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  1. Bump! Thanks to an awesome friend I now have some 90ql imping mats for Slate, Sandstone and Marble! Now I can easily imp all stone types. If you have anything that needs imping, please shoot me a pm!
  2. Looking to sell the following Skins If you are interested in any feel free to pm me either on the forums or in game at Brattygirlsback
  3. Looking to sell the following Bloods & Potions Bloods Black Dragon - 12 (2.5s per) Black Hatchling - 3 (2s per) Blue Hatchling - 1 (2.5s) Forest Giant - 10 (2.5s per) Green Dragon - 12 (2.5s per) Kyklops - 11 (2.5s per) Red Dragon - 11 (2.5s per) Red Hatchling - 9 (2s per) Troll King - 10 (2s per) Potions 94.90ql Ointment of Stonecutting - 3s 92.81ql Oil of the Weapon Smith - 3s 98.75ql Oil of the Weapon Smith - 3s If you would like any of these, please pm me either on the forums or in game at Brattygirlsback!
  4. What a great Idea! I would add a third option to put the server cluster you are on. So, both NFI and SFI players can benefit from this.
  5. There will be a Black Friday Sale from Wednesday through Sunday. Details on it can be found in the above post.
  6. That helmet looks amazing!!!!! I am all for more items like this.
  7. I will buy the supreme clay. 3s if accepted cod to Brattygirlsback please
  8. I know supreme weapons typically go from 40s+ but since it is lead that might impact the price a bit. I would auction it and see what happens. It is a very cool item to have though!
  9. These both have my votes! Also, congrats on reaching 100 Metallurgy!!!
  10. The Guard Tower Elwood 722 is no longer there. It was rebuilt as an MR Tower and is now Soniczap 298
  11. The Seller has declared a winner and the auction has ended. This is not the place to discuss snipe protection. If you don't have a clear understanding of snipe protection below is the thread for you to check out. If you would like to discuss this further with the Seller or one of the bidders feel free to do so in a pm. Thanks! How to auction - Auctions (NFI) - Wurm Online Forum
  12. In order to lock the thread, The op will have to comment themselves. Sorry Madnath!
  13. It is not the only way to complete the goal though? I was just saying it is an option for those who have money and not time to try to grind for one. The few I know who did this journal goal, did so without buying a single one. So, it is possible to do without dropping a dime, but in my opinion its nice having the option to buy it. Since Silver can be earned in game without having to spend real money for it.
  14. Thank you for showing the rest of the servers how beautiful Release truly is! The players here have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this server, and your streams really showed that. It was a pleasure to have you here and watch your adventures. Best of luck to Scout Two on whatever server they might end up on next! Feel free to come back any time! Release would love to have you again!
  15. Like has been said before, you only need to complete 12 out of the 13 goals. Of the 13 only one of them is RNG based. All the others are skill based or just take time. I think having an RNG in the journal as a backup isn't a bad thing. I know a few people who have completed the final journal goal by using the maps. Yeah, it might take some time to get them from praying or such, but you can always buy them or trade for them. I have seen plenty of Difficult maps for sale on varying servers.
  16. I heard rumor of such an item existing. May the Wurm Gods bring you fortune in finding this rare item!