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  1. Was the tutorial server. Hasn't been used for any kind of tutorial server since Haven's Landing was created on Independance to provide that function. No new characters can be created on Golden Valley, now. It's basically empty except for those characters who were created there before it was cut off for gameplay outside the walled tutorials that chose not to go through the portals to what's the 'real world' now of the Freedom Isles.
  2. Moxie's expressed an interest in the now-adolescent male bison plus a young female bison I more recently bred, so I'm afraid the offer is closed unless for some reason Moxie changes their mind. I do have a large herd of animals on my farm/ranch, so if anyone would like cattle, sheep, or perhaps more bison feel free to let me know to see if we can work something out. I've champion dogs as well (legacy animals no longer able to be found in the wild in Wurm Online), but afraid those require a custom order in advance for ingame silver upon delivery. UPDATE: Moxie picked up her two bison, so none left to give away now. If a newer player would like me to breed a free farm animal for them to get started with, contact Zoltan on Independance at Fort Buda.
  3. Just a note of possible correction: Fort Buda is on the NNE of Independance, community map coords 50x,7y. Thanks, though expect it was just a typo.
  4. As thread title suggests, I've a young male bison at my deed at Fort Buda that I'm willing to give away to a player that's looking to have bison in their farm/ranch. The bison has a single negative trait (missmatched hind legs) with all the other traits positive (mainly speed bonus traits), so it's a good start for a someone who wants to try out having bison to pull their carts or to breed. The one negative trait can be bred out of the line over a new generation to come. The father of the bison is a Beefalo, though unfortunately that trait isn't passed down to it. Let me know ingame (as Zoltan) or feel free to respond here or through PM if you're interested. Fort Buda is at the far northnortheast of Independance, so not an easy trip for a brand new player just starting out. A new farmer with some experience seeking to add bison to their deed should be able to work out a way to get it home, though. UPDATE: Bison is now adolescent, soon to be able to breed. Still available to a good home.
  5. As mayor of Fort Buda, I'd like to announce that Fort Buda has now been linked by cat's eye highway to Athas, south of it. Fort Buda's already been on the non-catseye map so I'd just like it to be added to this map with the added length of cat's eye highway added to both maps. Fort Buda's at 50x,7y on the maps. I've asked an excellent road-builder, the mayor of Athas, who greatly assisted in building the linking highway to post and attach a map showing the exact route for the inclusion on the map. Thanks!
  6. Same thing happened to me just an hour ago on Independance. Decided to use an old rowing boat I'd not made use of for probably over a year. Got in, raised the anchor. All looked fine with the mooring anchor in the hold with zero decay damage. Picked it up and moved it into my inventory. It was just a quick boat trip, for less than 15 minutes. I got out, got what I'd made the trip to pick up, got back in and was rowing the quick trip back to the dock I planned to moor at. Noticed the anchor was no longer in my inventory, no longer in the rowing boat's hold. Disappeared as Furek described above. Fortunately I didn't mind just driving the rowing boat into the sand to disembark, but now its mooring anchor is gone. The anchor was maybe ql 27 if I recall correctly and had no damage. It was named 'Zoltan', I believe. So Furek, you're not the only one it's been happening to.
  7. I also have Intel "on-board" graphics. Be sure to go into Settings under the Compatibiltiy tab and set GLSL Support to Disabled. Do the same for FBO Support as well, setting it to Disabled. Just about everyone using Intel graphics to play Wurm Online has had similar issues as you. Try this out and please respond to let us know whether that fixed your very low FPS. I know I had to. Thanks.
