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  1. Don't forget the older meaning as used in the early 20th century of 'rumble seat'. It was a fold-out seat in the very back of the vehicle where one could sit exposed outside of the cab. Just now looking it up, I see they were called 'dickie seats' in the UK, so rumble seat was the American term. The rumble of the sound of the engine and environment when seated exposed outside, I suppose, is why that name was chosen.
  2. I still like my original suggestions of 'Ferocity' for PvP and 'Fellowship' for PvE. Those seem very consistant with the existing norms of server naming, though there've been some very good offerings of names by others as well that would be fine names.
  3. Just to emphasize for new players or veteran players reinstalling Wurm Online: There is no seperate 'Download' option to get Wurm Online to install. You click 'Play' on the main Wurm Online webpage to get the options to download and install if you don't already have it installed.
  4. The Wurmpedia is your best friend for info about the game. Bookmark in your browser. Essentially every piece of info about Wurm Online including tutorials, items, skills, actions are in there. Even players who've been around for years and years keep it bookmarked and refer back to the wurmpedia from time to time.
  5. That's why when I fish/ed with a fishing net, I tended to fish just outside of the opening of the cave canal if there's a shallow part there before it gets into a deeper body of water to get a better variety of fish. Not sure which fish are useable as bait beyond the minnow but I'd be interested in hearing if anyone knows. One goal of mine, I guess, is to spear a 'Wurmfish' in a cave, too.
  6. The key is use the net in VERY shallow water, not merely close to shore. If that's done, it's easy to catch fish in the fishing net as I have experience doing it with a character that's actually never been premium and so has Fishing max'd at 20. As was previously suggested, sites of cave canals are good for using fishing nets as they're generally as shallow as needed. Also note that all fish caught with a fishing net will be very small-sized, unable to be cut into fillets. That's the reason after my fishing skill got more towards 25 I switched to a long spear for spear fishing. The Reel&Rod fishing system in Wurm Online disappoints me, I'm afraid, so right now I tend to stick them with a sharp pointy weapon instead.
  7. Why not free cows? They CAN ride them, and if they don't wish to lead an animal home to a pasture because they have neither pasture nor home yet (true new characters don't), they could at least be available for milking which needs only a wooden bucket.
  8. The lag on Xanadu is based on the size of the map, not the digital server setup hosting it. As such, my personal opinion is that you won't find much change in terms of lowering lag in the future. For other servers, they pretty much all have less lag than than Xanadu. Moving might help satisfy your gameplay desires more, and I'm sure you can find a great spot on any number of them. Even Independance, the oldest of the PvE servers still functioning in the open, has open mountainside coastal areas in the central north coast with steep slopes that can be terraformed if that's a desired topography for you.
  9. I think I went with 'Ferocity' for PvP, and 'Fellowship' for PvE.
  10. I'd encourage all for whom it's reasonably possible to show up at the Impalong just to experience what one is like. I'm sure you'd be able to get one of your tools improved to a very nice quality level and there's no payment required! Impalongs aren't just for those doing the imp'ing. It's for the community as well, to share the experience and whatever special events are put on as well.
  11. Steamers use the Steam forum for the games.
  12. And you should look at what's needed for crafting a 'large planter'. They're required for growing mushrooms underground. 70 carpentry skill is need for creation. (That 'needed' typo is in the wurmpedia, I just cut&pasted.)
  13. I can confirm that I've had terrible luck for miscarriages in the past when I had pregnant animals off-deed. Do beware, and for certain keep your breeding females on-deed with a > 15 tiles/animals ratio.
  14. Question: Why did you post this in the Jackal subforum? Just curious, as you can't transport animals from Freedom to the Jackal system as far as I know. Suggestion: You should post it to this Freedom Market thread .
  15. That's because the affinity given for a given recipe varies from one character to the next.