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  1. Are sermons meant to be disabled by default? seems like an odd choice.
  2. Player Classes

    seems like it could be done with a sort of combination of gifting affinities and sorcery spells, maybe make karma regenerate so you can actually use them. would obviously have to mod in some more sorcery spells, but that's how I'd do it if I were a modder
  3. well, it would have to come eventually, and xanadu isnt really coming soon as far as we know. I did place them a ways away, so unless the mailboxes are fixed (if something is wrong with them, i've been a bit inactive) their economy and playerbase should stay relatively the same for a decent bit. I know the devs will do what they want to do and all, but there's nothing really harmful about speculations and suggestions. Xanadu is in the post name, so if you dont want to read about it, just dont read about it.
  4. This is my thought on how xanadu could be a way to merge the servers Instead of dividing the playerbase with a new cluster or just a massive link to the side, they could include the new server land as part of xanadu. i drew up a basic image (2 mins tops) of how it could be (could be moved around a bit in any way the devs want) This would eliminate any issues of cross-server travel, give even chaos a broader area to play around in, and connect the new cluster all in one shot. It seems like a possible thing, considering the devs didnt want us making a map of it (because it might not be the same map). and this CA quote from By klaa: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Xanadu... It will change everything... including the forums. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- That's my 2 cents, pick it apart as you please.
  5. so we've recently gotten the ability to plant village recruiting boards, and i'm wondering how exactly they work. my big concern is how do they recruit villagers? do they get a little box asking if they want to join and teleport? if so, which rank do they get when they join? can we change the rank to prevent joining thieves? can i write more with a higher ql sign? i've made one myself, and though it did auto-place in the world, it did not auto-plant, which is nice. if anyone has tested these out, i'd love to know how they work
  6. Last Post Wins

    the only way this game will end is if some gm locks it, then we cant congratulate the winner on the plus side, i am currently in the lead.
  7. sorry for not responding. it is still active and we are still recruiting.
  8. we have a few trees and logs, and access to plenty on either the east or west side, and several communal carts off-site. its just a minor hassle to bring them in onto the island also, the screenshot was taken with deedplanner, which doesnt have trees, but we do have a few
  9. i like it quite a bit myself, and its been coming along a lot more recently. kicked things into high gear (though that third shot is a lie, we dont have the walls, corner towers, or town hall up yet)
  10. The Lonely Fortress is now recruiting! we're a small island village with 2 on-land deeds to collect resources. The size of the deed is 37x31, and everyone gets their own 5x5 to work with. We have several bred horses and plenty of crops. we currently have 8 active villagers, and a few inactive ones. active villagers: Asher - Mayor - Blacksmith/Leatherworker Gaffer - Mason/farmer Ghostmonkey - Fo Priest/Animal Breeder Hakandede - new villager Hinbert - carpenter/ship-builder Princessluna - Vyn Priest Twilicorn - miner/weaponsmith Vissarian - miner/mason PM Asher or Gaffer for information and transportation to the island. and now, the images:
  11. would like to get my mountain lodge planned this weekend. will be just south of Lotus Landing up the mountainside. *edit* playin on my laptop, so maybe sometime in the week. wasnt expecting to go to my dad's new place this weekend.
  12. Pc Deed

    ah, sorry bout the server thing, i just saw it in the top-right box (location would still be nice so ppl can look around if theyre interested)
  13. Pc Deed

    missing quite a few things: resources (ores, forests, farms) included buildings (if any) pre-collected resources (if any) animals (IA) server & location pictures (get em, they're a big selling point ) i want to say theres more, but nothing comes to mind. min price should be 34s though, since you can get that just from disbanding it. good luck on the sale
  14. We live very closeby (right by fisher's refuge) so we may set up a stall or two once we get settled in. will probably mostly be lowish-med ql stuff, but it'll give us incentive to work on our skills.
  15. an offer of 15s has been made and we accepted. please close this forum