  8. I'm getting the exact same view as Mrmorlanius with my PC setup. The stone slab and cobblestone paved roads are an ugly blue, and on grass tiles what should be green grass background is instead a light gray bareness (at least when relatively close). We were discussing the issue on CA Help at about the same time and from there I suggested the player post the screenshot here in this thread. This screen view coloring has been the case since the latest patch, so very likely related to HDR in some way. (Note: this view is from AFTER the Halloween night 'fix' patch) ^ console.Zoltan.txt above
  9. I can confirm this crashing is still happening even after the latest patch. It's reproducible. To set conditions, be sure to have nothing saved (null) as value in cut & paste even before starting the client. Start Wurm Online from native client. While in game, click in chat tab to go into chat mode. Do a Cntrl-V without cutting or copying anything into the paste value first. Client will instantly crash out. The following is the console log in the test case I just performed: NOTE: LWJGL] GLFW_FORMAT_UNAVAILABLE error Description : Win32: Failed to convert clipboard to string: The operation completed successfully. When the clipboard is empty (NULL), and a Cntrl-V is done in chat tab, client crashes out to Windows. This is in the latest patch of the native client for Wurm Online, as was true before the latest patch as well.
  10. With today's update, I tested it out in Low-mem native client. It works! Issue's been resolved and I thank Samool for putting his attention as a developer to this fix. Please consider the issue resolved (no reason to think that the full native client wouldn't be fixed as well) and thread can be marked accordingly.
  11. Finnn, Czar is talking about the original Golden Valley setup which was not a walled-off closed-in tutorial. It was before your time. As one of those old veterans from before the time Golden Valley as an open server was cut off from new players being able to join there, I can empathize fully with his memory of how it was. At the time, ALL non-prem characters were limited to Golden Valley (with the entire server open to them) and you could only go through the portal to either Freedom (PvE) or Wild (PvP) by becoming premium. That's all changed, as it had changed by the time you'd had joined, so when you created Finnn all you saw of Golden Valley was of a server name where the walled-in tutorial was that you could only leave by taking a portal out to choose one of the 'full' servers. That tutorial system has all changed now with Haven's Landing, and I think that's for the better for new players than the walled-in tutorial, but in knowing how Golden Valley was as an open learning experience in years before that Czar addresses I can certainly sympathize with his suggestion. Here's a good thread giving some details if you'd like to see players explaining how Golden Valley was in the past: Brief History of Golden Valley and its Shutdown for a New Player
  12. This applies to both the full client in the new launcher as well as the low-mem option in the new launcher. Install's fine, launches fine, but in actually playing in the native launcher the 'view scrolling' using the numeric keypad of the keyboard fails. It works perfectly fine under the JNLP client. This forces me to no longer be able to turn to look in a different direction without moving in that direction in the client if the JNLP version becomes no longer available, which is a major nerf to gameplay. With the JNLP, I can use the directional keys in the numeric keypad ( 8 = up, 2 = down, 4 = left, 6 = right ) to scroll the view. With the native clients, only the seperate Page Down and Page Up keys allow the possibility of looking up or down, and the seperate arrow keys located in a different area of the keyboard are the only options for turn left and turn right (the up and down arrow keys there don't allow looking up or looking down). Keyboard is a Logitech, OS is Windows 7.
  13. Venerable fat male black horse found: Flintflash Cared for by Jackbim, so I'm guessing that's who the owner is (or an alt, at least). It was in the water at the southern edge of the Independance map, so I'm presuming it was perhaps lost with the owner trying to lead it behind a boat that crossed servers there. Anyways, if anyone knows the player for Jackbim and can pass on word for them to contact me, that's be appreciated. All Jackbim would need to do is pick the horse up by contacting me to arrange it. Fort Buda, my deed, is on the community map of Independance on the far northnortheast coast. (contact Tristanc on forum PM, or Zoltan @ Independance). The horse had no saddle or gear, but otherwise is in full health and ready to go. NOTE: It was found last week
  14. All the clay needed has been obtained. Thanks to SmeJack for the generous offer! If any new-ish players on Independance see me on (as Zoltan), feel free to /t Zoltan hello and let me know if there's any PvE / character development area you need help in.
  15. Thanks, SmeJack, I really appreciate it! I'm afraid I've had no contacts about it other than your post. If I remember correctly, your deed is somewhere along a main road west of Freedom Market? The name of the deed escapes me, if you could remind me of it. Would there be a bin I could pick some clay up there with perms set to allow it? Also, for other players, the offer still stands. If you're new and would like a helping-hand and some gear, I'd be willing to provide you with a large cart, new shovel (30+ QL), and a small crate in advance in return for you digging up 100 clay for me. The cart's full ownership would be transferred to you so you'd have the means to store your gear safely, access locked to your name, and even a small crate to use for hauling around raw materials to help you build your own place when you choose. All in return for 100 clay you can dig with the shovel I'll provide and build up your Digging skill. (you can use the small crate to store the clay you dig on the large cart) Zoltan's my current primary character on Independance you can reach me at or leave a reply here or PM Tristanc in the forum.
