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  1. Meditation formula is incorrect. joedobo was kind enough to retrieve and give a brief explanation of the formula behind meditation skill gain. I would like to point out that a portion of that formula is causing a bug in the actual value returned when a skill gain is given. The code (and explanation from Joedobo) is as follows: The portion that is bugged is the "how big should skill gain be". Specifically: counter / 3.0f * (1.0f + rug.getRarity() * 0.1f) My testing in WU seems to show that the skill gain is 1/10th of what it should be (although, my data set is limited as I only have 1 set of old logs in WO to compare against). As an example, at level 20 meditation, if a successful skill gain tick in WO would be 0.10000 the corresponding skill gain tick in WU is showing up as 0.010000 I'm not sure if that's because of a misplaced 0.1f or a misplaced parenthesis or a missing multiplier, but whatever the case, I hope the resolution would be easy for those who are in the know of what the formula "should" be. Many thanks for your time
  2. Thank you for the explanation ... although, I feel a bit lost. What is "power"? Is it the skill gain reported for the action or something else? If I am interested in knowing why the skill gain in WU is so much less than in WO, then would I have to decipher "counter / 3.0f * (1.0f + rug.getRarity() * 0.1f)"? If so, what is "counter" and what value does rug.getRarity() carry for a normal rug? I don't necessarily want to min/max, but seeing a skill gain of 0.0223 when I'm only at 21 skill would seem to indicate something is wrong. Or is that working as intended/designed? Edit: My server does not speed up the action timer - it is the normal 2 minutes.
  3. Yup. But reviewing the posts today, I saw that someone else has also found the same bug. He describes it much better than I.
  4. I was told by the server I'm on that meditation skill ticks are set much, much lower than on WO. As an example, this is my latest skill tick using sleep bonus: [22:00:21] Meditating increased by 0.0223 to 21.5726 Why is the default for WU set like this when everything else is just about equal (on a 1x server)?
  5. Thanks for this great tool! I think I may have found a bug, though. It seems to me after doing some testing that the base value for bread is too low by 2. In other words, instead of the base value being 125, it should be 127. I'm fairly new to trying to figure all this stuff out, so if I'm wrong, please excuse me.
  6. Thank you so much!! As fun as wogic can be, this logic is a boon to my priest
  7. Another winter has passed ... and oddly enough, it seemed it went by too quickly. In just over a real life day, the spring will be in full swing and is a perfect time to join the server if anyone is considering it. I personally am really enjoying this server, the other players, and the oversight that the GMs have to make sure things run smoothly as possible. Many thanks to Valiance and Kaylie for establishing this world and for keeping it running!
  8. Thanks for keeping this thread alive Yldrania! bump and + 1 from me
  9. If you want to find a server with a great community; feel a sense of achievement from game time invested, and enjoy roleplay and server events, then come give this server a try! You won't regret it!
  10. This is a perfect server for those that want a no-drama, fun, and eventful server. The hosted events are a blast and the community is top notch!
  11. -1 It does suck to miss out on SB when you're out-and-about, but the system now promotes searching out a hotel or inn and can thus help contribute a bit more to community. Anyway, sleeping in a tent doesn't give near the same rest as sleeping in a proper bed in a comfortable room, so it makes sense that you can only get the benefits of SB from a proper bed. What would be interesting is if you got "more" sleep bonus depending on the type and QL of the bed.
  12. Using the unstable client, I've been experiencing the known random crashes, but this appeared today after I was attacked by a hell hound. It stayed long after the mob was killed. Console log:
  13. I honestly understand the: "I suffered so you should have to suffer as well" ethos as I fall into it quite a bit myself, but in fairness to the OP, I agree that the meditation mechanic is poorly implemented. I'm not sure anything "fair" could be done about it at this point, but I'm all for ideas that attempt some sort of decent compromise while correcting a flawed system.
  14. The entry for Dragon's Demise for Paaweelr says the cast time is 200. It should be 30 (as I have verified with my priest). Nathan and Magranon also show 200, but as I do not have a priest of either, I cannot confirm if that is correct or not.