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  1. The sheer.. entitlement some of the people in this thread have was giving me a good chuckle at work today, until I hit this gem. This.. personifies the entitlement perfectly. I know you were trying to be snarky, but you hit it on the M'F' head. This IS a game about what Rolf wants. That's what game devs do, create something they want, something they feel passion for, they release it and the market decides. The INSTANT you start thinking a game dev should make changes because it's what you want.. you are overstepping your bounds, big time. Make suggestions, sure, but once you start playing the "It's not what we want, it's what Rolf wants" card.. NO ! You don't get to tell Rolf "How DARE you not make your game the way I want, because blah blah blah".. because it's not your @%@# game. Regardless if you are paying for it, Rolf doesn't owe ANY of us anything beyond what premium entails. Not that it isn't insanely entertaining to see the same couple of people parrot the same agendas in every thread, but this sort of entitlement is getting out of hand, even for the internet. If the game is really that terrible for you, don't play. Please.
  2. I like the difference between the metal and wood/stone altars, this sort of already exists as you describe it. Not quite what you put here, but your end goal of being able to get an altar placed in a different domain already exists in game. IMO this is nothing I would want dev time put forward on. -1
  3. So it sounds like OP is talking about trying to have an emerging, truly sentient AI go through some of the initial learning "chops" within the confines of Wurm.. that idea truly terrifies me. This is not the community I would want a fledgling consciousness to grow up around! Otherwise... no one would have guessed Skynet started by grinding up Body Control!
  4. I think linking based on religion, not spells, makes sense.
  5. I definitely noticed this happening after the note went live. It took me ~20 attempts of embarking, moving my large cart slightly, getting kicked off, and trying again to get out of a 2x2 house with a floor. boo
  6. The current barred walls look really nice above the house portcullis. But I would like to see this too.
  7. Bison

    Gameplay > Realism And saying Wurm needs to act as some sort of public service announcement on the dangers of Bison is sort of a stretch..
  8. If you aren't opposed to PvP/risk, Epic by it's definition avoids a lot of the urban sprawl issues.
  10. Let's find out!
  11. I want to see what the people think! EDIT: Based off of
  12. And here I thought the biggest problem with the forum community was smug forum warriors who drive the same rhetoric month after month/year after year. I gave my opinion on a matter, it's not my job nor a requirement to disseminate my exact thoughts, prove to you what I'm saying, or really give anything more. Just my opinion. If opinions are what is wrong with the community.. yikes.
  13. TBH it has been much more interesting to see what this post means to you, and everyone else in the thread. It's interesting to see how people can read the same data and come to such different conclusions on it