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  1. Part of the releasing a map dump process is reviewing it to see if any of the displays show any in-game terraformer's intent of displaying any 'rude' text or symbols as well. That takes time, so it's not simply the time required for the digital dump of the data.
  2. Here's a special new addition for new players starting out around the Heartland starter town: Donkeys! If you'd like one and you've started at Heartland and so are in that general area, I can deliver to there so you'll be able to have an animal to ride. No charge, these will be given free. Just remember the good deed and help out other new players in the future. If you're in Harmony and see Tantris showing in CA Help, you can in-game message me with a /tell Tantris I'd like a donkey pls! It'd be good if you can work on gathering some logs to cut into planks and shafts and gather some iron for crafting nails too, so you can craft at some place off the claimed area for your own donkey pen (don't forget to craft one section as a gate so it's not walled in). For players who've had a chance to settle in a little more, my post above still applies so you can let me know you're interested and get some other animals too, for free, to start out with.
  3. UPDATE: Unfortunately they've now locked the submissions thread, so sadly it looks like you missed the chance to submit your entry there, SirEvo.
  4. Hi SirEvo, You unfortunately posted your entry in the thread that's for discussing the contest, not the actual submissions thread. Please repost your entry in this thread: Creative Constructs Submissions Thread . Good luck!
  5. I've got some Sleep Powders for sale with Zoltan at Fort Buda deed, Independance (50x,7y on community map). 10 sleep powders on hand with the option open for you to buy a total of 30 sleep powders. 1.2 silver coins each for my delivering to a coastal location in the Southern Freedom Isles (except no deliveries to Chaos). 1.1 silver coins each if you wish to pick them up (my deed, Fort Buda on the catseye highways, has a port to meet at). Addendum: PM me here (Tristanc on forum) to arrange any deals.
  6. I know I'm in favor of a straight-up genetic trait hereditary system, as found in RL models of dominant and recessive traits odds of being inherited based upon the traits of both parents. Aa + Bb -> AB or Ab or aB or ab and all that....
  7. Dandelion's the only donkey I've bred so far.
  8. Not sure if you knew or not, but grazing animals can't feed themselves by grazing on grass tiles that have bushes or trees. Bush and tree tiles can't be grazed. Now if the Animal Update changed something so that grazing animals can 'harvest' fruit/nuts/berries from trees or bushes, or eat the bushes/trees themselves, it'd be a surprise as no information was given about such a change.
  9. Thank you very much, developers, for the release of this patch! By the items listed, it looks like this will go a long way in both correcting some issues introduced in the Animals Update and even fixes a couple longstanding issues such as renaming items on the ground. In total, it looks good!
  10. Definitely try to find someone who will actually live there at your deed and make the best of it, not remain at their existing home deed just to come and loot. I really hope some newer players on Harmony excited about the game as they discover all the many different things Wurm Online offers can take the initiative and contact you, Garnetstar!
  11. Have your friend ingame do an /ignore Jamel . I'd highly recommend this as none of Jamel's text communications would then be visible to your friend in Local or ingame channels.
  12. Bushes won't change to flowers unless someone cut them down and flowers grew in the open grass that remained. I've no idea why, but it would appear that someone in your area doesn't like blueberries. Try planting a bunch of blueberry bushes on your deed near there and see if that makes a difference in what happens to them. Do you remember what age the blueberry bushes were the last you'd seen of them before they disappeared into blue flowers?
  13. Inspect Father and Mother Reversed <-- It's been noted and accepted as a bug in the Client bug reports section.
  14. The player-built portals in the Northern Freedom Isles that look like Epic Portals do on the Southern Freedom Isles all go to Defiance, the PvP server created for Norther Freedom Isles characters. The NFI portal instructions really should be corrected if they say Epic to reflect they go to Defiance instead. I believe on the NFI servers they're simply called 'PvP Portals' instead of 'Epic Portals'.
  15. Do a search in the forum for graphics settings recommended for using Intel graphics. There are some specific settings that help for those on older or lesser devices that don't have a modern GPU. I know, as that's what I had to use until a little over a year ago. The one setting I recall that makes a big difference is disabling GLSL compatibility (not just the middle setting which was recommended to me). Yes, there were a couple game features, such as 'placing', that were made no longer available by that setting, but I was forced to use it by my computer's hardware. Right now most players use a modern UI client. I'm not sure if that even supports that setting as an option, but you could check. It's possible it's the only option available for Steam client players. If you're using the standalone client, look for the version that lets you choose between the default, test, or old UI and select the old UI. You're a new player, so searching for/finding the different client choices might be a difficulty, but it's your lack of a GPU that's causing you the problems I believe, not RAM or CPU.