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  1. Ooops, looks like you did a typo for the deed name. It's 'Fort Buda', not 'Fort Budda'. Kind of a big distinction considering the actual deed name's origin.
  2. Adding the Fort Buda deed would be fine. I'm still the mayor. Unfortunately Flegmar's player, the former mayor who built the Freedom Tower Flegmar 474, no longer plays Wurm Online.
  3. I've a guard tower location correction for you.,396 Guard tower: Flegmar 474 is the correct location for the Flegmar 474 tower. It's on my deed, Fort Buda, centered at about the same location. Currently, the map shows it at or near:,440 which is incorrect and not even on my deed. I'd appreciate the edit, thanks.
  4. +1 to Taxidermy that would retain the Champion or Greenish size and colours.
  5. Sounds like a good change, though with that little typo corrected to Mind Logic. The old statement wouldn't be correct anymore so your suggested change definitely is more accurate.
  6. I agree that it needs to remain. From personal experience, I know I had to choose not to craft a knarr because my Body Strength was insufficient to drag one (and yes, I found this out by looking at the wurmpedia entry!) and my relevant character lives in deed that's on a very very shallow bay. Please don't remove this info. Sometimes when one gets skills and characteristics up to high levels as a veteran, they forget what's very relevant to newer or lower-statted characters. That stat requirement is very real ingame, why censor it out?
  7. Great suggestion and definitely helps as a quality of life improvement for those who have/use them.
  8. Cheers I agree with the concept that Religion should at least have the appearance of a long-term commitment, not a shortcut to some change based on the calendar of events.
  9. Make sure you give them enough space. What I do is keep 2 chickens (hens, really, roosters aren't needed for eggs, fertile or not, at all), in a pen of two grass tiles. One small bucket or pet bowl full of veggies (I fill mine up with pumpkins) and that's it. They do eat alot, so 2 hens eating from a bowl or bucket will last maybe two or three days at most till they'll need more food. When I gather the eggs, I seperate out the fertile ones and put those in a different pen to hatch. The Infertile eggs go in my FSB reserved for high quality food materials. All are a nice 99 QL.
  10. Yes, a non-premium player still has a small chance to get coins through foraging or botanizing.
  11. You must've missread from the part where it describes using carpentry tools and materials to improve, rather than the actual uses fine carpentry skill.
  12. You might want to try just raising your chickens in a grass pen rather than the chicken coop. Absolutely no need for water, just have some food (veggies, etc) in a pet bowl or small bucket in the pen that they can eat from, and you'll always get 99 QL eggs! Make sure you don't have pigs or dogs in the pen with them, though, and enough space so the number of chickens you have don't crowd.
  13. What would stop trolls from going there? Misinformation's not something that can be blocked by code. (Troll X in the the Haven tutorial to a brand new player: Hey, come to Wurm Unlimited MyTrollHome server, that's where it's really worth playing and no BS like this crappy place has!)
  14. I'd like at least the wool to be the color of the sheep it's harvested from. Right now, shear a black sheep and you get wool that's the same color as wool from a white or grey sheep. Wogic is not a compliment.