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  1. Pickaxes are used in resource-gathering, a prime newbie need that's a prerequisite for crafting. What resources are gathered by pelts?
  2. Pelts aren't used in crafting at all, only improving, so I don't truly think they qualify as a newbie *starter* item. However, since they are critical in a new player getting established, one possible solution might be for pelts to be able to go into crates or Bulk Storage Bins. This would allow more established players to have more as spares, and thus be very open to giving their spares away to new players just starting to get established. Yes, in the distant past there was a short time, a matter of a couple weeks or so, that pelts could go into BSBs (crates weren't around back then) and the size differences created a problem with the putting the pelt in a BSB splitting singles into multiples of the same QL. Perhaps in these days development staff could come up with a nice solution to get around this issue and allow pelts into bins? I'd expect that would help with the poster's issue. Currently, since they can't be stored in bins, these extra pelts tend to be sold to the deed token for a tiny few iron coins or sit around left to rot if no one's immediately in sight that the player knows to give it away to.
  3. As a brand-new newbie, using 'rummage' on a rock tile is by far the easiest way. You have a fairly good chance of finding some 'iron rocks' to smelt into iron lumps in a fire (forge is better if you find a public one). The rummage action needs no tools. Alot of what you find will be low quality stone shards, which you can use or drop if you want, but the odds of finding those iron rocks isn't bad. Just make sure you rummage on different tiles as it's like botanizing and foraging where a tile will need time to pass (a day?) before you or any other can get something from it.
  4. I was playing on Independance and got kicked too. Couldn't reconnect.
  5. I had this issue as well, and found that 3 different herbs that should be plantable were affected. Unfortunately it's been a day since this happened and I can't recall the exact ones this happened with, but turmeric and paprika were two of the three to the best of my memory. My whole set of herbs (My planter has 3 of every herb permitted to be planted) were harvestable. After the harvest of all, 3 different sets of herbs were no longer planted in the pottery planters. UPDATE: Just checked the log and the three were paprika, turmeric, and fennel. Also to note, I was able to replant these after the harvest with newly-gathered seeds. CONFIRMED with an alt on a different server/deed: This consistantly occurred with Paprika, Turmeric, and Fennel. No other legitimate herbs were affected.
  6. I can breed what you need (as Zoltan @ Independance). My deed Fort Buda has the largest number of champion dogs on the whole Independance server.
  7. What I'd propose is having a searchlight beacon of a particular colour beam straight up over Haven's Landing so that if you're anywhere near at all you can see how to get back to the starting token of Haven's Landing. That way, with a link to the excellent community map of Independance linked on the forums, you can see 'Hey, I'm pretty far from Haven's Landing and it shows southwest of me' using the starter compass. It wouldn't change the importance of learning landmarks and techniques for keeping track of your location, but for new players at least it offers a point of reference that they could importantly make use of. It also would allow the players to learn how beacons work for such things as Rifts in their future gameplay,
  8. I favour the taxidermy option. To conserve skill slots in the database, developers could always just use butchering skill or perhaps leatherworking skill (with the idea fish wouldn't be the only options to mount on a wall/floor in the future). It would be a great new option for the use of fish, and add to the benefits of gameplay in the new fishing system minigame. The mechanics would be similar to the animal rugs, such as using salt, only resulting in an item that could be 'placed' or mounted instead of just laying on the floor.
  9. They exist, but they're rare because players tend to grab them as they see them. Sometimes you might come across a 'waterhorse', which are horses that somehow got into the sea and end up swimming long distances never going back onto land again on their own. As Angelkaine suggested, you might have some success just asking a for a horse from existing established players willing to help. Independance has a generally good community with a number of helpful players. Many of them are animal breeders that usually have a horse or two that have a trait that makes them less than the best and so generally are open to being given away
  10. Might've just been a case of forgetting, but Fort Buda's still not shown on the Cat's Eye highwap map despite now connected to the Cat's Eye highway to Athas and set to show in the CE system. It's fine on the non-CE map where it's always been displayed (though perhaps the added highway's not yet been added), but it still doesn't exist on the CE map. I appreciate the time and effort you two put into the community maps for Independance.
  11. CLOSED

    Was the tutorial server. Hasn't been used for any kind of tutorial server since Haven's Landing was created on Independance to provide that function. No new characters can be created on Golden Valley, now. It's basically empty except for those characters who were created there before it was cut off for gameplay outside the walled tutorials that chose not to go through the portals to what's the 'real world' now of the Freedom Isles.
  12. Moxie's expressed an interest in the now-adolescent male bison plus a young female bison I more recently bred, so I'm afraid the offer is closed unless for some reason Moxie changes their mind. I do have a large herd of animals on my farm/ranch, so if anyone would like cattle, sheep, or perhaps more bison feel free to let me know to see if we can work something out. I've champion dogs as well (legacy animals no longer able to be found in the wild in Wurm Online), but afraid those require a custom order in advance for ingame silver upon delivery. UPDATE: Moxie picked up her two bison, so none left to give away now. If a newer player would like me to breed a free farm animal for them to get started with, contact Zoltan on Independance at Fort Buda.
  13. Just a note of possible correction: Fort Buda is on the NNE of Independance, community map coords 50x,7y. Thanks, though expect it was just a typo.
  14. As thread title suggests, I've a young male bison at my deed at Fort Buda that I'm willing to give away to a player that's looking to have bison in their farm/ranch. The bison has a single negative trait (missmatched hind legs) with all the other traits positive (mainly speed bonus traits), so it's a good start for a someone who wants to try out having bison to pull their carts or to breed. The one negative trait can be bred out of the line over a new generation to come. The father of the bison is a Beefalo, though unfortunately that trait isn't passed down to it. Let me know ingame (as Zoltan) or feel free to respond here or through PM if you're interested. Fort Buda is at the far northnortheast of Independance, so not an easy trip for a brand new player just starting out. A new farmer with some experience seeking to add bison to their deed should be able to work out a way to get it home, though. UPDATE: Bison is now adolescent, soon to be able to breed. Still available to a good home.
  15. As mayor of Fort Buda, I'd like to announce that Fort Buda has now been linked by cat's eye highway to Athas, south of it. Fort Buda's already been on the non-catseye map so I'd just like it to be added to this map with the added length of cat's eye highway added to both maps. Fort Buda's at 50x,7y on the maps. I've asked an excellent road-builder, the mayor of Athas, who greatly assisted in building the linking highway to post and attach a map showing the exact route for the inclusion on the map. Thanks!