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  1. +1. It'll add more immersion when you're inside an Inn, possibly.
  2. Here are some videos [media] [media] /> Download version (Mediafire) Download version (AdFly) An update is planned for release at the end of the month. There is a Facebook page which will provide frequent updates and the ability to voice suggestions There is also a Steam Greenlight page
  3. I love this idea! I was thinking something like this needs to be implemented.
  4. I like the idea of the tall grass growing new decaying buildings and fences and the short grass being on and near settlements etc
  5. I've made a tool called 'Wurm Online Currency Converter'. The thread can be found here.
  6. Recently I've been playing a lot of Wurm Online and kept referring to a page on the wiki which states currency denominations. So, I decided to make a tool that can be accessed quicker from my desktop that will convert the values for me. There's no installation required, just unzip and run the executable. I hope it'll be useful to other Wurm players too! A web version has already been coded; it's just a matter of tidying it up and hosting it! Download (Mediafire) | Download (AdFly) [Post taken from my blog]