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  1. Looking for Fo conversion

    Glad I was able to help get your character converted to Fo, Baramor! Not many of us Fo-worshippers out there in some areas.
  2. Looking for Fo conversion

    Looks like I missed you being on (posting this 3 hours after your post), but if you're northeast Independance and would like a Fo conversion and see my character Zoltan on, /tell Zoltan to let me know and I'll give you one. Zoltan lives at Fort Buda deed, which is on the western shore of that bay on the north coast of northeastern Independance. If you're unable to work out getting converted, send me a PM here and we can try to schedule a date/time to arrange it.
  3. Myself and another exile on Golden Valley (where Premium isn't possible for characters) tested this out. You don't just need 20+ Fighting skill to repair a tower, you have to have Premium active at the time as well. There's a message that will specifically tell you that when you have Fighting Skill slightly over 20 with a non-prem character. In my personal opinion, while this might be a good limitation for PvP servers (Epic and Chaos), I'd suggest that it be reverted to not apply on strictly PvE servers (the other Freedom Isles).
  4. I've had to resort to keeping my fishing nets and fish keep nets inside my inventory before I log off. The damage from decay was directly noticeable if they were just left in a container in a house on a deed. Talking about QL 20+ here, not just crude very low quality nets. As they're tools, keeping in inventory (no decay) is the quick fix for players until this issue is resolved.
  5. New Fishing System Advice Wanted

    If you're only catching a few clams when you're using a fishing net, and no actual fish, then it's definitely that you're fishing in 'salt water' with a deep drop-off from shore. This has been noted in a previous thread I'd contributed to where clams were the only catch that I was getting at my dock on the northnortheast shore of Independance. What you need to do with the fishing net is try to find some very shallow water, ideally a freshwater lake or a cave canal. The cave canal lets you catch minnows with a net (that's about the only way to catch a minnow, really). To pull in bunches of actual fish, the best place for fishing with a fishing net is a freshwater lake (not the big ocean that surrounds the continents or its bays) or a reasonably-sized pond. From my experience, you tend to catch alot of perch, bream, and sardines with a fishing net in those places. Note about the catches: What I described above with the sardines, bream, and perch was with a fishing skill of about 16-17 in a shallow freshwater lake. 2-3 fish per cast of the net.
  6. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    Any chance a link can be provided that doesn't use Google drive? It seems to be incompatible with my system. Thanks.
  7. Goblin leader slaying

    I wasn't able to be a par of it, but here's a big cheer for holding a public unique slaying. Cheers to Oblivionreaver!
  8. Petition to change...

    -1 Some of us don't play Wurm Online to experience immersion-breaking puns and comedy from the UI and game code.
  9. Do you like the new fishing system?

    Yes, pearls are a new item from the fishing patch. No, I've not gotten any either but there's a random chance for it from each clam.
  10. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I believe I can shed some light on Sasyncon's catches with his fishing net. We both were fishing at the same location and all I caught there were clams as well. The spot is the Fort Buda docks, northnortheast coast of Independance. That area of the north coast is mostly steep cliffs and steep slopes descending down to relatively deep water immediately at the coastline. The docks (actually a man-made quay) drop off at the end into sand & dirt with a line of kelp tiles into the ocean. No freshwater nearby. From what I understand, using a fishing net in deep water (can't use it from a boat, ever, so this type of terrain is about the only place you can use a fishing net in deep water) mainly results in catches of clams, thus Sasnycon's and my experiences of only catching clams using a fishing net at the location. In my latest session, I experimented by taking a boat down to the Colossus Lake North tunnel and used a fishing net inside there (from the underground shore, as can't fish with one from a boat). My catches from inside the tunnel-canal were exclusively minnows, no clams. The evidence leads to the conclusion that the site that you're fishing at, whether it's freshwater or saltwater, deep or shallow, underground or not, plays a very big role in what you catch with a fishing net. It would also seem that the game's definition of deep water for fishing isn't exclusively the middle of the ocean and includes some relatively moderate depths. Addendum: All of the above said, I'd still definitely recommend crafting a fishing net as the first tool to use for fishing by a starter character. The fish caught won't be big in terms of supplying food, but it's alot less stress when first getting to understand the game than the other two methods of fishing (spearfishing and rod&reel fishing) and still supplies some skill gain.
  11. Crashing at login attempt after fishing patch

    Confirmed. Game works and able to successfully log in with the servers as they are now. Please consider this issue resolved and this thread can be closed. My advice would be to please place a notification on the game login screen notifications window when there are issues with the server not being ready yet after a patch like this in the future. Not all players instantly check the forums that are trying to log in to play Wurm Online.
  12. All attempts to run Wurm Online and log in as a character are resulting in a instant crash when the Wurm Online launch window attempts to login the character. Cleared the JAVA cache, still happened. Updated to the latest version of JAVA, still happens. Here's the log console log for Fortbuda, the character I've been attempting to log in as:
  13. WTS Champion Dog - female

    Mature female Champion dog for sale, 5 silvers Bred to minimize traits so good to start a fresh breeding program. Only has the good trait, " It has a certain spark in its eyes " (lives longer) , with no negative traits. Available for oceanfront pickup at Fort Buda deed, Independance. I'm afraid at this time I can't do deliveries unless it's to a location relatively close by in NE Independance (main continent). For those interested and requesting details respond below or in PM to Tristanc on forum. It'll be the character Zoltan at Fort Buda deed who'll handle it in-game (and would be the one to /tell in-game). (If you've never bred champions before, it requires the female to be champion to have champion pups. Breeding her with a male champion dog would offer a big increase in the odds of champion offspring (majority will be), but breeding her with a normal male dog still gives a reasonable chance of the birth of a champion too.)
  14. Valrei International. 067

    What about those of us who can't enable GLSL Support due to having to depend on older integrated (Intel) graphics for our only computer system? If you phase out the legacy renderer, it'd effectively force us to no longer be able to play Wurm Online. Though it may not be a majority of the players here, neither is it simply a handful who use older systems or laptops to play Wurm Online.
  15. Bears at a distance

    With the caveat that I'm not a full-time hunter that travels seeking out a great variety of Wurm's monsters, bears are the only specific animal I've noticed that this effect is seen in the graphics (the 'shark fin' at medium+ range). I /believe/ it's seen in both black and brown bears, but it's possible my memory's not correct there. But no, I've not encountered any other animals in Wurm that have such a noticeable graphic anomaly. Hoping your fix works with the next patch!