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  1. Any news on the UI update? Almost a year since i posted this and my original "bug report" is 2 years old.
  2. The UI is too small on 4K screen. When maxing out the fonts they overlap the borders of the menus. Some text does not seem to get larger and is unreadable. Its been awhile since i played, but i think the bars under green one should be water and hunger is too small to see as well. Asked a year ago, and where told a new UI was in the works, that would fix it, but now a year later its still the same ?
  3. A question, how come i can drag the large cart around on some peoples deeds. But i cant open the cart inventory? That sounds interesting. Is there a place i can read about the rules of that server? "Kind of the guards" ? you mean there are more then one kind of guards?
  4. Sorry but read again I said EVERYTHING on a pvp server they can come and destroy it all. You get my point now? Theres a big difference. One is stealing and the other, destroying. I like the idea, that i need to protect my property from thiefs. Oooh i see. now it makes sense. But it would be nice with more risk in my opinion. Not so much that it would cost you alot of work. But enough to keep it interesting. Just when i started, i really liked the idea, that if i didnt lookout, i could actully get my stuff stolen. But now that i know, it cant happen. That "feeling" of anything happening is gone :/
  5. So whats the point of the thievery skill, when you cant go on a deed and steal? And whats the point about locks then? Where have i said, that i didnt want people to steal MY stuff? Of course i want it to be the same for everyone. Its not like i prefer to go take what is not mine. I just thought this game had more risk involved. Atleast thats what we understond from the beginning of the game, when you see skill as theivery and buildable locks.
  6. Hey everyone. Just started playing a few days ago and ive had alot of fun with my brother building our little settlement. So today i wanted to go explore for animals to kill (which seems to be very rare). I came apon alot of stuff out there that was just for the taking. But for some reason i couldnt steal anything. So i asked in CA help and i was told there were no stealing on pve servers... I got really disapointed, as of now i feel there is no danger at all, beside the few bear/wolf i meet. I like the idea, that if people dont lock there stuff, its there own fault if it gets stolen. If a guard see you steal, it should attack you. And you should loss karma. Then you may think, why i dont join a pvp server then. Well i dont like the fact that i could loss everything to a gang of high level trolls, coming and destroying everything. I like having fun, with reasonable amount of risk involved. Even war would be fine on a pve server, if it could be balanced somehow. Cheers all.