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  1. The Golden Valley Server

    I think I still have at least one toon somewhere around outside of Tutorial
  2. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Not farewell, but goodbye Tich, see you again on the new highway when I cross the last door here
  3. Pm me please I think we can make a deal :)
  4. WTS/WTT Green Cherry and Blue Tome

    How much for one Green Cherry charge?
  5. WTT Blood of angels SOLD

    How much do you want for Boa? If you`re interested in something else than trading for Slime or Smoke
  6. Good Bye Wurm

    Envy, fingers crossed, good luck and keep smiling
  7. Won the Xanadu- Thanks to Theria and old Lemosa

    Grats Alkhadias, good to see you still playing and enjoying wurm
  8. Goblin Leader (Private Loot)

    Smack will you take me there?
  9. Life is Feudal MMO

    I`ve heard a lot of complainings about this game as "Life is Chinese". What real impressions do you have after these few months of playing? Edit down: Thank you Roccandil, you are the best.
  10. MightySheep, change your toon`s name to Bashur
  11. Ban the sale of accounts

    An interesting idea but one question, banning ex tunc or ex nunc ?
  12. PC hots crown

    Next step: I`m selling Exodus. PM with offers.
  13. Close pls

    Sad to see you selling out again. Forgive me my offtopic, Torreto.