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  1. Thanks Necroe. You aren't by any chance a long time Celebration member who once made a bunch of tools while skilling up your blacksmithing are you? I think you may have donated some tools to students at Sugar's school years ago...
  2. For the holiday season, I'm (again) offering a 70 quality weapon with a demise cast for any new players that live on Celebration. Please message here or message me in game and we'll work out the details :).
  3. Punishlife's bulk goods

    Props for honesty. Refunded when I over paid. (Please get over my shame and give props for the honesty)
  4. Newbie here.

    We don't take in as many students as we used to, but for a friendly new player than needs a little help and a place to get started, we're glad to help :).
  5. Book Making

    Just stumbled on this and love the idea :).
  6. For the rest of 2016, I'm offering a free 70 ql weapon of your choice to any new players on Celebration. Send me a message on the forum or shoot me an in game message for pickup.
  7. Regional Crafting Title for Items

    That's the idea :). A little friendly fun, some tittles, and minor bonuses for people. Everyone wins :).
  8. I was thinking -- IRL we have Swiss watches, Italian fashion, German cars, French food, etc. What if there was an in game mechanic similar to this? So we might see Celebration coal, Independence pie, Pristine pork pie, Release Rat on a Stick, Exodus altars, Deliverance huge axes, Chaos cookies, etc... One way to implement would be: The server that creates the most items over 90 ql of a certain type over a 3 month period earns the option to add a regional title to the item. The title gives some minor bonus to the item. Go catch some Xanadu trout!
  9. White Dragon Slaying

    Cool -- good luck with the hunt. If you don't have luck with that time then please let the community know -- I for one like weekend hunts :).
  10. [WTB] Rare Maul

    I could sell you a rare longsword. I'd have to check, but I should be able to guarantee 78 or 79 quality on it.
  11. New player, good places to noob around in?

    Hey Jetter. Welcome to Celebration. If you need some starting armor and a weapon send me a PM and I'll get you started on the right foot.
  12. Looks really nice. We sure miss Amish Paradise on Celebration :).
  13. The offer still stands :). I can't say that I've had many requests for staffs, but I will work on one for you. I would normally recommend a nice bladed weapon to start with, but you can make any of the weapons work. Send me a PM and we'll work out a time/place to meet this weekend.
  14. It seems you aren't new, so I'm guessing you want to buy a weapon? Which would you like? We can settle on a price and QL.
  15. For the holidays, I'm offering a free 70 QL weapon (on the weekends) for new players on Celebration. Please send a reply on this public form saying you are new, what weapon you want, and we'll set up a time on the weekend to meet. I'll also offer 70QL weapons to anyone on Celebration for 10 copper (limit 1 per toon) during this time. Enjoy the holidays and Wurm on.... Anyone wanting a little higher quality weapon or from another server send me a PM and we can discuss the fees.