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  1. Cadence is bigger than Melody and newer, so I'd expect that would be your choice for PvE animal hunting.
  2. Wemp?

    Family-friendly ratings. Ratings boards will automatically give a strike to games that have content they view as counter to their idea of forbidding glamourization of or inclusion of 'drugs'. Also, please don't refer further to hemp plants in this thread. The same sorts of issues can cross the line here in the forum as well regarding substances which are illegal in certain countries with regard to topics/references in the forum as well. Forum rules aren't negotiable in this regard. Referencing wemp is fine, discussion of wemp is fine, but please honour the request not to tie it to any plants existing out of the game.
  3. Eir

    Build the Tich statues by the water to honour her.
  4. Large planters require a Carpentry skill of 70, so really not viable for a reasonably new character.
  5. Most players create their deeds with having slightly more than 1 silver / month as their upkeep. Unless you're establishing a big colony, you rarely need a huge amount. My deed on Independance, Fort Buda, which if I remember correctly is close to 22x22, has a deed maintenance of around 1.30 silver coins/month. (I could go do the calculations to get the precise amount and dimensions, but I'm to lazy to seek such precision at the moment.) Added note: Removing the spirit templar saved alot of coin and let me expand the deed to make up for it. Consider the presence of spirit templars as part of deed upkeep if you have them.
  6. WMADD LatLng(410.623206, 395.625)=Heartland ; Starter town
  7. A settlement deed with at least a month's worth of upkeep kept prepaid sounds like it's a good choice for you, unless the $$$ cost of buying the silver to maintain that upkeep is really not an option for you due to iRL circumstances. The reason I suggest a deed is that you mention you have limited time online to be able to engage in Wurm Online, and if you're building your homestead off-deed you'll need to very regularly spend time repairing the building and any fencing. If on a deed with at least 30 days' upkeep stored up, you'll not have to repair any buildings/structures at all. So it's a matter of your personal circumstances as a player to judge the trade off there of ease and enjoyment of gameplay vs having money to spend on the game (the cost isn't very much, but I won't presume to know your financial situation). As a player, though, I have to say the benefits of a deed are pretty strong as they enable me to enjoy doing the aspects of Wurm Online that don't involve staying at the deed and repairing all the fences and buildings as regular maintenance. Footnote: You can also try building your cottage to live out of for now in a spot where it'd be good to create a deed later, postponing that until you've had a chance to experience the game further and see if you'd enjoy it long-term. Likewise, you don't really need to go premium until your skills start to reach the teens. 20 is the max skill level you can reach without ever going premium (and max for characteristics too, never having gone premium). But when you do decide to try premium for your character, the first-time-premium-only option are an excellent deal.
  8. WMADD LatLng(399.259311, 464.5)=Sanderling Priory;
  9. When Wurm Online staff or a special event gives out bonus hours of Sleep Bonus, the max is 10 hours for those events. So if your SB was all used up, you'd get a full +10 hours Sleep Bonus in Retrograde's special bonus from Code Club this time. If you had a max of 5 hours Sleep Bonus already, you'd still get an added 5 hours of it for a total of 10 after this event.
  10. All characters, premium or not, have a 'bank' they can store 5 non-food items in without any decay at all. At a deed token, right-click and choose the 'bank' option. Just drag the item/s in that you want saved. As I said, it can't hold more than five items max. That aspect won't ever change. Having an alternate character that does nothing but act as inventory storage can also work as well as bank another five items.
  11. I haven't logged in to check, but I know the winter patch (done every ingame Winter to give the snow-covered winter view of the game) is due any day now. You might have experienced that patch.
  12. You might want to edit: to read: Dogs, Chickens and Pigs however will require you to either hand feed them, or to leave a pile of appropriate food out. Sheep graze.
  13. My chickens are doing well on Harmony and though the hatching from a fertile egg % is low, I've managed to grow enough so they've filled 2 1/2 1x2 pens now from an original single chicken and one I found running wild. I don't use coops. Ever. The key for getting them to lay eggs is to put out a lot of food for them (I do 2 chickens per 1x2 pen, and try to keep 18 mixed grass cuttings in each pen). The mixed grass cuttings are easy to get with a sickle and don't need to wait till a farm crop grows. Just be warned that you need generally QL >12 cuttings as chickens (or pigs, or anything else) will eat 100 QL 1.0 cuttings in a day. Yes, QL of the food is key for how long it lasts in the pile. Every day I connect I collect the eggs. Infertile go into an FSB for cooking, fertiles get set in a seperate pen where my single rooster is exiled (so as not to have any new eggs laid there that would mix with the fertile eggs). One big advantage of not using coops is that all the eggs will be QL 99. Coops eggs QL is maxed at the QL of the coop. I hope this helps offer you success in your hopes for chickens. Remember, the key to egg-laying is keeping them well-fed with piles of food.
  14. New Player

    I know you didn't want to wade through dozens of wurmpedia wiki pages, but here's one link you might want to check out as a guide: Your First Days in Wurm Online
  15. Kings Coffers

    I got a rare silver coin for killing/burying a troll. The game's clearly working now on Harmony.
  16. Zexos, making lumps out of ore in an open campfire nerfs the Quality of the resulting metal lumps. It's much better to do it in a forge if the quality of the metal is something you're aiming for. RE:
  17. From my experience on Harmony, wild bison are harder to find than wild horses.
  18. Thank you for correcting the banner. It now reads 2020-09-24, as it should.
  19. Afraid the date's wrong in the website's banner announcing the Pristine migration. I do not believe that you intended it to be 2020-09-04, which was nineteen days ago.
  20. +1 to black sheep giving black wool It's only natural, and 'wogic' isn't a complement.
  21. I'd encourage anyone who wants to play casually to simply not try to rush. If your skill's not over a certain level in a certain amount of time? No problem! Just take longer and enjoy the game experience. PvE Wurm isn't competitive and I know from my own style and experience I certainly don't play it as if it were. Much surprise was found in someone who'd asked me what levels of skills I had when I told them how long I'd been playing the character. Please let the experience matter most, not the timetable.
  22. To make it simple, if you used the game through Steam to create a character, it'll always have to be played using the Steam release of the Wurm Online client. If you created a character using the stand-alone Wurm Online client (that doesn't use Steam), you'll always need to use that to play that character. Part of the reason is using the Steam version ties your Steam-ID to the character, using the standalone WO client has you use a password instead. And yeah, the two different Freedom Isles clusters (North and South) aren't tied to either one of the versions of the client. You can generate a character and choose a server with either.
  23. Personally I'd recommend tending the farm tiles once every day. Some might not need it, due to randomness, but it's a good trend to follow. That'll get your Farming skill up and make sure you can harvest for the best results. Your farming skill definitely is a factor in how much you harvest in the tile, though it's not immediately noticeable with each gain in skill. You'll notice better yields by tending more often over time, though, especially as your skill goes up.
  24. Welcome back to Independance, Wildelf. I hope you succeed in creating a wonderful forested elven glade overlooking a beautiful lake there as you plan to!