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  1. +1 I Have a new username nowadays, I came back and made a Steam character with it on the old cluster. Only to shortly realize the only Wurm friends I have left are all playing the NEW cluster. So I'm sorta SOL if I wanted to use that name now. I would also accept a way to quickly delete my own character/account, allowing me to start over entirely.
  2. interesting indeed, made by Zerobyte? I think he was a villager of mine back on old MR-H.
  3. We had a little confusion, but it's sorted now. Item Recieved. [22:58:58] You get a large maul. Thanks Malokai, I would shop here again!... except I may be broke soon from all the shopping past couple weeks. XD
  4. [Close]

    Item Received. Nice doing business with you.
  5. idk if OP, or anyone noticed, but those Seryll Lumps are nearly used up, partial lumps.
  6. [Close]

    PM sent, apologies for being late, I wasn't on Wurm at all today. :-/
  7. lol, I think he was joking. Could be wrong tho. :-/
  8. WTS

    heh, this young folk here won't bid on auctions over 3days long. XD
  9. gratz to buyers indeed, I also would've bought the first 2, and definately the third, if I had the cash. XD
  10. I used to explore on foot, with no armor, or weapons. as long as you're carefull aroud crocs, and HHounds, you're ok. But yeah, if you read past that sentence, I did say I spent the entire time Flatraising. It's a terraforming term.
  11. Can't speak for others, but I've seen a load of these 5-7day auctions lately. I don't even consider bidding on an item with more than 2-3days time left...just not worth allocating money for the 'possibility' that I don't get outbid in 5days. :-/ I've noticed a lot of people tend to bid in the last few days the same, providing the post stay bumped. Nice items though, good luck! *bump*
  12. none of my digging comes from just grinding either fyi. I built a double-zigzag staircase, 2x wide road, with 7 platforms. the last third of it, was what I spent most of this grind on. I have never just dug for skill, and I've only dug clay/tar that me, and allies need, in small numbers. Also, I hope you're not referring to Wurm FS, because that is still not nearly as useful, nor have I found it that fun honestly. I've survived over 6years without it.