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  1. Exactly why you wouldn't make it like shown in the image
  2. Would be nice to get home players in, maybe a timeout where after/during the HOTA these deeds open up and the portals won't work so you can't hide in them Edit: Essentially how other MMOs handle things like this
  3. I could do the dirt order but not sell the crates, where in the north east are you?
  4. Dirtmund Dirt You looking for dirt? Dirtmund has all of your dirt needs, producing the highest qualities of dirt through forced humane and ethical labour. Just to give you a small idea of how high the standars for our produce is, we dig our dirt with only the finest 99ql shovels and transport them in our 99ql rafts and ships. So you've been looking for high quality dirt and was afraid of the price tag, well worry not - we sell our quality dirt at regular quality prices. Worried about the livelihood of diggers? Dirtmund is part of a fair-dirt programme and we directly pay the diggers and their families. So you've seen this thread and don't know what to do out of awe, well, just send me a PM and we can work something out. "So what about them there prices?" you may ask. 1000 Dirt + Transport* = 100 Copper 1000 Dirt + Pick-up = 90 Copper 5000 Dirt + Transport* = 450 Copper 5000 Dirt + Pick-up = 400 Copper 10,000 Dirt + Transport* = 900 Copper 10,000 Dirt + Pick-up = 800 Copper *Transport costs are 2 Copper per tile travelled Prices may vary with the changes in the dirt-economy, our stockbrokers work very hard to keep up with market trends! Dirtmund is located just north of Lormere - and we have a boat canal to give us sea access! If you want to place an order, please PM me or post here!
  5. good thread good community good kingdom join this
  6. This is due to the fact that other games have massive player bases where servers will go down every week for server maintenance, in order to keep them working, and the player base is understanding of this. If we're talking about other games, I've played WoW for 5 years on and off, and while it is a much larger game company, I don't quite remember any random downtime outside of the required maintenance, and I never doubted that my subscription money was being well spent (arguably). Wurm is a much smaller game where the players are much more close to the devs and the nature, and because of the sleep bonus given in the past, it's more than easy to see why some players will expect something back, not like I give a damn about the sleep bonus but the server being down for hours for a reason that atleast, to me is unknown, is terrible.