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  1. any weay this can be ported to work with the current version of agos?
  2. thats it then only had level 4 gm powers
  3. Me and my father are working on a server, and we want to add in the cobra king and lady of the lake, and we just get the [19:38:09] You may not summon that creature. everytime we try, why? i can't find anything about it in feature management, Please help Kind regards Siligon
  4. got it to work, as as simple as that i needed to update Agos modloader.. had an outdated one
  5. yes i followed your steps, and im uting Agos launcher batch file to run it, when i only have agos mods in (priest and crops mod) it works, when i add any of your mods, it wont start, the promt windows just instantly closes down again. Regards Siligon Edit: the server windows is starting, but as soon as i click "start server" it closes down and wont start
  6. sorry mate i am stupid, but i can't get this to work.. it just closes the server promt down imediatley what am i doing wrong?
  7. as the title says, i dont know what to change or what to do, just know were to go to find it anyone help please? Regards Siligon
  8. This have to be an enchanted Short Sword with Flaming Aura Minimad is moddeling
  9. Mate, selling your ###### wont get me 1copper... litterally all you had was a decent maul and the armour i gave you...... some fun reading for everyone Kind regards Madrocks