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  1. This was the very first dragonslaying event I'd ever attended. Thanks, Pantha, for holding it and making it an open public event!
  2. It's a great view of what was back then the starter town of New Dawn on the Golden Valley server where there was sort of a limited ingame tutorial. Back then, you started as a brand new character right on the open (no walled-off tutorial that would be the case later) and could roam around as you wished. All there at the time were non-premium as premium didn't work to change the 20 skill/characteristic cap but you did have to get premium to use the portal to go to Freedom (PvE Independance) or Wild (PvP, now reworked and relocated to be the Chaos PvP server). Great find! (though yeah, YouTube and the creator's IP rights might be an issue)
  3. Shouldn't be too hard to add to the game and definitely adds to the quality of life for gameplay when you send mails to see. (+1)
  4. I believe you're right about travelling to the Chaos server, starting the tower there, then bringing it back (just started so it's not too heavy) to your server (Xanadu) and finishing it there. Addendum: You have to make sure you match Libila on Chaos when you take the step to create it there, too.
  5. I don't need to make use of this as I have my own sailboat, but glad to see it offered for those newer players I've seen that really needed a way to cross from Cadence to Harmony or back the other way! Cheers for your generosity!
  6. Why a portal? Just enable the 'plot course' on ships and boats to be able to reach both server clusters with no limitation there. The only issue I can see are the existing portals to PvP as SFI portals go to Epic and NFI portals go to Defiance. That, I believe, is one of the issues for enabling crossing of any kind.
  7. I agree with this. It doesn't just happen when wrongly trying to sail off corners, but even in a regular plotted-course sailing from server to server without being near the corners.
  8. My suggestion would be that a Moment of Inspiration happening during farming tending/harvesting give a larger bonus to the yield than it currently recieves. One more noticeable so it's not just dismissed as a waste.
  9. I agree with this suggestion, and it's not without precedent. The new character starter kit of tools has none that can be improved, but the tools themselves (apart from tent and pottery bowl) can be repaired. Just let pelts, pottery items, and the tents be able to be repaired, with the corresponding loss in QL that would normally come from repairing, with the lack of the possibility of improvement remaining. It won't make them infinitely useable, just simply extend their lifespan a little longer.
  10. It'd sure be nice to have Rite of Spring active the first day of the New Festival Cove Halloween Impalong. I think that's the 22nd of October?
  11. First, do you have the stand-alone version or the Steam version of the client?
  12. Chaos gives Freedom players that PvP escape with just a simple boat ride there and back. I think that logic has already been fulfilled. No new character needed, no portal with its time limitations required. No stats conversions are required either.
  13. Cheers to all the winners of the contest! It was great seeing what creations many players put alot of effort into all in one post.