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  1. Meditation & Magic

  2. Do artifacts need change?

    Nobody use artefacts on Epic on daily PvP so I dont think they are imbalanced.
  3. How's the new map?

    Map is good but still we have "local"...
  4. New Elevation map suggestion

    +1 good map, plenty of space for PMKs and army of players
  5. Unable to be converted to Tosiek

    I should be de-champed 1 year ago if this is a cause it is another bug caused by bug and the result is a bug....
  6. Unable to be converted to Tosiek

    I can hear only "probabilities" but zero real solution and root cause .....
  7. Unable to be converted to Tosiek

    loosing faith is not an issue because this is price to become Tosiek follower The issue is that I can't become his follower !
  8. # What happened My character is unable to be converted to Tosiek religion Message error: [22:34:07] Villz changed faith too recently to consider a new deity. # What you expected to happen Villz to be converted on Tosiek Additional notes: I have negative alignment: -2 I am Magranon follower for 2-3 years so the message is incorrect I have revived 0 help from GMs ingame. I have re-subbed and scarified 30 Faith (Magranon) to become his follower....
  9. So... We got a new god.
  10. Epic feedback feedback thread

    Yes asking for help on Elevation local is very wise ^^ PvP flash point ;-) Local removal was proposal for Elevation not for home servers which are dedicated for new players and less PvP.
  11. New path. Path of Balance

    -1 Path of balance is not balanced ;d