  16. Thanks, Ayes, for the corrective note! Yes, at the time before Golden Valley was closed off from access except for a walled-off tutorial, the only Freedom Isles transfer gate sent the character to Samling in Independance, with The Howl not created yet. Samling's where I first appeared on Independance when I sent my original character off Golden Valley through the gate, and my friends I'd made on Golden Valley and I made use of a starter/newbie village near Samling run by the original Gumbo's player. Gumbo later created a village to help new characters when the Independance spawn was moved from Samling to the Howl, showing how veteran players can make a difference for those just starting out.
  17. As someone who also still has a reasonably *active* character on Golden Valley, I can say that atazs largely has it right in that post. The very first paragraph, though, is no longer accurate with the introduction of Haven's Landing on Independance as the point where a brand new character first enters the game. Originally, Golden Valley had the tutorial area around New Dawn (all deeds were staff-created as players at that time couldn't create their own) with easy steps a brand new player could learn the game from by cutting some trees, sawing some planks and cutting some shafts, and creating a mallet by following the directions. I believe it also included learning mining and metalwork at a mine with an iron vein and forges nearby just off the E-W highway at New Dawn. That highway was called 'Amnesty Road' and connected the three starter towns of Glitterdale, New Dawn, and First Light. It wasn't "a fenced area with no way of getting out", there was just the fence around the forested timbercutting part of the casual tutorial with an opening to get out to explore the rest of Golden Valley and learn at the blacksmithing part or visit the merchant to buy tools to give you a bit of a head start. In those days, only premium characters could portal off Golden Valley into Independance (PvE) or Wild (PvP), so Golden Valley was exclusively the place for those who'd not signed up for Premium and the great staffers that hung around to offer their assistance to those new players (and others who'd remained). The walled-in fenced tutorials came after the main body of Golden Valley was closed off to new players, starting with 'Kings Academy' (the one with just signs you walked through till finally reaching the portal to the Freedom Isles or Wild/Chaos). When the change came (many years ago, about 10 years by now) that allowed non-premium into Independance server, players on GV were given the chance to pass through portals taking what they could in their inventory to join the premium players on Freedom (Independance) or PvP on Wild (currently known as Chaos and now linked to the Freedom Isles instead of existing seperately). At the time, Independance was the only PvE server in the 'full game' and new players spawned in the Howl after going through the walled-off new tutorial on GV known as Kings Academy. Rolf generously stated that those players who wished to remain on GV as sorts of exiles would be allowed to, though no longer actively supported. That's why there are still some characters existing on Golden Valley. A lonely existence as wilderness hermits limited to having 20 as the max skill and characteristic level and forced to effectively be non-premium, for sure. Some players there in the past sold off these legacy characters for silvers in the forum for a few years afterwards for a profit. Not something I'd encourage now, though, with the time that's passed and changes that could be expected. Anyways, by doing a Google search you can find some of the old Golden Valley maps on unofficial sites. 'Golden Valley map', etc. These all used to be in the Wurmpedia but were removed a few years past. PC Gamer magazine, which in those years past used to actively cover Wurm Online, had its own active village settlement on GV. With the transfer to Independance, they left the old one behind and started anew on Independance on the east coast of Colossus Lake (called PCG Freedom Village ). As for the logic behind closing off the old Golden Valley and the reasons behind it, Code Club's posted explanations in the forum dating to the time of the event. I'd not expect any return to the way it was on GV, for the reasons they've stated, but I can say for myself as one who's been active since first spawning there, it was a strong part of what drew me to Wurm Online as a player.
