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  1. I'm a veteran player who'd fished alot before the big update that totally changed the fishing system. Now as it is, I exclusively fish using a net or fishing spear (spearfishing for larger fish, the net just catches tiny ones but easily and predictably). One thing I also did was make a settings save for just fishing that did things like turn off surface reflection, amount of graphics clutter for the water view, etc. I found that makes it alot more easy to spear fish as I can now have a better view when fishing with that graphics set. If you're just starting out fishing, I highly recommend a fishing net. It'll give a good source of meats (fish) for simple meals though with a net you generally won't get fish big enough to fillet. That'll also help get your Fishing skill up so you can use a fishing spear for better chances and eventually a fishing rod if you need to go that route for journal achievements. Also, fishing nets don't use bait or any other disposables. They won't break if you make sure your fishing net's kept repaired as well. Likewise with using a spear, just keep it repaired.
  2. Smejack, you probably already knew and just mixed it up in your post, but Southern Freedom Isles (SFI) is the old cluster, and Northern Freedom Isles (NFI) is the newer cluster that's been around over a year and a half now. For others, If you're a player that wants to get coins from the market, NFI is probably the one for you as SFI has more years of crafting with prices lower due to a lower demands. If you like to see great works and terraformed structures and architectures, SFI is probably good for you as some of those player designs have been around for years. Exploring? Well, both have already had their shares of players exploring unclaimed areas. SFI has a larger area of land, but NFI is newer and so more of a chance of acreage undeveloped. The % of players that are long-term veterans tends to be higher on SFI than NFI, but that's not really a measure of friendliness more just whether they're established or not. Some of those established SFI players did create new characters on NFI (myself one of them), and so that aspect generally won't be as different between the two as you might think. Don't expect any chance to travel/mail/visit the other cluster from where your character is as devs have stated they've made changes between the two so they're incompatible at the moment. My desire is they'll see having incompatible clusters leads to greater future hardship and will make changes so they'll be compatible and able to be linked, but that's just my hope. As for Steam client or not, my personal choice is to remain with the standalone client. I don't wish to be dependant on a third-party to play.
  3. Not absolutely sure, but I believe they have two counts: (1) aggro creature count and (2) non-aggro creature count (which would include donkeys and horses). Two seperate limits, one for each.
  4. It's an excellent review and recommends some attention to certain aspects of the game that with those developments could make it more attractive to newcomers and better retain recent players. I do hope the developers all watch the video and hear that reviewer's perspective to gain some insight from those first entering the game rather than just the 'within the box' view they might normally come across. It's new blood that keeps a game growing as a community. Notice there was no mention of needing VR support
  5. You mentioned's coverage and establishing their own village, but PC Gamer magazine did the same. PC Gamer's original village, 'PC Gamer Village' was on Golden Valley, near Glitterdale (one of the three starter towns on Golden Valley), and was the site of the very first colossus built on GV. PCGamer Village. Looking for new villagers! Here are a couple blog entries from RetroactiveGamer that relate to the above, as a new player starting on Golden Valley tutorial server at the time (Episode 1). The second entry is when the player moves to Freedom (now called Independance server in the Southern Freedom Isles cluster) which at the time was the only PvE server aside from the brief year+ that Golden Valley had left as an open server. That settlement he moves to is the PC Gamer Freedom Village described in the paragraph below. Jeremiah Johnson: My experience of Wurm Online (Episode. 1) Freedom Road: My experience of Wurm Online (Episode 2.) Later, before the start of 2010, the PC Gamer crew and readers opened up their own settlement on Independance (around ESE corner of Lake Colossus, called 'PC Gamer Freedom Village') at coords 52x,14y on the Independance community map. It's now defunct and disbanded, with that site heavily terraformed pretty much away. There aren't too many references showing it except for old 2010 Independance server maps that have mostly been removed from the web now (I'd downloaded mine in 2020 that I'm now using for reference). Wurmpedia entry - Settlement:PCG Freedom Village Also of note is that the start of 2012, the 'Full Release', marked when Golden Valley was no longer the only server that non-premium players could be on, and ended the time of Golden Valley as a full-scale tutorial server and new characters were spawned into a walled-off tutorial there instead that had portals to the Independance and Wild servers at the end. The 'premium' portals at the old starter villages remained to encourage old residents of GV to migrate to the PvE (now open to non-premium characters) or PvP servers. Brief History of Golden Valley and It's Shutdown(For a new Player) Disclosure: PC Gamer's Wurm Online articles in 2009-2010 were what convinced me to create a character on Wurm Online and give it a try. I've been here ever since! I've never been affiliated with PC Gamer magazine then or now, however, except as a reader.
  6. I'm online now as Zoltan if you want to carry out the deal we'd arranged much earlier.
  7. I'd disagree with this part of your suggestion, as single players tend to truly explore alot more than organized groups, and a map leading to a buffed-up troll champion in a camp full of champion trolls would be inaccessible to fight for most players as individuals. Let's actually encourage players venturing out alone to look for special places, not turn it into another big team unique kill event.
  8. Note that to 'load', which in Wurm Online has a very specific meaning and moving a bed (which cannot be put into your inventory) onto the boat would be a true 'load', you have to have a minimum Body Strength of 23. That goes for animal cages, crates, forges and similar large items which can't go into your inventory too. Since tents and bedrolls can be kept in your inventory, they'd not be considered a Wurm 'load' and so you can carry them in your inventory on the boat and then land ashore and create a place to sleep by dropping the tent and then setting the bedroll beside it and use the bedroll to log off there for sleeping with the bedroll's lesser gain than a bed for Sleep Bonus.
  9. The clucking chicken was a whole lot more fun to me than the skills/characteristic renames. Alot less headache for the new players starting today too, I bet!
  10. I know from today's experience that cutting down a grape 'bush' took just as much time as cutting down a full-grown hardwood tree. wogic Maybe make bushes (not fruit trees, as fruit trees do produce wood) that simply disappear with no resulting wood take half the time as cutting trees.
  11. I have no 'end-game goal'. Enjoying the path is more important to me than any destination.
  12. I should be able to be on for it. Thanks for making it public for all Harmony players to have their chance to join!
  13. I completely agree with you on that, Vorticella. If not able to be improved, at least allow pottery items to be repaired.
  14. I had the same problem with the Old UI client not completing, but yes it is resolved now and I've no issue loading/using the Old UI client with my character now.