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  1. As the title says I'm looking for an 80ql iron shovel with 80 WoA and CoC, NOTE these numbers are just an approximate of what I am looking for. Leave me a post here or message me in-game via irc Gabeschaal with your asking price. I am on Celebration - I will pay the CoD costs.
  2. I can fill that order for you if you can w8 until the weekend because i will be heading up that way on the weekend.
  3. im sorry for the delay but what job is it? and why would i have to make an alt?
  4. The game is fine just the way it is. This is one game that I WILL be playing for many months (hopefully years) to come. This is a grinders game and those are the best types, for me. It really separates the noobs and the hardcore players. Now I played WoW for about 4 years and i eventually quit because all they cared about was the money. They took the game from "Grind for success" to "Log in for success". Keep up the good work i really like all of the changes happening to this game.
  5. you only realize fraps is the worst because your computer is crap......if you are going to complain about it FIRST get a good computer SECOND drop the cash on fraps THIRD quit QQing fraps takes next to no power to run i spent 350 dollars on a computer and fraps runs like a well oiled machine
  6. O.......M.......G.......GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME
  7. Sorry but due to real life complications cannot do any new jobs Any pending jobs will be completed/taken as normal
  8. yea i know that is why i want to get rid of it for dirt cheap....hell i would even trade it for dirt
  9. Well the title says it all. Anyone can have it if they set up the kill on chaos (via the whole kingdom system), i am on Celebration. Will negotiate price. PS. Will sell it DIRT CHEAP. Send me a message via the forums or leave a reply or message me in game (name Gabeschaal). Tell me your price that you are willing to buy it for.