comments and posts as a whole that are not what is deemed corrective criticism that which might offend some. In short censorship of the forums following FUD!
  11. The following your words from up above. I agree. Moderators are players too. According to Yam moderators shouldn't have the same right to free speech as everyone else that he's been preaching about? Doesn't make sense. Unfortunately the circular debate is only spinning its wheels as this point. Where did i say slickshot that Moderators and GMs shouldn't have freedom of speech point this out for all to see in my words not a twisted version of it.
  12. Who you sell charabis to? Do you remember now? You are entitled to say what you please on any topic including mine and i am entitled to disagree with you. i am entitled to plaster our bad business dealing within this game all over this forum perhaps as a separate post if i choose to do so but it's been a couple years and i am not going there. It has been and always shall be a right everyone reserves to do. Remember the Name and Shame policy or did that get taken down with the FUD issues of censorship? Your statement you say is Neutral thats just fine by me, my response is neutral take it as such or leave it i don't care which. My issues with you are personal. Please feel free to PM if you like to know how you wronged me and id be glad to explain for i forget nothing! You have grossly exaggerated the outcome of the topics in my opinion.
  13. So because you don't need it everyone else should follow suit with slick shot and think like slick shot and do the same. Im sorry i thought the idea was to bring new players to wurm online and give them a fair shot at the game? How is it fair to the existing players including yourself who are not staff to sell there goods vs the staff who play as staff selling goods. Who more trusted you the player or a staff member? Who the preferred player choice to buy from and safer. If rolf was playing on the freedom servers as a crafter and selling goods and i as a new player read on the forum he was the owner of the game. Im sorry id buy from him every chance i got vs any of you knowing that i would have little to no problem getting my stuff. For if you couldnt trust him then who could you trust? Even as a established player id buy from him. Be cool to have an item made by him. Heck id even buy from Enki be cool to have his stuff to.
  14. You would know about abusing the rules now wouldn't you? How do you know it's completely Transparent, have you played Wurm Unlimited yet. Do you know all of what they can do and not do as GMs and Chat Moderators? Do you personally know how Rolf has it set up for these folks? Are you an expert on this matter?
  15. No slick shot as usual very good at twisting words. About as good as you are at buying accounts then changing your mind and backing out of the deals you make so yes in short i do remember! But thats for a different Topic Slickshot. I said Moderator should act as moderators and GMs should act as GMs and be neutral while on those accounts they should have separate player accounts to conduct there FREE SPEECH, you twisting my words doesn't further embellish your reputation. Not in my opinion does it help you achieve anything with me.
  16. BTW Rolf your welcome for what ever increased sells you get for players switching to WU in the light of these discussions.
  17. They might as well play WU they would have more freedoms thats for sure. But again i feel it was the plan all along. As to the staff, i might add anyone playing Wurm Unlimited as a GM or Server owner should think real hard about having two separate accounts one as a player one as a GM. Because as ive outlined in other posts it's an unfair advantage, It's never to late to change it. It should be changed especially now to make the markets a tad bit more stable and fair and get rid of the special interest groups especially concerning PVP where ill touch another sensitives nerve. Where in the past favoritism to one kingdom or another by staff has been a problem. You PVP players know what im saying!
