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  1. They're special GM-renamed animals from that event. On my deed there are two horses named 'Turtle Doves' from an even earlier event around the Christmas holidays that are the same kind of thing. Those would be ordinary bisons except for the naming, and that naming makes them uniques so more valuable to collectors.
  2. I might intermittantly join you in planting hardwood (full-sized) trees there for new players to be able to use. I'm within riding distance of Heartland (to the east of it) and have seen how that whole slope looking down on the lake from the west has been clearcut. (ingame message me as Tantris there)
  3. Deed upkeep increases with a larger deed, of course, but adding more animals in and of itself does not raise the upkeep cost. What the animal ratio represents is the total tiles of the actual deed divided by the total number of animals on the deed itself (perimeter doesn't count). So a higher number in the ratio means a larger space for the animals there. If the total deed tiles : total animals ratio is less than 15, you'll have more of a chance of sickness in the animals and a greater risk of things like misscarriages. That's why you should want a larger deed for a larger number of animals if the ratio is less than 15:1. For the example you gave, Antony, that would be 90 animals and so your deed would need to be at least, or greater than, 1,350 tiles total to have a healthy deed ratio.
  4. Goats would be my choice for if a new animal was added beyond donkeys and likely mules. Goat cheese! If Farming were to get an added plant, I'd hope for peppers (green). With all the recipes out there in popular foods, it's beyond me why peppers weren't chosen as a food plant to be added back when the new Cooking system came into place. But for animals, donkeys are good and as a consequence mules. I just hope goats are next after that.
  5. So far as I know, the premium gift from the foraged Easter egg is purely decorative, no special stat or character effect.
  6. Bremba did warn you. View the linked clip to see another group that failed to heed the warning. Bunny scene
  7. It's not specifically about boats/caravels, but this link in the Wurmpedia should be quite helpful to you.
  8. It would appear this issue has been fixed to conform to the stated new changes in animal feeding now. My chickens now refuse to eat mixed grass cuttings, but do eat rosemary herb.
  9. I agree. From the choice of two options, I'd rather have the ability to toggle off as a setting. I'd rather not have notifications of any kind dependant on being there in front of the monitor within a given time and instead believe in empowering players to be able to customize their experience and toggle on or off as best fits what they need at the time.
  10. Pelts decay REALLY fast. It's very possible no one else picked it up, it was simply gone from decay. In only 8 hours with 100 QL maybe it'd still be around , but not for much longer unless it is in someone else's inventory.
  11. Hi Oversix, I appreciate the info. Unfortunately my own Weaponsmithing skill is way lower than that and I'd appreciate getting a good QL carving knife. If you're interested in making a good deal, then, would you like to take up the offer and trade me a 70+ QL carving knife in return for a sleeping powder? That's greater than a 1/2 silver profit for you by your reckoning. I only need a single carving knife, though, so it's a one-time only deal.
  12. See updated info on original post. It now has info with the current pricing (lowered from earlier offers). Iron needle deal no longer available but I'd be willing to trade one sleeping potion for a carving knife of 70+ QL.
  13. My favorite combo is a long sword + medium shield. It's simple and direct with good odds to parry when hunting alone. And it looks good.
  14. title says it all. I'd be willing to come to any port with sea access to make the trade in person. Character is Tantris @ Harmony (Sanderling Priory deed) I'm reserving one Sleep Powder for the trade, so only one normal needle QL 70 or higher needed.
  15. Actually, prepared food lasts longer /outside/ of your inventory than inside it. It's possible that fact affects what's put in lunchboxes as well. I know this from my experience travelling in boats. Putting the food I prepared for the trip in the boat's hold let it last longer than the exact same food kept in my inventory. Remember, food is one of the exceptions about items and materials not taking decay damage in your inventory.