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  1. Proteus

    I haven't played Wurm in... probably about 6 months now. I miss the game. Exploring beautiful terrain and so on... Anyway I just discovered Proteus. I don't know how long the games been out for, but it very much reminds me of the beauty of Wurm and I'd like to share it with you. It's a lot more audio oriented and, from my experienced of playing Wurm, a lot of it's player base is connected someway to IT related employment and I think that makes you appreciate games like Wurm and Proteus a lot more; because you look at it from multiple perspectives. > I don't care enough to go back and polish up what I just explained.
  2. I know what you mean, but it's a good way to get rid of a heavy burden. Thanks, whoever is looking after / pillaging / selling the account. In truth my only dislikes for the game are it's community (yes, you) and -ahem- my dislikes of it's development. For example, player's are told not to macro. Understandable. I don't like it when people macro in my games either, but I don't then allow player's to bind actions to keys. That's just plain dumb- and your argument may be that it's difficult or too time consuming to perform tasks otherwise and to that I say, poor design... and ignorance for not changing it in it's early stages of development.
  3. Trying to keep it short cause posting essays on forums is dumb unless you're giving instructions. OK, so I've been playing since a few months before Independence went F2P, so maybe 3-4 years. Been a part of lots of villages met lots of nice people and lots of annoying people, as you do... But over the last year I've become increasingly aware of my dislikes for this game and to say the least it's made me regret ever playing and paying for. Though admittedly Wurm has given me a lot of inspiration and ideas for making my own games. Mostly just stuff about the importance of game design. Learning from one's flaws, etc. Anyways, my thanks to the following people. Liviella Sorry I'm leaving you at a pretty lousy time Renala Stay class, bro. Tipkol The only mod who ever seemed to do anything Turnip I'm stealing your name for a character on Tera. Deal with it. (<3) (No Tera is not a good game) Garis For owning easily the best alliance or bunch of people I've ever known in a game. Northmere Alliance and Ebon Rih were the only reason I played these last 6 months. EyeRobot Owning the sexy deed I could only dream of owning. Notch For creating Wurm Online (lol) Killroth Bro, add me on Skype. We'll play some League 8) TSM~ Zin Stay classy. If anyone's still reading (and if you aren't you an ass cause I made the effort to keep this semi short) see below. Eudoxia Who already quit and plans to never return. Mallaboro's password is temporarypassword. FarmerBob For having an awesome name. Someone who I'd always have liked to have liked. Here's hoping Chaos goes smoothly and what's this about Wurm under Lawsuit by Paypal? Liviella again No really, I am so sorry. Don't hate me. <3 Here's hoping you and JD live healthy happy lives. Nobody else Unless you're in Northmere I couldn't care less about you. You're probably just another drone throwing money at Wurm. Bye.
  4. I don't understand what you mean. Why do you think it should require more materials? Do you mean more materials than it currently is, or more than I've suggested? Do you think floorboards don't require enough resources? Perhaps you don't understand my suggestion. I don't understand your dislike for the suggestion.
  5. I've noticed the sound effect played when performing an emote on one's own body is only played to the person performing the emote. My point is, if someone is in hearing range but not within right click range for the emote and you want them to hear your emote, you have to emote on a local object and not all emotes work on local objects (such as the ground), also the event messages are different. When I cry on an object I get. [21:47:14] You cry over the bulk storage bin. When I cry on my body I get. [21:47:19] You cry bitter tears. ¬_¬ Crying was my example, this happens with all sound effects. I hope I described the problem well enough. Basically performing emotes on body makes client side sounds not server side.
  6. Best post I've ever read on the forum. Is this a suggestion or is this already a rule? If it is a rule I doubt it's enforced.
  7. You don't have to read all of this, put short: Scaffolding would serve as a temporary floorboard that takes dmg over time allowing players to reach floors higher up. This means players don't have to waste a large number of resources just to build the floor design of their house. If you didn't understand that, let me break it down into steps. You can only plan the 3rd floor of a building by having the 2nd floor first. My suggestion is scaffolding which is a temporary substitute for floorboards. Floorboards require (something like) 11 planks and 2 nails and last forever. Scaffolding would require (something like) 3-4 planks and 1-2 nails and last 1-3 days. You'd use scaffolding so you can reach, (like in our example,) the 3rd floor from the 2nd floor, even though you only plan to have a floor on the first and third floor. Hopefully that explains it a bit better. I think it's a bit silly that people are burning through planks for floorboards which they're going to destroy. Scaffolding may not be the correct word.
  8. Since gems are valued by quality, not quantity, I thought it'd be... okay... for gems to be stored in bulk storage bins. I can see why this would be dumb, but it also makes sense.
  9. I don't do leather working but this is a bloody good suggestion. It would be pretty cool if every time a forge or oven fire went out it created an ash in the container's inventory, the ash ql depending on your FM skill and how well stoked the fire is. At least, that's my understanding of the suggestion. I think this would be great.
  10. CAs are people that supposedly know the game and volunteer to help others, though all you'll get is a half-assed answer and a louzy "your welcome". I'd rather go without the help than have someone so sourly answer my question. And I've used /support queries 6 or 7 times in the 3-4 years I've played and it seems the only GM who ever seems to help is Tipikol and i don't mean he's the only GM who responds to my queries.
  11. Holy crap Protunia didn't -1 something. Somebody mark the calendar.
  12. Should require 7 of each but then when has Wurm ever been realistic or fair about anything? If I could go back in time I'd -1 this games existence because of how poorly done everything is. Feels as though it's devs have no passion for improving it at all, and if they are improving it, then they aren't doing it fast enough which tells me it's probably poorly structured in the first place. :< boo
  13. +1 and I must say that's an awesome screenshot.
  14. This would be good, except I don't think we should make the forge completely redundant. So yeah, just make it so only lumps and ores can be placed inside it. I guess that would make it legit.
  15. Pretty sure lightning already deals dmg to players, just it's crazy rare to be struck; though I say that, I've had friends get struck twice in one day.