  18. You know as well as i do why they use the one account to do all of it. You think a new player to the game is more likely to buy from a stranger vs a staff member? You think a new player to the game is more likely to side and listen to a staff member vs a player concerning topics on the forum? How is that being fair and impartial? No harm in the staff having one forum account for staff use and one as a player for player use. Enki right they are players as well but they should identify while playing as players not as staff. You guys wanted constructive censor ship now that i have opened a can of worms into your back door you can't ignore whats been said for it's true and it's an unfair advantage. While i played this game took on many issues and many topics and fought hard and solo, The chat moderator took a blind eye and stayed quit while i fended off repulsive people who personally attacked. Now all the sudden you folks are for censor ship with FUD and so fourth. Really? Now you don't like that i pointed out how you guys have an unfair advantage in the game as Staff. You know it's true! Guy's you can't have it both ways. You just can't! People being quite and reading it because they know as i do that every word of it is true they don't want to upset the mighty players who are staff for fear of reprisal. Im not playing so i have nothing to lose. I own no accounts to be banned. I sold everything off that had value. So there for i can freely speak my mind and put fourth the truths that are out in front of everyone. You have to take some blame for this staff you created this mess and only you guys can fix it. I have read through every post. Some saying hey look the forums have always been a problem. Why is it a problem? It's a problem because the relax position thats been taken to turn a blind eye to some things but focus on others instead of being fair and partial across the board. No one to blame but yourselves. You want censorship you should have done that months and even years ago from the get go and you should have defined it at great lengths as to what was ok and what was not ok not just some broad paragraph or two. The drama and the garbage thats unfolded onto the forum and into the game is because of a relaxed position on what the rules really are.
  19. limiting a moderator does not change the rules, it does only limit the moderators capabilities to do her/his job. and my post above is neutral How does it limit your ability to do your job by forcing you to use two separate forum accounts. your going to conduct business as a moderator jump on your moderator account. Your going to conduct business as a player jump on your player account where you hold no power to influence one way or another. You know this You addressed me personally as follow: But common sense is obviously something different when it comes to your ("you" in general) own "right to speak your mind"... THIS IS NOT BEING NEUTRAL you could twist the words i suppose to pass your judgment that it is. You being a moderator and you saying that you was neutral when this doesn't look neutral brings into question if you are a good moderator or not if you can not tell the difference between the two. That act that you singled me out with your reference of Your then ("you" in general) you knew exactly how to word that in such a way as to not get yourself in hot water but at the same time get your point of disagreement across. You knew exactly what you was doing in your response which in my opinion was not neutral, but we will let the rest reading make judgment on that. For im not perfect and these are words on a screen not words spoken. Thus the importance to try and stay as neutral as possible being in the position your in as a Staff member so that things are not taken out of context.
  20. What is a Game Moderator or a GM. They are a referee of sorts a problem solver. To be fair as a GM or a Moderator you must be neutral to a topic or issue. Basically not siding with anyone on any issue regardless the subject matter until a official ruling been made. He is entitled as a player and on a player forum account to say what ever he or she likes. But i feel if he representing Code Club and he knows this! He should not be using his authority to manipulate what others express in a forum topic whether it be this topic or any other topic he should be neutral while he on that forum account representing himself as a staff member. Again thats common sense and makes perfect sense to those that know the difference between right and wrong. Example, You wouldn't allow the Judge presiding over a trial to join the jury in a jury decision. Thus why people sometimes pick a Judge over a Jury or a Jury and a Judge. No different in this case. Chat Moderator decides whats appropriate and whats not and it's a judgment. To then go through and start putting personal bias into a topic for his or her own personal gain as a Moderator and flashing that he or she is a moderator while doing could suggest a power move. (Do and think as i say because look i am a Chat Moderator) for example. I say it's a abuse of power in my opinion.
  21. I have seen for to long GMs and Staff using there Forum Accounts to interfere with peoples posts. They have a concern as a player they should be addressing it as a player and it should be on a separate forum account identifying them as a player and not staff. They should not be able to tie there staff title to there forum account and then use that title as means to direct influence one way or another into a topic on the forum. They are Moderators and GMs staff people. They should be Neutral in issues regarding forum topics and forum business only when its violated a rule should they come fourth and comment on there staff forum account about a said violation. I also suggest they restrict staff from using there forum accounts to conduct business on the forum from an in-game stance. Again they should have a separate forum account that doesn't identify them as a staff member when posting items up for-sale on the forum or conducting business on the forum. The titles that are illustrated on these accounts suggest a sense of power and influence and might scare other players into not being able to fully express themselves in dealings and topics.I feel its exploiting the player base and needs to some how be changed so its fair for all.