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  1. Pelts decay REALLY fast. It's very possible no one else picked it up, it was simply gone from decay. In only 8 hours with 100 QL maybe it'd still be around , but not for much longer unless it is in someone else's inventory.
  2. Hi Oversix, I appreciate the info. Unfortunately my own Weaponsmithing skill is way lower than that and I'd appreciate getting a good QL carving knife. If you're interested in making a good deal, then, would you like to take up the offer and trade me a 70+ QL carving knife in return for a sleeping powder? That's greater than a 1/2 silver profit for you by your reckoning. I only need a single carving knife, though, so it's a one-time only deal.
  3. See updated info on original post. It now has info with the current pricing (lowered from earlier offers). Iron needle deal no longer available but I'd be willing to trade one sleeping potion for a carving knife of 70+ QL.
  4. My favorite combo is a long sword + medium shield. It's simple and direct with good odds to parry when hunting alone. And it looks good.
  5. title says it all. I'd be willing to come to any port with sea access to make the trade in person. Character is Tantris @ Harmony (Sanderling Priory deed) I'm reserving one Sleep Powder for the trade, so only one normal needle QL 70 or higher needed.
  6. Actually, prepared food lasts longer /outside/ of your inventory than inside it. It's possible that fact affects what's put in lunchboxes as well. I know this from my experience travelling in boats. Putting the food I prepared for the trip in the boat's hold let it last longer than the exact same food kept in my inventory. Remember, food is one of the exceptions about items and materials not taking decay damage in your inventory.
  7. The OP might have spotted a sea serpent. The very first time I'd spotted one in the game, earlier this month, I'd wondered if it was a dragon in the water. And from a distance, at least, it looked black. They are also pretty large.
  8. Also it changed the Winter graphics scenery to Spring graphics.
  9. This has been pointed out before, but those that make such decisions seem to've kept it this way intentionally.
  10. I found one on Harmony not far from my deed. I believe it was a Source Spring and it gave 0.02 ml of Source. After I collected that, it disappeared to respawn somewhere else, of course.
  11. Prices lowered effective this post. 10 sleep powders for a total of 18 silver coins. If you're willing to pick them up from my deed on Harmony (Sanderling Priory), you can have all ten for 17 silver coins. If you can trade a QL 70+ iron needle, that can substitute for one of the silvers.
  12. Elwood Elwood was/is his original Southern Freedom Isles character, Elwood2 is for Northern Freedom Isles and the forum name he's using most now. You might want to confirm with him before mailing a 50 kg large anvil. Just ask him about wood scraps when you contact him about it!
  13. Think of it as all trees have a quality of 100, and it has no bearing on quality of fruit/nuts harvested from it. The woodcutter with an axe comes to cut one down, and it's the woodcutting skill, and the axe generally that determine what quality of fallen tree is produced. Similiarly, when harvesting fruits and nuts from the orchard it's your own Forestry skill. There is no 'tree quality' really. QL of sprout is only about the effectiveness in successfully planting that sprout.
  14. I have more than 10 Sleep Powders for sale. Price is 1.6 silvers each. If you pick them up at my Sanderling Priory deed in north Harmony (h17, dock on deed for you to use), I can knock a few coppers off each sleeping powder or toss in something else with it to cover your trip Can do it at the soonest time you and I can arrange a meeting (sleep powders can't be mailed). If you want me to deliver, it must be to a place with seagoing coast access in Harmony, Melody, or Cadence or else road access in the center north of Harmony such as near Heartland. Forum PM me if interested, or message Tantris on Harmony ingame. EDIT: Prices lowered again, this updated post reflects the most updated details over any that follow below in the thread.
  15. When all the ingrediants are in the sauce pan/ frying pan / pottery bowl, right click the container and left click the 'Lore' option. That'll tell if what you have in there will produce a valid recipe or not. I believe from my recollection making steamed rice just requires a pottery bowl. water, and (1) rice in it. Use the Lore function I mentioned above to discover how much water is needed and you can use a pottery measuring jug to add/remove water to insure it's within the correct amount range. I fixed it in an oven doing just what I outlined. EDIT: Sauce pans tend to be used for liquids or sauces. I believe you need to use a pottery bowl instead. And apologies, my response was assuming you were playing Wurm Online. I'd not noticed the forum you'd asked the question in. I don't play it, but I believe Wurm Unlimited lets the player who's hosting the game customise recipes if they choose. That might be the issue too.