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  1. Cottage pie now apparently falls under baking. But making a cottage pie still gives HFC skill instead of baking skill.
  2. Thank you for sending the WoA 101, fast service
  3. Good, fast service. Very nice guy. Would definitely recommend!
  4. Congratulations SoulRipperx, SOLD
  5. Succesfully did both my knarr and large cart @ ~24ql runes. Thank you.
  6. Bronze Runes of libilla - It can be attached to any item. It will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%): 80c 23,48ql(53%) COD to Guiding pls
  7. 24,57ql(56%) Zinc rune of Magranon 23,48ql(53%) Bronze rune of Libila COD to guiding please.
  8. [04:30:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. Paradiso Sale I am selling a few of my old enchanted tools/weapons/shield/armour i had laying around. Since they are laying around anyway, i'm only looking for half decent prices. If you still think it's too much you are always welcome to make an offer. Studded Pants oasp27 - 10c Studded leather boots aosp71-74 - 30c Longsword ms81c73fb90nim72 - 2.5s Longsword ms63c76fb98nim73 - 2s Longsword w98c83ms67 - 1s Two Handed Sword c70n66 - 80c Axe Iron c65 Flaming Aura 20 - 30c Large Shield c71 - 60c Hatchet w57c79 - 50c Hammer c54 (will be imped to 70 before sale) - 25c Saw w50c68 - 46c
  10. Lol, guess i should have asked more then Congrats. I'll cod it to Polan in 1,5 hour, when i'm home.
  11. I want to auction my old rake which accidentally turned supreme on me (ow dear, how sad, never mind) It is currently sitting at QL 54,16 and has CoC 65 on it. If requested i can imp to about QL 72 Starting bid: 20s Mininum increment: 50c Buyout: 25s No hidden reserve