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  1. Of course, I'd prefer a balance leaning in favor of Depth but not forgetting ease of use as well. The system for Archaeology is a very good example of one that achieves this, I agree. The new (relatively) Fishing system is an example of going to extreme with Depth but I'm pleased the later adjustments offered balance so it's not as bad now as it was at first upgrade installation. Perhaps the most important factor is the user interface. Let there be a relatively easy means of learning by having shortcuts available, but please don't replace the options for players that wish detailed adjustments and decisions available as well. Perhaps toggles in the settings would enable players to choose which view they prefer, but please don't force a 'dumbing down'. Footnote: One frustration existing with the Archaeology system is the volume and weight of fragments required that needs to be added/stored before the final item is complete. If there was some sort of bin that could hold these fragments with noticeably lessened or no decay on an upkeep prepaid deed, that would remove about the only critique I have of Archaeology in Wurm Online. PS: Thank you for posing the question to the Community, Keenan! Such interaction and input can only lead to a better game and enjoyment.
  2. Same here. I still use the old UI option myself.
  3. I agree. This switching different fighting styles is the /only/ thing I don't like about the change in Autofight to what we have now. It used to be hard-locked to whatever fighting style you'd chosen as wanting to use before the fight started. Why not keep that? ...or now, revert it back to doing that.
  4. Also, please keep in mind that characters created through the Steam client can only be played through the Steam client. Likewise, characters created through the standalone Wurm Online client can only be played through that client, and not later through Steam's. You probably already knew this, but I just wanted to emphasize the point.
  5. Am just now watching the video from today, the one where your scout swam to Maple Island. Wonderful views, excellent capturing of the experience! It was my first experience with any of your videos and I have to say I'm very impressed. Thank you for sharing and please don't hesitate continuing the series! I'll likely never take that trip, not even by boat and hiking that trail, so I'm very glad to've been able to experience the journey through the eyes of your scout.
  6. Aegis sounds like a great title for the accomplishment to me!
  7. Or Profit. Remember, there were two co-founders of Wurm Online: Rolf and Notch. Notch 'sold out' to Rolf. What's Notch up to these days?
  8. Trade complete. This thread can be locked.
  9. Please add a click to stretch and expand the view when player decides it to enable seeing the full name.
  10. Pricing and quantity now revised. 10 sleep powders on sale for 1.0 silver coins each (or 10 silver coins for the whole collection at once). I can deliver to locations on the major waterways, but for locations without waterway access you'll need to arrange to meet me to pick them up.
  11. When a for-profit corporation that holds the intellectual property announces to their investors that something will be done, that's going to be a demand issued to those they determine are responsible for doing it.
  12. +1 It'd be a nice quality of life addition for the game. No negatives that I can see other than the amount of time for the developers to add it and verify it works.
  13. I've found you don't even have to pick the snowman up, though that works too. Just do a move 'push/pull' and the snowball will appear. It's a trick I learned over a year ago when my own snowmen's not producing snowballs puzzled me and someone told me what to try. But if that doesn't immediately show a snowball for you, try Shydow's solution.
  14. I agree the item storage limit in banks needs to be increased, but I feel 25 as the limit is too much. The note about income from the sale of large and small magic chests is very relevant. My suggestion is for the limit on all bank accounts to go from 5 to 10. Much more reasonable, in my opinion, and a good balance. It'd apply to both non-prem and prem. Having different limits for premium characters vs non-premium characters would just be a big headache when players mistakenly let their premium expire for some unforseen circumstance and find half the valuable items they'd stored in the bank are suddenly gone forever.
  15. I agree that having the call for "help" from guards would be a nice quick button icon on the quickbar. No need to waste a keyboard key with a bind for *all* players, just give them that button to click on the UI. Much more obvious for new player eyes.
  16. Part of the releasing a map dump process is reviewing it to see if any of the displays show any in-game terraformer's intent of displaying any 'rude' text or symbols as well. That takes time, so it's not simply the time required for the digital dump of the data.
  17. Here's a special new addition for new players starting out around the Heartland starter town: Donkeys! If you'd like one and you've started at Heartland and so are in that general area, I can deliver to there so you'll be able to have an animal to ride. No charge, these will be given free. Just remember the good deed and help out other new players in the future. If you're in Harmony and see Tantris showing in CA Help, you can in-game message me with a /tell Tantris I'd like a donkey pls! It'd be good if you can work on gathering some logs to cut into planks and shafts and gather some iron for crafting nails too, so you can craft at some place off the claimed area for your own donkey pen (don't forget to craft one section as a gate so it's not walled in). For players who've had a chance to settle in a little more, my post above still applies so you can let me know you're interested and get some other animals too, for free, to start out with.
  18. UPDATE: Unfortunately they've now locked the submissions thread, so sadly it looks like you missed the chance to submit your entry there, SirEvo.
  19. Hi SirEvo, You unfortunately posted your entry in the thread that's for discussing the contest, not the actual submissions thread. Please repost your entry in this thread: Creative Constructs Submissions Thread . Good luck!
  20. I've got some Sleep Powders for sale with Zoltan at Fort Buda deed, Independance (50x,7y on community map). 10 sleep powders on hand with the option open for you to buy a total of 30 sleep powders. 1.2 silver coins each for my delivering to a coastal location in the Southern Freedom Isles (except no deliveries to Chaos). 1.1 silver coins each if you wish to pick them up (my deed, Fort Buda on the catseye highways, has a port to meet at). Addendum: PM me here (Tristanc on forum) to arrange any deals.
  21. I know I'm in favor of a straight-up genetic trait hereditary system, as found in RL models of dominant and recessive traits odds of being inherited based upon the traits of both parents. Aa + Bb -> AB or Ab or aB or ab and all that....
  22. Dandelion's the only donkey I've bred so far.
  23. Not sure if you knew or not, but grazing animals can't feed themselves by grazing on grass tiles that have bushes or trees. Bush and tree tiles can't be grazed. Now if the Animal Update changed something so that grazing animals can 'harvest' fruit/nuts/berries from trees or bushes, or eat the bushes/trees themselves, it'd be a surprise as no information was given about such a change.
  24. Thank you very much, developers, for the release of this patch! By the items listed, it looks like this will go a long way in both correcting some issues introduced in the Animals Update and even fixes a couple longstanding issues such as renaming items on the ground. In total, it looks good!