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  1. Anchor from my sailboat disappeared after raising it.
  2. Remove: X26, Y32 Drifters Rest. Add: X4, Y28 Emerald Cove. Thank You!
  3. So I probably shouldn't be commenting on this as I havent been around much lately but what I can see from reading some posts this change was just dropped on the player base with no advance notice or discussion. If im recalling things correctly the changes for Elevation were discussed by the devs and the players for a Long time before they were implemented so your comparison is without merit. Seems to me that anytime theres a planned change to the game that might have a dramatic effect on how people play the game there should at least be fair warning ahead of time. Guess maybe its this complete disregard for the players of this game that keeps me from coming back full time.
  4. So when I activate climbing and attempt any slope over 24 my stamina drains in less than 1 tile. If I activate climbing on slopes less than 24 it never drains. I've test with regular load weight and with no extra weight.
  5. So are there any ways to work with this problem. I cant set roles or permissions on my deed because the send button doesn't show on the forms. Ok so I figured it out. Set monitor and game to 1920x1080 and than set the text font size to smallest setting as I had it turned up earlier.
  6. Deed: Drifters Rest Location: X-26, Y-32 Thank You, Castile
  7. 3 pickaxes please. cod Castile. Thanks
  8. So I'm still interested in these, not sure how common they are heard they nerfed them a while back. But anyhow pm me if you have one, thanks.
  9. WTB any unfinished rare colossus except for Fo. PM me here or ingame.
  10. Close

    Fast reliable seller! Highly recommend.
  11. Thanks Fairyshine for the addition of the canal. The name is The Hollow and it should be located 1 full tile to the north of where you set it.
  12. Obama in UK

    I apologize for my President trying to screw up your country but a day spent messing up other countries is one day less screwing up his own.
  13. What kind of socialist experiment is this? My wealth or non-wealth is no ones business and also has no bearing on how I play the game.
  14. I would like to order a 90ql dioptra please. Mail to Castile.
  15. I also get tired of seeing 5 missions for spirit gates in the SW but not cause it annoys me but because the stupid missions are bugged still after years of people pointing it out. On Release this mission came up but because I always got the 'this must be built in the SW" message even while in the SW after a couple weeks it had gone from 1 mission to 3 mission for it. Please fix this so I can have my stupid gate before people get these turned off.
  16. I would take 100s, please PM me.
  17. I for one hope they do a revamp of the food system. I have some where between 30-40 different food items in my FSB with no real purpose to any of them, not to mention all the drink and juice options. Even with the rares and refreshes I still cook food as that is part of the realism that brought me to Wurm and has kept me here. So please do something to make HFC something that at least benefits those who wish to pursue it. P.S. I may be a sadist but as a new player the constant need to find food and improve its quality was an awesome experience, sad to see that lost to new players.
  18. Many people have been freely throwing around the "Wurm is a sandbox experience" so no instances or other things that will spoil that. Well in my mind the whole penning of Uniques has already destroyed it. Come on what dragon is going to allow it self to be locked in a stupid tunnel and a Troll King that cant bash a stone wall is a disgrace to all trolls. If your so concerned about the "sandbox experience than there should be a load clamor for this to stop and open world hunting of Uniques should be the way its done. I know this would limit who can actually hunt them but than again I cant make a ql 99 carving knife either so no different than all Wurm experiences. If left the way it is than the argument that this is a true "sandbox world" will never fly with me.
  19. So was wondering if you still have the rare bridge set for sale?