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  1. Pity, should be preserved as a historic site
  2. Just sell him anything or he`ll never stop :0 Good luck btw I hope you`ll find what you need
  3. I imagine these hundreds of players fighting in real to have chance to log in....we don`t need another empty server
  4. Gold Mine Doors

    I made one piece in the past when it looked like made of yellow plasticine and I`m not going to repeat that. Never. Even when I used iron rivets to finish them to make the whole process easier it was a real pain.
  5. The real question is, will it resurrect the game
  6. Eir

    I`ve found her thread about Oracle from 2015 and now it`s her time to leave us. See you again Eir one day
  7. I think I still have at least one toon somewhere around outside of Tutorial
  8. Not farewell, but goodbye Tich, see you again on the new highway when I cross the last door here
  9. How much for one Green Cherry charge?
  10. How much do you want for Boa? If you`re interested in something else than trading for Slime or Smoke
  11. Good Bye Wurm

    Envy, fingers crossed, good luck and keep smiling