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  1. From my experience on Harmony, wild bison are harder to find than wild horses.
  2. Thank you for correcting the banner. It now reads 2020-09-24, as it should.
  3. Afraid the date's wrong in the website's banner announcing the Pristine migration. I do not believe that you intended it to be 2020-09-04, which was nineteen days ago.
  4. +1 to black sheep giving black wool It's only natural, and 'wogic' isn't a complement.
  5. I'd encourage anyone who wants to play casually to simply not try to rush. If your skill's not over a certain level in a certain amount of time? No problem! Just take longer and enjoy the game experience. PvE Wurm isn't competitive and I know from my own style and experience I certainly don't play it as if it were. Much surprise was found in someone who asked me what levels of skills I had when I told them how long I'd been playing the character. Please let the experience matter most, not the timetable.
  6. To make it simple, if you used the game through Steam to create a character, it'll always have to be played using the Steam release of the Wurm Online client. If you created a character using the stand-alone Wurm Online client (that doesn't use Steam), you'll always need to use that to play that character. Part of the reason is using the Steam version ties your Steam-ID to the character, using the standalone WO client has you use a password instead. And yeah, the two different Freedom Isles clusters (North and South) aren't tied to either one of the versions of the client. You can generate a character and choose a server with either.
  7. Personally I'd recommend tending the farm tiles once every day. Some might not need it, due to randomness, but it's a good trend to follow. That'll get your Farming skill up and make sure you can harvest for the best results. Your farming skill definitely is a factor in how much you harvest in the tile, though it's not immediately noticeable with each gain in skill. You'll notice better yields by tending more often over time, though, especially as your skill goes up.
  8. Welcome back to Independance, Wildelf. I hope you succeed in creating a wonderful forested elven glade overlooking a beautiful lake there as you plan to!
  9. You start leading an old fat horse 'Abel'. Horses like this one have many uses. It is being taken care of by Gaulhau. She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. This creature could use some grooming. Its colour is grey. Gaulhau, if you'd like her back please contact me through PM here (Tristanc) or in-game on Harmony as Tantris. I'll keep her for you on Sanderling Priory deed till you're able to arrange a pick-up with me. Together we can work out some way of arranging a meeting for you to get/recieve her. Sanderling Priory is on the forum community map on the waterfront of a cove. No payment or anything like that needed, I don't mind helping out others in the community.
  10. Also, just to clarify, though it's common for some players to refer to the new set of Northern Freedom Isles servers as 'Steam servers', in reality they're not. Any player can create a new character to play on one of the newer servers whether they're using the new Steam client or not. It's just that once you create a character using the Steam client, that character can only be played with the Steam client. Likewise, creating a character under the traditional standalone client means that character can only be played with the traditional standalone client. I believe the confusion of 'steam servers' came about because the opening of the new set of Northern Freedom Isles servers coincided with the release of the Steam client, but they're in no way tied to it (or vice-versa).
  11. From Bree Royce in comments on the website's article (journal entry #2) : <sarcasm on> Does that mean congratulations, Wurm Online community, you showed them??? <sarcasm off> That was one of the very few articles about Wurm Online since the Steam addition that was paying the game any attention. I have to say I'm sadly disappointed as a player and community member in the interactions that led to that result. Thank you KatsPurr and Retrograde for making the effort to mediate and offer encouragement.
  12. If the horses had been branded, a formal claim of ownership, they'd not have been able to be taken even off-deed. There's a reason there's a limit to how many animals a deed (based on deed size) can have branded to that deed. It's to curb 'hoarding' of animals.
  13. I can't wait for the formal completion of the East Heartland Highway to reach all the way to the waterway to the east of Heartland with catseyes. The only break has been around the settlements south of the Three Ponds (as I call them), where the 2-lane straight paved road is broken up. I'm not sure what the deeds there have planned.
  14. I tend to do my tamings in a fenced 1x2 pen with a gate locked to me or my deedmates. If I fumble the animal taming and it attacks, all I do is back out through the gate, do 'no target' ASAP after that, and do other stuff further away till the horse in the pen cools off to non-aggro.
  15. Starter tents won't decay on deed if the person who owns the tent is a citizen of the deed. One thing you can do is remove the person from the deed so they're no longer a citizen and the tent should start to decay.