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  1. Mega Mod

    Just some of my thoughts. 1. Unity Engine is in my opinion horrible and often not the right tool for the job. It's an useful engine for prototyping, but for long-term it's a hassle to maintain and develop with. A custom made C++ OpenGL client would sound a lot more reasonable. I've been thinking about taking it up myself, once I have more time, as currently graphics and other aspects of the client side feel sluggish and old. 2. This sounds completely reasonable with a new client. 3. Sounds also reasonable. I could imagine there being resource/model/texture packs on the custom clients.
  2. Why not simply upload the sources to Github and make a PR for it to be merged into the original Wurm Generator?
  3. Hello! I yesterday created a Tall Stone Wall on 18slope (on hill, onto grass tile border). I built it next to Maple Tree (as seen on picture). When I went against Maple Tree and Tall Stone Wall I got into the Tall Stone Wall, very easily. If someone would do more research about it I'm sure it could be used as exploit to get onto other peoples land what is surrounded by Tall Stone Walls and are on slopes and next to trees. It should be fixed - it happens on every time I try to do it. Picture: http://imgur.com/Y2o1Wy7 Note: I haven't found yet way to get out on other side but I'm sure it's possible. Regards, Tambre (Release).