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  1. "Honestly, between removing disintegration and weakening longhouses, you will see the death of Chaos. The last few non MR hold outs wont even be able to defend or recover from an assault." I agree with Stormcrow. While the above would have been fine when the server was more balanced (Kingdom strengths), presently it would finish off the remaining hold-outs that still have the opportunity to reassert themselves. SoTG. There is nothing wrong with it. If you're a warrior it's a viable path, especially on PvP servers. I rather have Path of Knowledge but that is the sacrifice I make. I choose to be a fighter account, well it's the price of battle just like expensive armours. The main difference is anybody can reach SoTG with the effort the rest of us put in, not everybody can/should afford dragon amour. PvP advantages? Take away dragon armour and moon metals, they are pay-to-win, not so with SoTG. There is nothing wrong with SoTG except the envious ones that choose a different path but don't want to change or put the effort the rest of us already did. It's the same as saying: Nerf all 90+ weaponsmiths back to 50 skill because I'm 50 skill and don't want to skill it to 90. While keeping my choice of 90+ blacksmithing. It's not unbalanced if EVERYBODY has the choice/ability to reach it. It's like any other advantage in Wurm, effort = advantage. Nerf +25% Path of Knowledge, they have an unfair skilling advantage relative to me and I don't want to change my path. Same thing. Ridiculous.
  2. Chaos is a big place. Vague vague vague vague, by the vague generic common vague, on the non unique oddly worded vagueness. happy hunting! good luck!
  3. sold

    I'll take it for 20s. PM me your availability for pickup, for the next couple of days.
  4. All I know is every single major raid I've been on with 30+ raiders that should have flattened a small capital was derailed not by active defenders, but by 'X floor / wall / parapet / fence / trapped templar (can't dig)' etc not being able to be destroyed by some glitched mechanic. So I don't have any issue with "hard", I have issues with "broken" that doesn't get fixed within reasonable timeframes. As someone that would be organizing raids all the time it's these broken mechanics/glitches that make you say "what's the point? I'll wait 'till it gets fixed" But it takes too long, and then they introduce a new feature that brings it's own set of new raid-breaking glitches. Considering this, Sparta was a small miracle to be able to be removed without any mechanics issues.
  5. Please send your (presently) highest dioptra to Gog, thank you.
  6. close

    Seryll basinet helm to Gog please.
  7. Mail to Gog please: Compass QL 35.02 - 15c Compass QL 34.82 - 15c Saddle 70ql: 50c
  8. Voted no. It's the best map of all Wurm. Reset just because one kingdom has an advantage presently? That's silly. Wild/Chaos is so misunderstood by players that have hardly/never been there. There is not a single "unbeatable titan" and every warrior added to a side can make a difference, every single one. It's more of a numbers-tactics-strategy KvK not about single titans. On Wild we had one of our "unbeatable titans" fully geared cut down by 5-8 non-premium brand new (under 20FS) accounts with no armour. There are no unbeatable accounts, if you played on Wild/Chaos for any reasonable time you'd know that. Will one titan account beat a weak account? Yes almost every time. Titan vs 2x medium 70FS well played accounts? It's even, anything can happen (RNG). Titan vs 3x medium 70FS well played accounts? The titan will likely lose. There are no Godlike characters as it pertains Wild PvP, nobody is unbeatable, it's a myth. Wild (I'm sticking to Wild because I still think Chaos is inaccurate in all ways), is Wurms 'end-game'. Once you realize that you're digging for no good reason on Freedom except decoration, come to Wild and do it with reason/purpose and adrenalin... because as 'bad' as the mechanics of PvP in Wurm are, if you don't get an adrenalin rush in Wurm PvP when it's all out, you're dead inside. Here's a secret: Get 25-30 'dedicated consistent' players of 70FS that play aggressively and together, and you'll get 20% of the map too. No need to reset the map. It's beautiful, and no Kingdom has won, not even when MR was beaten back to the Gold Coast years ago.
  9. Hey Shadz. Saddles 80ql - 60c x3 please CoD to Gog. Much appreciated!