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  1. Who remembers Mauz and how she had passed away? Is there any monument to memorialize her...I haven`t been to Mouse Hole for ages. Many players like her fade into the mists of history
  2. Sharp eye It`s Emmy Rossum from The Phantom of the Opera movie
  3. And a big bump If you want to try Chaos server a bit, come and join us. Time goes by but we still have a bunch of good people having fun from spending time together.
  4. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/141273-some-valrei-titles-are-impossible-to-obtain/#comment-1450767
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZKG6ak5K38
  6. Have fun everyone, good luck
  7. Close this thread, please, I got what I wanted.
  8. A good friend of mine from 2012, has returned after a long break and would like to try some pvp. Guy is marvelous and I`d like to help him so pm me with offers up to 500-600 euros. If he doesn`t like and decide not to get involved in pvp action, I`ll keep this toon for myself. Thank you.
  9. Just take a break and return, shiny and chrome. Looks like you`re a bit tired of playing and need some rest.
  10. If the mayor is Leoncio Almeida then big bump for you +1
  11. That`s strange. It reminds me such situation from the past (2010) a little bit, when someone wanted to cut down all oaks on GV, people playing there were building walls/fences to protect their trees
  12. It`s still a funny thing, I made such mistake a year ago and used it by accident instead of checking Karma status. Good to have Recall Home