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  1. Dairy Food Making is making cheese, as you expected, and items long the lines of butter and cream. Pretty much what you expected. Cheese is nice, though, as it can go in a Food Storage Bin so it's not an issue to craft large quantities of it without any going to waste. You can use different animal milks to create different varieties of cheese, too.
  2. My vote would be for Highlander. Great title!
  3. Steppe will spread, taking over any grass or dirt tiles adjacent to it. So though you might wish to just convert one particular area, in the end it'll spread and convert to steppe any areas not bounded by roads or water as well.
  4. Something I observed using lunch boxes: The food in lunch boxes will decay less if the lunchbox isn't in your inventory. I compared having one with food in my inventory and the same one with food setting in my boat's storage hold and not in inventory. The decay was higher with it in my inventory. Something to be aware of. That game system of food in inventory decaying faster affects food in lunch boxes as well.
  5. Ros has been cast

    Ah yeah, true. It was Holy Crop that was cast. My mistake, my character's perception of the rite was clouded by the prejudice of being a Fo follower, not of Vynora!
  6. Ros has been cast

    It was already cast, maybe 3+ hours ago, on Harmony. <-- in error ^^^ Above is incorrect, it was Holy Crop that was cast at that point.
  7. I suspect one factor in any lower participation rate will be the North Freedom Isles and absolutely no ability for players now exclusively playing there to attend any of the traditional Impalongs in the servers of the South Freedom Isles. It's a shame, really. The brand new players who came with the Steam release to try out Wurm and, for the majority, chose the North Freedom Isles (and were encouraged to do so by the text in the tutorial server area) will never have been able to experience what a wonderous event the big Impalongs can be.
  8. Not sure if the Mrjwillis character's player is a new player or a veteran, but in case it's a case of being new and gotten lost your corpse is on Sanderling Priory settlement deed where my Tantris character is the caretaker citizen. A bunch of trolls, hellhounds, and bears spawned on and around the deed, so I'm guessing you fell victim to one of them. Tantris suffered the same fate from that batch of spawns, his only death so far since moving to Sanderling Priory. (I've no idea what your forum name is or even if you read the forum, just posting here in case you do.) Anyways, your corpse is safe at least for the next few days. Let me know if you need any help or any materials/gear to get yourself set again. We never met, but the priory's hospitality is granted freely.
  9. I have single animals (sheep) in 1x2 pens and yes, the grass is getting packed rather often. My suspicion is that it's related to that grass being replanted and having to grow again with the animal still in there (even with the other grass tile still having grass). But even with that supposition, they are seeming to be packed faster than before.
  10. I'd noticed with the PC system that I formerly used that in crowded areas the demand for RAM shot up and having less than optimal graphics (Intel 'onboard') at the time, I had to turn down settings to get it workable. If you have Intel graphics on your older PC that's likely requiring you to turn off GLSL compatibility in settings to function better. There's a few things like that possibily leading to the problems you had before, and perhaps checking around the forum you might find some recommendations on settings changes you could do for improved performance. Wurm Online definitely has a greater demand for RAM now than it had years ago. Footnote: Fishing has changed majorly into a very different system. Not sure if the Cooking change was while you were still playing or later, but you might find that a much more complex range of different options if it's the latter. Yeah, there are bridges, underground housing builds, differing ways of setting sail with accompanying graphics changes. You might find many changes could possibly sneak up on you while trying it out again. Good luck and welcome back!
  11. Cadence is bigger than Melody and newer, so I'd expect that would be your choice for PvE animal hunting.
  12. Wemp?

    Family-friendly ratings. Ratings boards will automatically give a strike to games that have content they view as counter to their idea of forbidding glamourization of or inclusion of 'drugs'. Also, please don't refer further to hemp plants in this thread. The same sorts of issues can cross the line here in the forum as well regarding substances which are illegal in certain countries with regard to topics/references in the forum as well. Forum rules aren't negotiable in this regard. Referencing wemp is fine, discussion of wemp is fine, but please honour the request not to tie it to any plants existing out of the game.
  13. Eir

    Build the Tich statues by the water to honour her.
  14. Large planters require a Carpentry skill of 70, so really not viable for a reasonably new character.
  15. Most players create their deeds with having slightly more than 1 silver / month as their upkeep. Unless you're establishing a big colony, you rarely need a huge amount. My deed on Independance, Fort Buda, which if I remember correctly is close to 22x22, has a deed maintenance of around 1.30 silver coins/month. (I could go do the calculations to get the precise amount and dimensions, but I'm to lazy to seek such precision at the moment.) Added note: Removing the spirit templar saved alot of coin and let me expand the deed to make up for it. Consider the presence of spirit templars as part of deed upkeep if you have them.