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  1. Send 1.52kg of scale to Catullus
  2. Still offering to any new players on the Southern Islands (old servers) through the end of 2022 :).
  3. I just realized -- this is last year's thread that's why...
  4. 6132 posts. If you really need a 70 ql weapon then let me know Finnn....
  5. Sure you can ask :P. Let me know how that goes
  6. I'm continuing my yearly tradition of giving away a free holiday weapon for new players. In prior years, I only included Celebration. This year, I'm offering a 70ql weapon to any new player on the old servers. I can drop it off at TDM on Celebration. Happy holidays.
  7. Sure that sounds great. It is under construction, but Sugar would love that.
  8. Thanks for people who had well wishes :). Here are some pics:
  9. Sounds good. If you have anything you want to add to the book also send it our way
  10. We started a book that people can write a remembrance of Waar. Feel free to bring it tomorrow or mail to Sugarrodenta or me and we'll add it to the book.
  11. I'll take: 1500 Clay 1700 Colossus bricks 420 gold lumps
  12. It's that time of year. I am offering new players on Celebration a 70ql weapon and 70ql set of armor. You can reply here or PM me in game to make arrangement for delivery. FAQ: Do I have to be new? Yes. This is intended to help relatively new players. Do I have to reside on Celebration? Yes.
  13. What type of priest are you trying to convert to?
  14. Saishirdi, Sorry for the slow reply. Any weapon will do for PVE, but I don't typically recommend the smaller ones like the axe or short sword. Though bladed weapons are nice because you can use them to cut down trees up to 20 skill with that weapon :). Let me know here, in PM, or in game and I'll get you whatever weapon you want :). Like Nomad said -- a 1 hander with a nice shield will go a long way. A big 2 hander is also nice for PVE. Sickle is surprisingly good especially if you are really into nature stuff. There aren't really any bad choices tbh.