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  1. Okay, so I think I've narrowed it down to one issue.. Turns out there may of been an error on that console file, Adapter Info is currently "null", which to me makes sense why it may be crashing, looked up on an older file when I had the 970 installed and it verified my suspicions, so does anyone know a fix for that? Thanks in advance. nvm, reinstalled gpu driver and now shows adapter info but still crashes :c
  2. hmm may be the only decision then, though surely they'll release a patch that'd fix this eventually?
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that I did try to do a fresh installation and that unfortunately didn't work. In regards to Java version I'm currently running on 8 as shows; Unfortunately there's no crash logs, Windows itself just says the client is unresponsive and then just asks if I want to close it, upon closing it the console.txt file doesn't contain any errors. How ever just in case I've overlooked something I'll post it Please see link; https://pastebin.com/mCvrySyk Had the latest update installed a couple days ago via nVidia Geforce Express installation >.< It's left me baffled tbh I did have the mods installed though, although as said I did do a fresh installation, so the mods are gone now o-o
  4. Well for some reason I can't play the game anymore, last time I played this game was a couple of months ago on my GTX970, I have recently upgraded to GTX 1080 and only recently decided to try playing Wurm Unlimited. And now the game crashes on start up, no errors or anything the client just freezes and sits there until Windows says it isn't responding. Could the recent graphics card update be the issue,or am I missing something? Any help is appreciated! Bottom line to this thanks to Eject; I downgraded my graphics card driver to 388.71 and it works now.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, not sure if the mapviewer communicates with the databases (Which by the looks it may..) but its saying its missing a database table; C:\Pingperfect\Games\AndreasM\18050\sqlite\wurmzones.db Hopefully that'll help you.
  6. Well I was hoping someone could help, I have literally clicked majority of links found on Google to possibly help me, but no luck. Basically I orderd a server from OVH, Centos 7 OS 64bit, and when I try to launch it it comes up with: I tried launching it with Start arguement again with no luck Any help is appreciated. What I've done so far: Changed JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME to the destination of the current JRE and JDK installed (Though I overridden as you can see the path to JDK). Restarted countless times. And with no further details to what may be causing this is making it hard to debug, speaking of which; is there a debug command to use for this so I can look into it further? Thanks in advance for any help and again, any help is appreciated.
  7. [RELEASED] Live Map

    I've already looked up the list of each vein colours in the mine, via source code, but could you create a legend for each colour of the veins, if possible? Thanks.
  8. Need more people, cmon join us, for some free cookies! *cough*
  9. Thank you very much! I would rep you but,
  10. Hey, Well I am about to create a wurm server status page for people to use, and I was wondering if anyone could explain what each port is for, besides 3724 and 27016. Ports like; 48010, 8766, 7221 etc Thanks in advance.
  11. On the building menu, when you add the ebony wand to the crafting menu, how do you choose a different wall type, instead of the wooden one?
  12. So, there's no chance of MySQL or MsSQL coming in then? (Not to wonder off-topic)
  13. hmm, is there a console command to open up change terrain? Besides having to go through the menus.
  14. Or to make things simple, download a program called cPorts, it lists all the ports currently open in certain programs just like through netstat
  15. I'll buy the small anvil 80ql 91woa 72coc = 3.5s PM me on here please so that I may know when your going to send it.