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  1. I dislike the sailing update. My anchor when raised disappeared (it's not in the hold, not in my inventory, nowhere) and I strongly dislike the fact that furling and unfurling are done with the movement keys. I want to be able to give my own keybinds to the sails, different from my movement keys.
  2. Are those planter boxes filled with FLOWERS?????!!! (omg omg omg) (swoon swoon) (omg) YES! Yes? (hm, on second look it does look like mushrooms. Meh. Now I never get to cover my deed with blue flowers.....)
  3. I built a sheriff's building for my good friend Aldur on my deed, even with a workshop for his Wurm Assistant, and the Sheriff has been in his office all day, waiting for citizens to file a complaint. (as in: literally all day. He's been standing afk behind his desk for hours)
  4. Ha, Jolly Porkies, my deed was in the video as well (after 2:50:00) and you were really lovely about it, thanks for that!
  5. Street lamps have lost their light since the launch of Jackal. They still have a glow outside of the lamp when lit, but there is no light effect inside the lamp anymore. Would be nice if that could be fixed.
  6. Yes, I noticed the same problem. And people in my alliance as well. It looks very ugly, hopefully it can be fixed soon.
  7. Head bobbing was switched off in a second and visible fruits are forever, so love this patch.
  8. Oh, and also: I will never cut down your trees, since I am not interested in a tit for tat argument in which you will retalliate by packing more tundra and so on. An agreement is what I want, not a war.
  9. Yes, it would be nice if there was an agreement. And here is the reason why we are upset. Initially we heard from you that you wanted to plant 5 tiles of trees on either side of the sandstone highway and a border of trees around the perimeter of the Jungle. The amount of trees you planted however is way more and makes us fear that you will just continue planting trees, just because you want to. If you have a plan with this, simply tell us, we can negotiate then and come to an agreement that is not perfect, but a workable compromise. The issue for me is simply this: I don't object to you planting trees around your deed. What I find difficult is that I have no clue where your plans will end. This is what makes it complicated for me. So: what is it you want, and let's negotiate then.
  10. While mass producing wooden beams, I suddenly wondered why the total amount of beams shown in the collapsed item stack in my crate is the amount of wood types, and not the total amount of beams I have in that crate. So, as a suggested change, I would like to see the total amount of beams I have as the number that is shown behind the collapsed stack, so I don't have to manually add the pinewood, walnut, birch and so on amounts, to know how much the total amount of beams is. Or for any other kind of collapsed stack items in my storage; I don't need to know that I have 5 types of wooden planks, I just want to know the total amount. (of course: when you open the stack I want that to stay the same: I am very interested in knowing that of my total of 100 planks 21 are birch wood, and so on.)
  11. And it's the only place to harvest lingonberries. And if and when the devs remember that we used to have bison (ahem)... the tundra is an AWESOME place for them to spawn.
  12. I am very happy the tundra is coming back. For some reason a game update some time ago made trees spread all over the place, ruining the tundra as it was. It has been great to see the mountain being restored to it's unique former glory.
  13. I noticed the same, my foals are ginormous.