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  1. Hi, When you walk on a tile slightly above water (like a dock) with a horse, it sounds like if you walk in water. It sounds correct (steps on wood or steps on stone) if you walk on foot or if you lead a cart.
  2. We should be able to move (push/pull, rotate) ships in construction. We can limit this action to the deed owner and/or ship builder. Why this proposal ? Because I have no idea where the boat is going to spawn when assembling two keel sections. Very annoying when you try to have some organization in your shipyard. I hate having two ships overlaping or half in the sea.
  3. (Sorry if it's been already suggested...) A very great addition to Wurm would be skill dec... err no sorry ... moving waters ! Indeed, there is no rivers or waterfalls in Wurm. This would be a very great feature, adding more possibilities (moving through rivers, bridges, terraforming for agriculture : think about rice fields !, drinkable water and sea salty water...). The mechanism could be something like this : when it rains or snow, all the tiles get 1 "dirt height equivalent" of water. If this is dirt, the water go 1 level lower until it reach rock. If this is rock, it moves to the next lowest tile. If all the next tile are higher, it stops. => lakes, water tables, underground rivers, mine flooding !!! . Just a proposal.
  4. I disagree with this vision of the old vs new market. You suppose every Pris/Rel players WANT high QL tools for little prices. This is absolutly not the case. Players on new servers just want to experience building an island from scratch, even with low QL tools. What's the interest to land in a Wurm island and terraform it in a week ? What's the interest for new players to know they'll never be able to sell tools or object better and/or cheaper than an older player coming from an old island ? The market competition and the item prices are really not the main reason why most of the Pris/Release players don't want to join the servers. For now. If islands were inequally doted in resources (no sand in this one, scarce trees in this one, lot of silver in this one ...), it can be think twice because even the best trader of old server can't compete those actually having the resources.
  5. Don't feel pressured to answer in this thread if you have this kind of answer. I read with great pleasure those arguing with solid counter-ideas and I'm totally open to killer arguments to be convinced. And I am almost convinced this is bad ideas. But these kind of agressive post of this kind "-1 [insert an insult]", seriously ... Are we really talking about a game or just your life ? Read about entropy and try to understand how it is applicable to Wurm. I just want to find a way to assure that Wurm is really a no-end game, solo or social, I really don't care. Skill Decay ? Only a possible path, but not the only one. Do some proposal instead of flaming.
  6. Very well. It is a already lost fight. But listen to the future. Isolated servers, no trade because no needs, no limits in resources gathering/building/terraforming, no wars because it's freedom. Wait wait wait ! Is that not Minecraft ? I'm sure one day, Rolf will create this kind of realistic cluster, where players can really be an "epic" specialist, with a mastery/apprentice system, with a lively and solid economy, more like an alternate reality than a grindy game.
  7. I get your points As I can see, I don't want to connect new servers to olders one, ever.
  8. It can be adjusted, for example, no lower than 40. Look at your skills : if you take the skills above 40 and remove the 3 highest, which skills will be so horrible to see decay to 40 ???
