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  1. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Nappy its just my thoughts but you should get rid of this whitelist/blacklist program.
  2. Introducing "Ocularis Infernum" server including PVE,PVP,Trade,Arena's and Dungeons. 10x skill gain,50x action timer. No body stats limit. Walled In PVP area. All Kingdoms Trade Zone. --------------- This is my own personal server ive been working on and learning how to admin. Its not a paid server so might be problem if server goes over 20 players(not really sure). The idea of the server is to have both PVP and PVE community working together to help keep game fun, while not having to worrie about PVPing if you dont like. There are three kingdoms, freedom isle and 2 player made kingdoms. ----- Kingdoms: >The All Seeing Eye (White light PVP) >The Eye of Hell (black light PVP) >Freedom Isle (PVE/PVP/Trade) ------------ Kingdom Features: >Freedom Isle players can roam the open world, least the parts that aren't walled. You can PVP aswell in the main PVP area(with HOTA) but there will be dungeons that only the two PVP kingdoms can enter. Freedom isle will have dungeons only PVEr can raid but they wont have same kind of rewards as PVP dungeons. >Freedom isle dungeon rewards will be based on crafting items/tools. >TASE and TEOH kingdom dungeon rewards will be based on armor/weapons/traps and named set items of rarity and magic. >Trade Area for all kingdoms, No PVP zone. >PVP Kingdoms are walled in from the rest of the open world, but you can go into the trade building with PVErs. --------- PVP Area: >Both PVP kingdoms are walled off and enclosed from open world(PVE AREA). >In the starter towns you can plan a house,pick up items,drop and take. >Starter town gates will be unlocked/indestructible/unlockable. >The white light and black light altars in-between the 2 pvp kingdoms, south to north. >HOTA is located in same location as the altars. >Battle camps are placed around the main pvp area(HOTA,Altars) >PVP main area will spawn custom mobs daily, as long as there being killed.(Some might be carrying custom items or even named set items. ------- Server mods: More to come, and still some to fix and tweak. Announcer Betterdiggingmod Bulk Transfer Mod Meditation Mod Bounty Mod Move To Center Mod sacrificemod prospectmod serverpacks mod Coming Soon/Working On mods: Priest Mod ----------------- IP:Port ------------------ Bug reports/PMs ingame at "bogart""booku"theallseeingeye"eyeofhell". On Wurm Online Forums username "bogart". Server Forum "coming soon" ------------------ The server is open for public, everyone is welcome and all help is appreciated. Map and Ingame pictures coming soon. More to come, tread will be updated.
  3. Black dragon is in rohan region.. dragged it back from the underworld.
  4. 1 min off from getting lennus champ.. to be honest lucky i made it across that land bridge lol.
  5. [15:32:08] <Josh> sounds like a party [15:32:50] <Josh> im too lazy to grind fight skill someone do it for me, everything else is done
  6. [21:59:32] <Bogart> heyo [21:59:57] <Yourmajesty> heo [22:00:02] <Yourmajesty> convert or die [22:00:07] <Yourmajesty> err wait thats the wrong dialogue [22:00:11] <Yourmajesty> fire and sand! [22:00:15] <Bogart> blow your die [22:00:41] <Bogart> take hard one [22:01:00] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Yourmajesty!
  7. [01:31:32] <Bogart> hey [01:37:51] <Bogart> party [01:39:19] <Bogart> chest nut trees [01:40:58] <Carmichael> yep [02:03:27] <Bogart> what do you want achilles [02:03:34] <Achilles> nothing [02:03:39] <Achilles> Just running in trees xD [02:04:05] <Bogart> fine with me
  8. Didnt get ganked by same kingdom but know others that did. Pick your kingdoms well, watch your back.
  9. It was good run for sure. Probably wont be around for end, but ill be at next map.
  10. freedom isles aint there. otherwise map is pretty much of point.