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  1. Horses Found.

    Adolesent pienorth and adolesent rocksweet. . If these two horses are yours then message Thorinoakenshield. Port Sativa, Exo
  2. Thank You Wurm!

    Nice 1
  3. Game Back Online!

    Very happy to be back in Exodus. Thankyou for the generous compensation.
  4. Slow Connection

    Take the time you need Rolf. I'll see you all later on after work. Best of luck, Tim
  5. First Thing You'll Do Once Servers Are Up

    Construct my palisades!
  6. Routed Again, Starting Up

    Well done Rolf well done. *salutes* 8:40:00 You pat Rolf reassuringly on the back 8:40:20 Rolf really seems to enjoy the treatment 8:41:12 You login to Wurm and it works. Rolf seems pleased.
  7. Routed Again, Starting Up

    *EXCITEMENT OVERLOAD* (Head explodes like on that cheesy classic movie Scanners)
  8. My Replica Fan Art / New Hobby

    If anyone is interested in taking up a hobby such as this then feel free to ask me anything and I will try to advise as best as possible. Everything I have done so far has been on a very tight budget so ask away. Tim.
  9. Minor Status Update

    Dam just 3 days? It gets better and better pal
  10. My First 2 Weeks - Heaven And Hell

    Yeah a good and fair comment on Wurm, may not 100% agree with you but it was a good comment, and Welcome to Wurm.
  11. Minor Status Update

    Awww maaan. This really does Megabyte! As frustrated as I am after just buying some premium time coupled with the fact that weekends are mainly my time to play I know its not your fault. I just hope something can be done sooner rather than later! I guess ill go carry on working on my greathelm! IRL =D=D
  12. My Replica Fan Art / New Hobby

    Haha a full plate set = alot of hammer blows xD I agree with you though i have estimated the helmet to weigh between 4-5 KG upon completion.