  9. I know this was tried and have been controversial but the skill decay mechanism needs adjustements. Please read until the end before shouting at this idea Wurm is a social game with a lot of different skills increasing while doing an incredible amount of different actions. Currently, the more you do something, the better you are. But you can do everything you want. And this is perfect. You can see carpenters, diggers, miners, tailors, blacksmithes ... To build a decent boat, you need a good tailor and a good blacksmith. To build a decent house, you need a paving specialist, a carpenter, a mason, a gardener. This is really wonderful to live in a village with these different jobs working together, or to build a house with the help of close (or far) neighbours coming to help. It is marvelous to discuss about trade, exchanging bricks for planks, boat for services. There are some known blacksmithes on the island, some famous hunters, and some ship builders. But when the land and landers become older and older, skills are higher and higher. A shipbuilder needed a tailor to make the sail, he don't need him anymore, he can make it himself. On the contrary, the tailor is now able to make a Knarr alone because he was bored and tried to make some boat for personal pleasure. On the markets, tools with 50QL are almost given as everybody can make 80QL in their home forge. Houses are castle, no more unique wild animals, tower guards everywhere, terrain looks like Balinese rice field, all leveled and there is as much blacksmithes and ship builders than players. From my point of view, such a world is already dead. The game become a solo game in a easily terraformed land (remembers you some other game ?). That's why we have Pristine/Release separated from the other island. The real Wurm game is this newland/newbie feeling, where you ask others to help you in domains you suck at. What I propose is to keep the social aspect of the game : the more OFTEN you do something, the better you are. You still can do everything you want. If you want to make a boat, as you wish. You'll finish your frigate and become a real decent ship builder. But now you want to be a hunter and kill this famous dragon. So be it. You'll gain very high sword skills and you are now able to kill a dragon by spitting at him. BUT, you have lost some skills in ship building and this is normal because you don't made one for ages. This is the basic idea. Skills you don't use should decay. I have no really full technical proposal to do but I heard and understand the first reactions I read in another thread. They all have a solution. Proposal : I tried to keep the concept simple, precisions will follow : every time you gain X skill points, you lost X/nb of skills available in all other skills. The main objective is to having the possibility to specialize but not in every domain at the same time. - Skills do not decay while disconnected ! Real life calling or school period is not a problem. If you are not connected, you don't lose skills because you are not gaining skills either. - The loss can be determined by category : if you gain in a sub-carpentry skills, you don't lose points in other carpentry related skills. - We can imagine to "protect" the top 3 skills from this loss. Thus, the 3 higher skills you have won't be affected if you decide to search for flowers to seduce girls or try to make healing covers. - The global amount of skillpoints always increases. When you gain X skillpoints, you lose X/n skills points elsewhere even where you have already 0, and can't go lower. n can be the number of different skills or another factor. - The only advantage of old players is experience. I mean real experience of the game, no XP. A new player can still imagine to be the best blacksmith on the island. Currently, the only way is to create a new island separated from others and to arrive with the first settlers. - Skills could not decay lower than 20. I'm ready to hear critics and I'll try to answer or propose a decent solution.
  10. I prefer to continue this (interesting) discussion in another thread to avoid polluting this one. On the current subject, I'll preconize terrain erosion to make the "old" island appealing even for new players. When I started first, it was on Pristine. And already, the spawn point was awfully builded and scattered with tool boxes. Only Release spawn point still had this "where the hell did I land ??" flavor. But the main problem joining the cluster remains : what is the place for low skilled players in a world of high skilled ? And I don't speak about land only, but about jobs and trade. Is this interesting to come in a land where your only interest for other players is to be able to help them building their big castle and buy their 80QL items ? That's why I don't want to join the cluster with the current mechanism. Ever.
  11. As I said in another thread, I didn't think first about fishing spot but to indicate shallow water or deep water canal for big ships in some interior lakes.
  12. As I was interested in specializing myself in boat stuffs, I noticed with great sadness that there is no skills for sailors or navigators. Anybody can sail. Only the Mind Logic can limit this. Such skills could improve speed, lower the QL limit to command a boat, show water depth with mouse hovering, increase the maximum transported volume... These skills could be increased with sailing time and/or sailing distance.
  13. Buoy

    Is there any possibilities to add buoys making ? It would need wood or iron, a little anchor, and a chain or a rope. It could be enhanced with a light. Uses : can indicate shallow waters, fishing zone, territory or preferably could be used to set a deep water safe way for big ships in interior lakes.
  14. Ok so if I understand correctly, when we see "you enter in ThePlace" and "you leave ThePlace", it informs me about deed, not villages we can see on Wurm maps ? And when someone is searching people to form a village, he calls for people come and work on his deed ?
  15. Well it was our original move but my wife made a mistake and arrived in Release. So I joined her there with another character (Jondo on Pristine, Jondok on Release ). What woman wants, God wants