  18. Hello Independance players, particularly newer ones that might be looking for a task they can do for a little help in return. I'm seeking clay, about 200+ units of it. Quality doesn't matter, so if your Digging skill is low it's no big deal. If you're a veteran player, and not really in need of gear, I can offer a healthy (no negative traits) venerable *CHAMPION* dog for trade. I'd recommend switching it over to be cared-for by you when we make the trade. These are uniques. They do not naturally spawn in the game and are only available from those who've already had them from breeding pairs years ago before the change (like me). If you're a newer player (champion dogs really won't quite be up your alley yet at that stage), I can give you a large cart (with a lock giving you full permissions), a 30+ QL shovel, and a small crate that will enable you to use to obtain the clay in advance. The actual formal ownership of the large cart will be transfered to you upon delivery of the clay (I can pick it up at Haven's Landing or any seaport that's convenient to you on Independance). The cart, shovel, and small crate would be yours to keep, and I'd be willing to help out with Improving tools or crafting you additional tools if you're in need of further help. Interested players should PM me here to arrange details, or /t Zoltan in-game if we're on. My request is that this post remains in the Independance subforum as it's offered as a service not an item sale.
  19. Costello, with a fishing net it really is key to try to fish in *shallow water*, not just water that appears to be not so deep because it's near the shore (but has a steep drop-off). Also, with the fishing net, try fishing in the water of a cave canal. You'll be able to catch fish there that aren't able to be caught anywhere else. I've not had good luck with the fishing spear, and terrible luck with the rod & reel, but after being told about the deepish water issue with the fishing net I have no problem catching numbers of tiny fish with that. The fishing net isn't useless in deeper water, just alot less effective with many more attempts required. When it does catch something there it'll have a good chance of being a clam for hidden treats inside the shell. I hope this helps!
  20. Daryan_AT, I just wanted to add my appreciation for your work on the South Haven Canal connecting South Haven's Lake and Crystal Lake. It's very beautifully done and designed and it was a pleasure sailing through it after my visit to Haven's Landing last month. From its style and appearance, it's clearly very distinct from the seperate canal that connects South Haven's Lake and Elysian Bay. Thank you for your work and a Very Well Done!
  21. Glad I was able to help get your character converted to Fo, Baramor! Not many of us Fo-worshippers out there in some areas.
  22. Looks like I missed you being on (posting this 3 hours after your post), but if you're northeast Independance and would like a Fo conversion and see my character Zoltan on, /tell Zoltan to let me know and I'll give you one. Zoltan lives at Fort Buda deed, which is on the western shore of that bay on the north coast of northeastern Independance. If you're unable to work out getting converted, send me a PM here and we can try to schedule a date/time to arrange it.
  23. Myself and another exile on Golden Valley (where Premium isn't possible for characters) tested this out. You don't just need 20+ Fighting skill to repair a tower, you have to have Premium active at the time as well. There's a message that will specifically tell you that when you have Fighting Skill slightly over 20 with a non-prem character. In my personal opinion, while this might be a good limitation for PvP servers (Epic and Chaos), I'd suggest that it be reverted to not apply on strictly PvE servers (the other Freedom Isles).
  24. I've had to resort to keeping my fishing nets and fish keep nets inside my inventory before I log off. The damage from decay was directly noticeable if they were just left in a container in a house on a deed. Talking about QL 20+ here, not just crude very low quality nets. As they're tools, keeping in inventory (no decay) is the quick fix for players until this issue is resolved.
  25. If you're only catching a few clams when you're using a fishing net, and no actual fish, then it's definitely that you're fishing in 'salt water' with a deep drop-off from shore. This has been noted in a previous thread I'd contributed to where clams were the only catch that I was getting at my dock on the northnortheast shore of Independance. What you need to do with the fishing net is try to find some very shallow water, ideally a freshwater lake or a cave canal. The cave canal lets you catch minnows with a net (that's about the only way to catch a minnow, really). To pull in bunches of actual fish, the best place for fishing with a fishing net is a freshwater lake (not the big ocean that surrounds the continents or its bays) or a reasonably-sized pond. From my experience, you tend to catch alot of perch, bream, and sardines with a fishing net in those places. Note about the catches: What I described above with the sardines, bream, and perch was with a fishing skill of about 16-17 in a shallow freshwater lake. 2-3 fish per cast of the net.