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  1. MightySheep, change your toon`s name to Bashur
  2. An interesting idea but one question, banning ex tunc or ex nunc ?
  3. Next step: I`m selling Exodus. PM with offers.
  4. Sad to see you selling out again. Forgive me my offtopic, Torreto.
  5. 8s
  6. 8s
  7. 6s
  8. 6s
  9. And again, like before in the same time last year, July has started and we start getting bad news. That`s realy sad
  10. 15s
  11. Who remembers Mauz and how she had passed away? Is there any monument to memorialize her...I haven`t been to Mouse Hole for ages. Many players like her fade into the mists of history
  12. Sharp eye It`s Emmy Rossum from The Phantom of the Opera movie
  13. And a big bump If you want to try Chaos server a bit, come and join us. Time goes by but we still have a bunch of good people having fun from spending time together.