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  1. Maybe this: Bell tower ? I built one on my Fort Buda deed on Independance. I don't have a link to a recording of the sound, but it's very similar to what you describe and can be given a command to cease by a player (say, after the second chime has been heard).
  2. Renaming an unhatched fertile egg will produce a chick with that name if the egg actually happens to hatch. At the stage of life when that chick becomes a hen or rooster, the name will be lost and you'd have to use the normal mayoral means of branding and renaming if you want a rooster or hen to have a name.
  3. It's the public Town Square room. Thanking developers for their work is perfectly fine here!
  4. I'd just like to add to note that I believe I was mistaken when I said the Christmas Cake from 2022 was taking large amounts of decay from within a Large Magic Chest. I've been observing since then, and the cake in the LMC (with about 81% decay) hasn't taken any further noticeable decay since. What I believe happened was that it took all that decay inside a /larder/ that had 100 very high quality snowballs in the icebox....adding to the sense expressed in this thread that larder have been nerfed considerably for decay rate of items inside within the past couple years. Then the cake was moved into the large magic chest, no further decay happened. IMHO: Larders should fulfill their purpose of greatly lessening the decay rate of prepared foods and not simply be a standby till a player can afford a magic chest to really keep their prepared food safe.
  5. To add to the original post, new players wishing to build their first home should do it where there's good access to *full-sized trees*. At starting stats, you'll be unable to even attempt a stone building (except for having a stone floor). Building a wooden house takes lots of planks, which means logs from cut-down trees to saw into planks. Pine's the fastest growing tall tree, but others like birch will work too for your source of lumber. Don't count on fruit trees being able to provide for your needs, though.
  6. I have a Christmas Cake that's taken loads of damage while in a Large Magic Chest. Those shouldn't take any damage at all in one of them, as unlike larders there should be zero decay, not just a slowed decay,.
  7. Don't forget to give some idea of where on Harmony you're planning on holding the public slaying. Normally there's some preparation as well, such as fencing with a gate and a clear campsite area for tents/wagons/carts.
  8. WurmNode

    Hi Sicor, Check out the Hamony section of the North Freedom Isles forum and there's a Harmony Community map thread that you can submit your info in (deed name, grid location, etc) so it can be added to the community map for Harmony there. You might find more Harmony players pulling up the map there than would access it in Wurmnode.
  9. When I saw 'chess' in the forum topic, I was thinking the life-sized chess gameplay that an old-timer like me remembers on Wurm Online using levelled built tiles for a chessboard and statues dropped on them for a real game of chess with characters moving the chess pieces, not the coded chess that came along much much later with the individual chessboard items. Anyone remember those? There were only a few, and one remains still back on Golden Valley near the upper center of the map. NW of what was known back then (10 yrs ago) as NoName Lake, I checked a mapdump and it's still there. There were totally player-built, using slate and stone slab tiles, with various types of statues representing the individual chess pieces on a lifesize scale.
  10. I'm closer to Heartland, just where there's long series of bays and channels due east of it. 'Sanderling Priory' is my deed there (character Tantris). Heartland has a large lake that's part of it if water for drinking or fishing or access to clay is what you need. You can advance onwards after you start if building a boat and travelling the seas is what you want later. I even think the Heartland lake has a tunnel canal to the sea now for boats to travel through. Either Heartland or Harmony Bay is allright to start at. Moxie did great posting the map links in their last post so you can click on them and see what the regions look like, mapwise. All the PvE Northern Freedom Isles (NFI) can be sailed between by boat. That's, in order of creation: Harmony, Melody, and Cadence. The PvP server for the NFI is Defiance, which is only reachable by a portal from one of the three PvE servers (you can travel both directions through the portals, but only back to where you came into it from). Note that your Defiance character would be more like a clone, you can't carry items/inventory or skill gains between the PvP and PvE. You PvP stats will stay on the PvP server when you leave it that you can come back to, and your PvE stats/gear/items remain on the PvE side to switch back to when you go back through the portal to PvE. So yeah, think of it as a PvE character and a PvP clone where each is kept on its own side of the Portal to return to. Don't worry about PvP for now, it'll just be there for you to try out later once you're more experienced. Have fun in your new adventure!
  11. Harmony has a great player community that's always willing to help newcomers out on Freedom channel. It's the original Northern Freedom Isles PvE server before Melody and Cadence were added to that cluster. Defiance, mentioned above, is the PvP server for the Northern Freedom Isles cluster. I'd not recommend starting on a PvP server as a relatively new player unless Player vs Player is exactly what you're seeking. UPDATE: Nevermind, as I see you did join Harmony already. My character there is 'Tantris' if you happen to see me on in CA Help or Freedom chat channel.
  12. Thanks for the note, but I believe you're confusing locations of where Airedale is. Your coords seem to be at I19, but Airedale's at J15 instead (or very close to the edge of it). For any interested, my deed Sanderling Priory is at the top of I17. If anyone is trying to find a disbanded deed that might've once neighbored mine, I likely can be of help in your search for locations. There are a number of disbanded deed sites next to my place and I'll try to add them into this message thread in the future so others can read the info on the forum here.
  13. Thank you very much, Pheonixluvsfire! Although it's not the location, the create/disband dates might be useful in trying to track Airedale down. What's really great is your post showed the character who founded the deed, Inspgadget. Still looking, but now I have alot more info. Thanks!