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  1. I own Jötunheimr on Release, when I try and resize the deed, it tells me the name has illegal characters. If I change the name IE: Jotunheimr (because i'm assuming the "ö" is the illegal character) I get a message that it will cost me 5 silver to change the name. What can I do? How was this name used in the first place?
  2. A Favor For A Newcomer? Lockpicking Needed

    Oh man. I did the same thing at like week 2 of the server release. You will be surprised how easy it is to replace what you've lost. Especially if you have access to a forge and iron. You'll be replacing all the noob tools anyway since they cannot be improved and are very low quality. My only gripe was losing the chain armor pieces I had made with a 6-8% smithing chance Fun times. You'll look back on this and laugh a lot.
  3. How Do Rare Tools Affect Improving?

    My supreme hammer improved things better than my rare or normal hammers of same ql. The increase of QL per improve was much higher with the supreme. Also faster timer.
  4. Fishing Viability

    Not true, most People are happy to pay extra for delivery. It is all negotiated between buyer and seller and I course some sellers / buyers will pay more or less depending on their situations. But generally delivery is extra.
  5. Works for the gov, why not the developers too lol
  6. Special Treatments

    Well since we are on the topic, I have a couple accounts I wouldn't mind getting the names switched on . I bought the one account and made the other myself. Both have at least good reputations. How can I proceed in doing the swap? I can publicly announce it so as to keep record on the forums as well
  7. Altar Gui Displays A Favor Column

    Doesn't even need to calculate the double favor gains from different priests. Its a pretty simple formula.. one that any player can figure out to calculate their favor gains. This isn't a "power" though, it is just a convenient feature to add to the game. +1 to adding it, and i vote allow everyone to do it. Just make that the menu inside an alter. QL, DMG, and Base Favor Value. In fact, -1 to adding it and requiring a certain skill level to see the base favor values.. If you're going to add something like this that adds no advantage to the player, but just makes things easier to understand.. why in the world would you tell them they need to grind for 180 hours of playtime just to see it. By the time anyone grinds that much, they won't need the damn feature to understand it anymore..
  8. Saddlebags

    Can we as a community stop saying no to a suggestion because you want bugs fixed first? This is an awesome idea.
  9. Pc On Vyn Priest

    Affinity is weapon heads smithing?
  10. Rakes already made a difference. If I wanted to spend hours a day doing chores for crops id own an actual farm. If they wanted to make a difference to improve their game they should have spent the resources used screwing up the farming system on bug fixes.
  11. Maybe it was nerfed so farmers would buy more land to make up for it?
  12. Knockback

    wurm's so bugged even the community has got bugs
  13. I saw someone else suggest this and like it a lot. Keys giving you management options like minedoors. Couple that with a key ring and we have an awesome system. Very simple as well. Works for Chests, gates, anything lockable. Would require adding a key to go with door locks Craft able key rings would be best for when selling a building or deed as well.
  14. Deed Upkeep On 28 Day Cycle

    just bought prem, 2 months got me 60 days worth. So it looks like 30day months for prem time
  15. Deed Upkeep On 28 Day Cycle

    good question on the prem, i'll let ya know when i buy some tonight